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My boyfriend and I bought an Iguana in August 2004. Well he's grown greatly and I've never own a reptile before. But I'm inlove with my iguana. We suppose he's a little over a year old or just shy of a year old. Not sure if male or female. But we call him a male for now. He's a blast!
We own an iguana his name is Ozzy :-D He is 4' 1" he is amazing the best pet we have ever owned. We as well don't know if ours is male of female but we call him male lol
We own more reptiles than i can keep track of.... but, i'll try: 3 albino burmese pythons, 2 reg phase ... 3 ball pythons, 1 albino corn snake. The largest is about 9 years old .. 17 ' .. about 70+ pounds. Smaller one is shown in one of my photos. --his Kiss
I (Ali) used to have an albino corn snake a few years back. It was beautiful! All silver with gold flecks. At the time it was 12 years old, and 5 feet, 2 inches long! It also had the most picky eating habbits. It wouldn't eat any mice that were dead, only ones that were still alive. (Warming dead frozen mice under a lamp didn't fool it) But the thing was, it would only eat the live mice if they were unconsious! So you can imagine the fun I had trying to feed the damn thing! Around the same time I also owned a water dragon. Although that one was more my boyfriend's at the time. When I was really young, I used to catch wild garter snakes and take them with me to school! What was really funny was when the snakes would curle around my bra strap on my chest and sleep there. After a while though they always started getting "nippy" so I had to let them go. Then I would just go out and catch another one! lol
Reptiles on Bisexual PlaygroundReptiles on Bisexual PlaygroundReptiles on Bisexual PlaygroundReptiles on Bisexual Playground

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