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Am I the only one who would like to watch their significant other being fucked? Would love to participate also;)
if anyone wants to watch guys get analized,I dont mind an audience.
There is only one thing better than watching guys having anal sex... To be the one getting yoiur ass fucked by a big hard throbbing Cock... :)
I agree with Billy I like to watch guys fuck each other, but the feel of having a cock in me is fantastic. :) I enjoy it more when I am being watched, too. Whether his woman or a larger audience.. I like to show everybody what a slut I can be... lol I would like a videotape of me being fucked so I could relive the pleasure as I watch it. Maybe when you get to L.A., eh, Billy? ;)
two guys going at it is hot
would love a womens man up my ass or me up his or hers
I like getting fucked up the ass just as much as I like to do the fucking. It is even hotter when a woman drives her strap-on into me as I fuck a man. Damn, that is one experience I will always remember.:-D
I think that two men fucking would be one of the sexiest things to watchKiss
I love watching two guys fuck.
My ultimate fantacy is to watch 2 bi or gay men have Sex. Love to watch. It is a BIG turn on for me.:-PKiss:-P
Any wives, girl friends or couples in Atlanta that want to watch men having anal, I will be happy to be the top or bottom. Enjoy yourself ladies and watch.
Indeed one of best life experiences is getting fucked while your significant one encoutages you!!! Is HOT! :):):)
I would love to watch a guy fuck himself with his dildo on cam sometime...
There's nothing liked getting fucked bu another's the best
I want it bad...Hudson, mouth wants a big stiff cock...

bert FlowerHug:-P:-P
that's one thing I love to try with a bi couple,only thing is my ass is still virgine so please take your time!am not into pain,but want it!!!!:-D:-D:-D:-D
Watching Guys Have Anal on Bisexual PlaygroundWatching Guys Have Anal on Bisexual PlaygroundWatching Guys Have Anal on Bisexual PlaygroundWatching Guys Have Anal on Bisexual Playground

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