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Love to suck nipples and love to have m,y nipples sucked..
If i had to choose, i'd rather my nipples be sucked than my clit. It's better than anything else, in my book ....
When a man sucks my nipples it makes me have an orgasm.Kiss
I totally agree. i love my nipples to be sucked. Omg...Major orgasms.
nope not me,but I know alady that does.she wants them chewed,
I love to play with my nipples in the shower. It gets me wet in a matter of seconds. I
Not sure if I can cum just from nipple play, but nothing gets me harder than them being sucked and nibbled on.
My nips get me naughty, with either sex. I was taking a shower after doing some bench press and closed my eyes while enjoying the water running over my chest. Two buddies came in and saw my erect nipples and, although I didn't realize it, my hard cock. Before I realized it, one was licking and sucking my tits while the other was on his knees sucking my dick. That's when I began to realize that I was Bi.
Watching lesbian porn while touching my clit and twisting my nipples sends me through the roof. What I really want is another women to twist my nipples
I absolutely love nipple play. I can cum from my nipples being played with and sucked. I love watching woman and men playing with nipples.
Nipple Play on Bisexual PlaygroundNipple Play on Bisexual PlaygroundNipple Play on Bisexual PlaygroundNipple Play on Bisexual Playground

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