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6 Inches Black Penis Pictures

6 Inches Black Penis Pictures on Bisexual Playground6 Inches Black Penis Pictures on Bisexual Playground
Heavier black dude wit a penis around 5’5 inches. I don’t shave my dick
***Our pictures are in our private gallery. The pictures you initially see our not of us.*** D is short and cute. She is 5'4 and roughly 145lbs. She has short hair and large breasts. She is smart and very accomplished. She loves to read and hangout in really cool places to have a drink. B is tall dark and handsome. He is 6'0 and 190lbs. He has a large (8.5 inches) working penis. He is well dressed and has a bald head and no facial hair. He mostly watches movies (adult and other) and loves to hangout some where cool!
I am average of height and weight, and my penis is 4.5 inches long. I have a beard and am somewhat bald. I shave my crotch fully and like to use toys on my little penis. I really am wanting to be a fun partner for someone and I enjoy all things. I enjoy drinks and good times. I want to be part of a pleasureable encounter with all. I also like to be somewhat submissive orally. I want you to be 5 inches or less, as I want to be able to use my mouth fully.
we are a happy couple she bbw nice ass and tits pretty face me tatted all over beer belly paralyzed but dick still works. good looking. we are l ooking for a bi male or two, 8 inches or more and girthy preferably black to fuck us both no relationship no friends just naughty pornstar fucking. we would prefer no condoms recent aids and std papers required. no games, no bullshit just fucking ...we have pictures to share for serious inquires and must have pictures for us.
I am still a virgin looking for my first sexual experience. I would love to start out with a female one on one. My biggest problem that I run into is having a small penis. When my penis is not fully erected I am less than an inch. When I am fully erected my penis size is about 3 to 3 1/2 inches. I am not looking for a long term relationship, I just want to have some sexual fun and to get some experiences.
Bisexual man with 7 1/2 inch penis looking to echange pictures Over the Internet send me a message and we can echange pictures
Your cock isn't as small as you may think. The average penis in the US is about 5.3 inches long. When I was growing up in the Stone Age, the thought was that the average erect penis was about 7 inches. According to this page, Ecuador males have the largest average penis at 6.9 inches.
AJAXXX missed the point. No one is saying don't put up penis pictures, they are saying please show us more than just that. I will let you men in on a little secret, the penis is really not that important! I want to see the whole package, as do most women ;) I really hate it when I get a message from a guy, and he attaches 20 pictures of his penis! One is not enough? You're chances of meeting women or couples will greatly improve if you show us more than just your penis. For me, it's a real turn off as that tells me the man in question is only thinking of one thing.

I understand fully about not wanting to show your face, not everyone is comfortable doing that. You can still show full body pictures with your face blurred out, and make a note in your profile about how you will exchange proper pictures on request.
Probably because the average erect penis size for all men is between 5 and 6 inches long. Quote from webmd:

"The average penis size is between five and six inches. That's for an erect penis.
The flaccid male organ averages around three and a half inches."

The Penis Tax..............

The only thing that the I.R.S. has not taxed is the penis. This is due to the fact that 40% of the time it's hanging around unemployed, 20% of the time it's pissed off, 30% of the time it's hard up, 10% of the time it's in the hole.

On top of all this, it has two dependents, and they're both nuts.

Accordingly, starting January 1, 2013, penises will be taxed according to size !

To determine the category, please consult the chart below and confirm this
information on page 2, Section 7, Line 3, of the standard 1040P form.

10 to 12 inches................Luxury Tax...............$50.00

8 to 10 inches.................Pole Tax..................$30

6 to 8 inches...................Privi lege Tax............$15.

4 to 6 inches...................Nuisa nce Tax.......... $5.00

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone under 4 inches is eligible for a refund.


***** Males exceeding 12 inches must file Capital Gains

Pecker Checker
Internal Revenue Service
First cock I ever played with was my friend’s Danny when we were in 13. We gave each other a few handjobs but never got each other to cum. His cock was like 4 inches long and about 2.5 around with a small patch of hair.

The first cock I suck and got fucked by was Louis who was 14 like me. It was so good we continued to fuck for the next 10+ yrs. At first his cock was maybe 4.5 inches long and about 3 inches around with a thick black bush. Over the years his cock grew to 8.5 inches long and 4.5 inches around.
I'm at Cir k on 35th and Dunlap. I'm wearing an adidas hat and a green bandana. All black I don't care about ago 18 to 75 long as your cock is like at least 11/12 inches to 18/21 inches. I'm down to suck a few and I can't host. Just come up and say looks like rain wanna take a walk. Gotta be discreet. I'm a black cock worshiper. Just looking to suck. The pic below is my type my masters cock I suck on it most days
But he's been getting new face. So I'm good nna suck some bbc


12 Inch Cock
I'm still really new only having one man,that I sucked and then I rode him until he flipped me on my back and fucked me until he came all in me,I loved being pined down,with my legs up by my head he had 9 inches,I want a black guy with 13 inches to do me the same way,I want as big a cock I can find,I might just fall in love and become your sex slave do whatever it takes to keep getting big black cocks,I would love to be a male escort be paid to get dicks,we can be partners u get 60% of what I earn,I also dream about doing gay more same percent to u,I will fuck any of your friend,family,or who ever u day.perfect cock ,black,cut big mushroomhead,14 inches ,thick as a red bull can,might not can take it but u can work it in me until a big sack of black nuts are against my white ass, I mean your assHug
Picture Trading
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Thus, we totally enjoy having pictures taken of us and friends we have allowed to join us. However, when it comes to making pictures available for others to see here on this site and trading pictures. We prefer to just share pictures with only us in them as some of our friends have asked that we be discrete... Kiss
I dream about BBC all the time. As of today, I've never had one. All I know is I WANT ONE. I want pictures of me sucking BBC. Pictures of me being fucked by BBC. I'd love a video of me being gang banged by a group of Black Men. Is their a Dominate Blackman who can help me? Lindawantabe
African American Girls
One of the best girls I've had lots of sex with as the giver or receiver has been black see my pictures, once a guy has black he'll always cum back !!!
All Male Anal
I was around 18 when I was forced to have sex with two men. That was the first time that I sucked a dick and was fucked in my sissy white ass. That first night I hated it. In the morning they told me I was going to be their sissy bitch 4, 5 maybe 6 times a week for as long as they wanted. Each time I liked them using me more and more. It got o the point where I could hardly wait to see them again. You know I must have liked it. I'm 70 and now looking for BBC. I want to say that I deep throated 13 inches of BBC. That my sissy white ass took every inch of the 13 inches. That my white ass is still holding Black Seed. That I love the taste of Black Seed. Lindawantabe
Pee Hole Insertion
I am thinking of wearing a prince's wand that wraps around the penis head. Any thoughts on this, I'm just not sure that I want to pierce my penis to insert a wand permanently. Please give me thought on this. I hope I will be able to make my penis hard and keep it that way.


What they like best about the site:  the pictures in the beginning.