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my former(?) Master used to pinch my nipples all the time, Gawd! how it made me cum! Never knew how much it turned me on till He did it to me! He has the touch!!
That is the one thing I abolutely LOVE having done to me. My former girlfriend is a bit of a sadist and I a bit of a masochist...she's pinched my nipples so damn hard with just her fingers, I was in seventh heaven, cumming, wave after wave of pleasure...I never even knew she drew blood! It was absolutley WONDERFULLLLL!
MMMMM my gf luvs to have her nipples pinched when im eatin her pussy !!!! makes her cum BIG !!!!! :) :)
amber and I both love to have our nipples pinched. Even using clothes pins or nipples clamps on them. It turns us both on so much.
You can pinch and pull my nipples as hard as you want to, I love it but I find that when someone sucks too hard it can really hurt.
Pinching Nipples on Bisexual Playground

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