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Wife Pinching Husbands Nipples

Wife Pinching Husbands Nipples on Bisexual Playground
wife is in late 30s and looks younger. Redish long eyes and curvy and pretty. We are looking for a couple that also has a wife that wants a lesbian experience while our husbands watch and lovingly support us as we discover eachother. And when we are done our husbands finish us off with wonderful sex too. No guy on guy or swopping.
I'm a rugged masculine,straight acting, blue collar worker. I only like to suck cock.I have a hot mouth and a deep throat. I am a respectful non pushy type. I love nipple play. Pinching and biting my nipples is a good way to get me off.
open minded enjoys oral and anal wth both sexes,,, loves to give g spot orgasms,,, loves long passionate kissing,,, pinching nipples,,, can see humor in most situtions,, not self absorbed
24 years old, size 16, 36D and a round ass. Looking to gain some fun experience with the ladies - if you can teach me, or want to share a first time too and like what you see, then just drop me a message I love kissing and having my nipples sucked on. I've always been curious about being with another female; kissing her soft lips, caressing her tits, lightly pinching her nipples, licking and kissing my way down her body til i get to her pussy - hoping that I find a nice and wet surprise. I'd love to bury my face in her pussy; sucking on her clit, making her dripping wet - slipping my fingers in and out making her moan out loud. I wouldn't finish til she cums in my mouth.... Then I'd do it all over again until she gets fed up and does the same for me lol
Hubby is 49 straight and wife is 50 bi curious looking to find female lover for wife and introduce her into bisexual lifestyle with husbands full approval. Looking for single lady ideally but Would be interested in meeting couple but only on the understanding that male was straight and that there would only be sexual contact between the ladies husbands would be present at any meetings but under no circumstances participate. This is strictly the wifes little indulgence
Well, I'm just to get striaght to the point . I'm pretty much a big freak.My name is Deena i'm 21 years old and i live in Oceanside. I'm into females only. I have a boyfriend and he is the only dick i need at this time. I'm like to Be very Oral and i love to receive it. I like to scratch, have my hair pulled,ass play,biting my neck,pinching my nipples,and the soft touch of a females body rubbing agasit mine. Mmmmm ......Well then...........
My wife gave me a golden shower during 69 as I was pinching and pulling on her nipples!
Love pinching and pulling on nipples
Love when she is on top riding me and she is pinching my nipples. Now if I am being fucked by a man or her wearing a strap on I want it doggy style and have them reach around and stroke my cock as they bury theirs deep and hard in my man pussy
Do men really like to have there nipples pinching and biting lightly and suck on. Having his ass play with and so on. It's always get undress suck each other and it's over. Don't anyone take there time and enjoy the.
There’s a saying in the lifestyle, that husbands drag their wives into swinging, but the wives keep dragging their husbands back in.

It’s a pretty common fantasy, to see someone you love being pleasured by someone else. Until you’re able to make it work, have you tried using a really big dildo or vibrator on her? We have one that’s big and brown that my wife absolutely loves.
My is I hear so much about popper and how relax it makes you and that it makes you really horny. I never ty it or know were to get it. My fantasy is to be tied to the bed just my hands and have someone suck on my nipples pinching and biting them lightly. Play with my ass and make me good and hot so what he wants to


A Cups
Has anyone else noticed that girls with small (A cup) breasts have very sensitive nipples? I have a friend that can be induced to orgasm by sucking, pinching and pulling her nipples................when I stretch them and apply a nipple clamp she starts to cum like crazy.......she says her nipples are connected directly to her clit.....I know she is not faking cause she gets very lubricated and I can feel her convulsing internally. Once I have both nipples clamped and we start to have intercourse all I need to do is apply a little pressure to either clamp and she cums on que........she is 32 A and her nips are a little bigger around than a pencil eraser and almost and inch long when I pull and stretch them. My ex wife was a 38 d with silver dollar sized aureoles and her nipples rarely got erect and she had no sense of feeling in them at all. . Comments?:-D:-PFlower
Nipple Bondage
I'm not sure it's bondage but love feeling sexy bra against my nipples, love pinching, pulling and light biting
Big Natural Breasts
My breasts are natrural 42DDs. And very sensitive. I wonder.......I have gotten off by someone just palying with them....licking, sucking, pinching and pulling my nipples. Has anyone had this happen to them too or are mine just that sensitive?.
Nipple Torture
I love sucking, licking, biting, pinching and pulling of a woman's nipples. Like to pull and stretch them out real far and then apply weighted nipple clamps just as I ram it up her tight little ass.......mmmmmmmmmmm......THE BESTFlower
Big Breasts
I have lovely big tits, and I have a fantasy of licking, sucking, and rubbing another woman's big tits. I want to rub her nipples on my clit and rub our titties together. I want to bend her over and fuck her with a strap-on from behind, while holding those big full mounds in my hands and pinching the nipples. I want to get some nipple pinchers and both wear them while we eat each other out or masturbate. I want her to shake those titties for me, offer them to me in her hands, and take erotic pictures of those big tits in every concievable pose. And I want to masturbate while I'm looking at and sucking those tits. It gets me so turned on....!!
Pierced Nipples
my husbands nipples are pierced and now they r very sensitive!!! it is a huge turn on for both of us...especially for me. Kiss


Thank you for such a warm welcome. I am Danielle and my husbands name is Henry. We never realized a site like this existed and have been interested in the life style and finding people is so hard. Thank you we love the site!!!