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i had a roomate in oklahoma once and we ended up sucking each other off all of the time the first time it happend i caught himwatching me take a piss and i didnt try to hide my cock it was turning me on he casually walked away we ended up going out to some club and having a few too many anyway he had to help me up the stairs to the app and he kept touching my ass i didnt object we got inside and i went straight to the bathroom i turned on the light walked in started to piss and he came up beside me grabed my cock i finished pissing he shook me off then got on his knees and took me into his warm mouth it really felt good i was harder than i think i ever had been i lost it then and stood him up and started rubing the bulge in his pants he then asked me if we could take a shower witch we did and then we went to my bed where we sucked and fucked for hoursthe end
hey everyone im looking for a female to move in with me and my husband . a live in girlfriend so to say.
i had a roommate that was 30yo, he got drunk and passed out in the bathroom with his huge dick hanging out so i sucked him. he woke up and help my head down till he came. he would let me suck he after that a few times.
I have only given a had job. but i would love to suck a cock. loved openbiguys thing
I met a woman at a dog park in Los Angeles, she was an older lesbian with a room to rent in her rented house. I moved in and we became good friends. She knew I am bi and she let me have men come over so I could give blowjobs aand she would watch and take photos. Eventually she would join me in sucking the guy or let him suck her tits while i blew him. I would eat her out every time and soon we were having daily oral sex . She liked that my ED made penetration not an option and she would perform fellatio on me and other men with a will. She was a terrific lady and was on my profile for 5 years. best room mate ever RIP Marge Flower
I want to go home from the bar with one guy and end up getting trailed by all of his roommates… so damn hot
Roommates on Bisexual PlaygroundRoommates on Bisexual PlaygroundRoommates on Bisexual PlaygroundRoommates on Bisexual Playground

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