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Asian Pubic Mound Pics

Asian Pubic Mound Pics on Bisexual PlaygroundAsian Pubic Mound Pics on Bisexual Playground
I have gotten into the lifestyle a little later in life (who knew it could be so much fun?). I am a real and very down-to-earth guy. Can laugh at myself. I won't wear socks while we play (what is up with that anyway?). Have pics I can share directly (however, I have no pics of cars, bikes, boats, horses, etc. ) . I like a scene where there the woman participates and even gives direction. I have been orally bi but willing to expand. I don't want to kiss guys and prefer as little hair in the pubic area as possible. I am partially shaved and trimmed very close elsewhere.
My boyfriend is 25 and has a skinny athletic build and is half white and half asian. I am asian, 22 and skinny with a nice body. We are looking for someone who would like to have some fun with us. Please respond if interested, pics will be exchanged if provided.
hello my name is stan and I married. im Asian, im five foot two. well I have pics if you want to see.
We are looking for friends for fun on the northside of Chicago near Lawrence and Western... 29f asian, 29m white.... pics for trade.. email us....
Lisa was so captivated by the scene that played out before her, that she'd almost forgotten about the waif at her feet. She ordered the dark-haired beauty to take the massive dildo that Lisa had inserted into her slick mound but moments ago and join Anthony and the American Boy on the bed. Lisa's right hand involuntarily moved from her side to her soft mound as the waif, silently approached the bed. The two on the bed, enthralled in the 69 position took no notice of the young girl, nor the dildo in her hand that she was now stroking. But Anthony knew Lisa all too well, he knew how turned on she got watching him suck cock; how she liked to masturbate watching him, or any man for that matter being fucked. With that thought in mind, he pushed one and then two long slender fingers into the American Boy's asshole. One he worked in the third finger, he knew that it was time to turn things over to the waif. The waif moved closer, smiling as the boy moaned loudly, anticipating the pleasure she was about to give him.
Hi, I am new at this but my guy is experienced with this kind of situation. We are both Asian. I am 5’3, hourglass proportion (34-27-36), age 22, long blk hair, and attractive (or so I’ve been told). He is about 5’7, age 26, broad shouldered (not the typical skinny little Asian boy – but not fat!), attractive, nice butt and legs, and VERY cute dimples. I'm looking for a hot girl that is open-minded and wants to have some fun ... I only want a casual sex relationship and if the chemistry is right then maybe we all can get together again from time to time. WE JUST WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN! Sorry I don’t have any pics, but we don’t have any of us together and I’m really a novice at this Internet thing, so I don’t have any digital pics either. However, we are working on it and should have some within the next couple of days. In the meanwhile, if you’re interested I’d be happy to talk to you on the phone or arrange a “getting-to-know-you⠝ meeting. I’m doing this as a sort of surprise for my guy because he’s wanted to bring another girl into the picture for quite some time. Anyway, I’m sure you’d really like him – he’s very charismatic, outgoing, nice, and funny. People instantly like and are drawn to him. I’m pretty laid back as well and can promise no drama. Anyway, if this is at all appealing, please e-mail me back some of your stats. Thanks.
I have to admit... I like bush. With that being said, I do prefer the labia to be shaved, but I love a mound of pubic hair up top. I love the smell that the hair keeps in, love to run my fingers through it and pet it likes its my favorite cat!

I like men the same way. A patch of pubic hair, but the shaft and balls shaved completely clean.
I really don't care one way or another as long as it is consistent. I really don't like the couple days growth on his pubic mound. It's prickly (no pun intended) and irritates my clit.
I have extremely sensitive skin, and found that I can shave my pussy area, but the pubic mound area I cannot touch with a razor. I just recently tried the Veet, and although kinda pricey, it saves a lot of irritation, bumps and ingrown hairs. I hope this helps somehow and you find a comfortable irritaion free hair removal that works for you!!!
Happy Shaving!
Love showing asian wifes pics while i jo them
I'm looking for a guy to share pics of hot asian women we like and jock off on the phone. Interested?
Hi guys! Hot, horny Asian CD traveling to Toronto! Would you like to taste my hot, Asian candy baby?


Hairy Pussy
wow, i forgot how hot hairy pussy is.. i'd love to eat a woman and feel her pubic hair tickling my nose like the old days. I love shaved to, but there is something VERY hot about hair on that delicious mound....if you are unshaven in NJ and want a guy to go down on you for hours drop me a line.
Pubic Hair
Haven't had pubic hair since 2002 when I started keeping my pubic area shaved as I think it is not only more sanitary, but looks sexier and better...:)
Oh, I forgot to add that the best reason for Manscaping is not only that it makes ones pubic area look cleaner and sexier, but I believe that it is also healthier as you don't have to deal with pubic hair. Anyway, I hope y'all have as much fun as I have since joning BP five plus years ago...Hug
Asian Women
I'm a 44yo Asian woman looking fora hot Latina female to join me and my husband. Please check our pics and let me know if interested
Asian Men
Asian men are some of my favorite partners before I went into the navy i had a no-curious asian friend in highschool,we kept it discreet away from our peers he was good looking with a nice little ass always in right pants and he liked big dicks.the navy was even better, I visited throughout the orient and it's a turn on how Asians love sex and I was having a ball looking forward to my next Asian lover,love those asians.
Asian Girls
I love Asian pussy any Asian babes into white guys wearing speedos


Hey, thanks a ton. I absolutely love your site. There are so many beautiful posts/pics here. Mmmm, could be fun.