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Amateur Group Masturbation

Amateur Group Masturbation on Bisexual PlaygroundAmateur Group Masturbation on Bisexual Playground
Hi - I'm a 60+ yr old, never married man who misses not having his own family. I'm not a hound dog, just a guy who finds comfort in masturbation and would like to share that comfort in a communal setting. That's it! 1 - I'm from the San Francisco East Bay. 2 - I have just set up a Meetup group: "Much A Goo About Nothing" with the tagline: "A New Kind of Pleasure - Group Masturbation." I'd be interested in a small group (6-12?) with a nice mix of guys and gals over 35. We'd be in the living room on the sofa, 2 armchairs, or on the carpeted floor. We would be relaxed, have a few laughs, and then just let nature take its course for 1/2 hr to 2 hrs, with people coming and going as they pleased.
Most think I am a very nice guy and I try to live up to that. I love to talk, am approachable and sometimes a bit gregarious. I seem to make people laugh and always have an enjoyable time. Looking for a like minded woman or women who are into masturbation, mutual masturbation, group masturbation and would like to explore that with me, also curious about all else sexual except gay...willing to try most anything at least phone sex and cyber sex or just talking about sex... I'm uninhibited and curious.
Horny man. Looking for man or men for masturbation encounter. 5'6"180lbs 6 uncut. I like oral sex . A co-ed masturbation group would be fun
Average guy, easy going, looking for 1 on 1 or group masturbation. Coed masturbation. Meet new people to hang out. I'm new to this but open minded.
Single, very high sex drive. Edging and being edged is my fetish I guess. Mutual masturbation would be ideal. Group masturbation as well.
Into group sex bigtime! Been fucking in group situations since college and even did one amateur porn flick. I am very into mfm, and have even jerked a couple guys off on their girlfriends. Not sure how far I would go in a bi-scene, but if there is another chick there it might be fun to try some light stuff. The guy would have to be hot and hung and with a great girlfriend for me to get into it. Always wondered what a good cumshot would feel like.
just read your post about masturbation group on Staten Island.
I am a bi guy on Staten Island, and I really am into masturbation. Used to go to NY Jacks in Manhattan. Would be great to have a group here on the Island. I am on the No Shore and could host at times.
Keep me posted.
Happy Masturbation New Year
here's a thought - how about a small intimate group interested in masturbation -iv'e seen several posts on interested parties...

check out an old HBO real sex that featured a private masturbation group... very cool
Is sex therapeutic?

While sex may not mean much to some and others take it for granted, it would seem it can be an excellent "exercise" and a great relief of stress. Something as mundane as being hugged has been recognized as a release of stress, fear and anger. I recall reading a book titled; "The joy of masturbation", where the author, a PhD is psychiatry, swore that her group masturbation sessions did more for her patients than any conventional therapy did. Apparently, once her patients felt comfortable being naked as a group, laying down on mats and masturbating together became a great release of emotional baggage not just sexual gratification.
I was wondering if any of you out there can elaborate on the healthy aspects of group nudity, masturbation, sex, etc.., and if you have any information to back it up. Also, are there books on the subject you would highly recommend?
Bi mmf and bi group, especially amateur.
I once saw a TV show that discussed a co ed masturbation group. It involves some mutual masturbation and some massage but avoids sex. It does get people to meet and get to know each other. I am game,
What I'd like to find is some good amateur bi porn! I'm tired of looking at actors. Amateur porn is everywhere, but amateur bi is nearly impossible to find.


Group Masturbation
How about a group in the San Francisco East Bay? Anything running now? I've just started a MEETUP group for over 35 year olds (men & women) called: "MUCH AGO ABOUT NOTHING" and the slogan is "A NEW KIND OF PLEASURE: GROUP MASTURBATION." No bites yet, but hopefully ppl will contact me.
Group Masturbation
Can I join in a group masturbation
Looking for a masturbation group to jion in Staten Island NY
Group Masturbation
What could be hotter than getting a group of people together for mutual masturbation...and then seeing where things go..
Mutual Masturbation
I am in Sacramento Ca area. I would like to meet someone or a small group to get together with for mutual masturbation men women couples all welcome though more likely to be other men. I had experienced a small group like that some years back it was k shared a nice hotel room for weekend each came and went as they pleased. sometimes planned out something special other times just went with the flow. Anyway I would like to even meet one person to start with
Group Masturbation
Omg - this is so hot and I would love to participate in group masturbation - M&F. Anyone in the Twin Cities interested?


Dear Bill and Pattie, I accidentally deleted your message from my yahoo inbox, but I wanted to tell you thank you for letting me stay another month I am really enjoying the group and I have met some interesting people through instant messenger services. Thank you for creating this group.