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Asstr Submissive Mom

Asstr Submissive Mom on Bisexual PlaygroundAsstr Submissive Mom on Bisexual Playground
Submissive, attractive, in shape, 6 ft 200 lbs, BiMale seeking a married couple or female or male to serve in my area. I'm a Service submissive or a Domesticated submissive who thrives on the submissive energy gained from serving others in any way they need. One interest is I'd like to bottom for a woman with a strapon. And or to meet a male top for regular fun.
I am more of a submissive and enjoy role playing that involves being the submissive sexual partner, I can be dominant at times but prefer to be the submissive.
submissive male looking to find dominant men and couples to turn me into submissive sissy slut. I want to learn how to give a perfect blowjob and I want to experience penetration front and back at the same time. Looking to fulfill my submissive fantasy
Enjoy role playing with submissive men who real enjoy being submissive. Looking for men who like to serve and who get turned on by doing so. Body shape or size is not as important as being submissive. Would be willing to train someone who has not done this before. Lets see what can develop with this.
I'm a 33 year old mistress looking for a good submissive slave. We will start out on the internet and maybe have a relationship in person. You must have sex toys and always be available 24/7 for mistress. I'm into making my slaves sissys,unless ur already female. My kik is submissivewhore101. I'm not submissive by the way I just use my old kik when I was submissive.
i am a 40 yo bisexual submissive guy... very respectful, very obedient, very kinky... i enjoy submitting to dominant Women, Couples and TV/TG... i do have some experience in all that i'm interested in, but i feel the need to experience more... i would also like to meet a submissive woman who would like to share submissive experiences with me.
I am a SWM, 50's, Bi submissive CD/TV with real breasts (38 B) with 1/2" nipples. Looking for CD/TV's who are TOPS, and would enjoy having a submissive toy to play with. Abuse my nipples and see me become even MORE SUBMISSIVE for you.
I love to read or hear other’s stories, at times more than porn. My favorite stories are at asstr dot org, in the ftp section as opposed to the http section, and then under Collections, and then under Kristen’s collection. There are other types of collections too for genre fiction but many would consider them offensive, and could even erroneously be considered illegal by the intolerant thought-police-types among us.
Here are my own two cents: While some women don't like to see their man in such a submissive position as being topped by another man, others find it hot. I have had several girlfriends who loved that I was bi and enjoyed watching me having sex with men. I have been told that being willing to take the 'submissive' position of being penetrated by a man was a sign that I was very comfortable in my sexuality and that I was no less a 'man' for that. Not to mention, it is very enjoyable, heh heh... While society in general is opposed to a man being submissive to other men (and women, for that matter) society can go take a leap because I, for one intend to continue to do what feels good and I am not alone in this conviction. ;)
I'm a femdom as most of u know and enjoy submissive bi guys I been curious lately about a submissive woman what do you think ? Would love to dominate her
Older guy wants to learn what submissive is about.
Need a gentle teacher who enjoys hugging and kissing.
I believe that I am sexually submissive to the right lady.
I am a submissive and when it is a rainy day I feel so submissive and my desires are unstoppable. Are they any mates here that could use me today,mi can't help myself.
Ready wanting and so easy


Bi-Curious Women
I am Chicago, and I am looking for a bisexual female, who wants to play at least 3-4 times a week. You have got to be freaky, and submissive. I am very submissive if you act right. I would love to meet you.
would like to find a bi fem to be submissive or dominant with me. but both females being submissive to my MASTER
Male To Male Kissing
I love to watch my man kiss other men it makes me so wet.. I think that my man loves it so much because he is submissive and kissing a man makes him feel very submissive. cozy
Submissive Women
Dom Looking For Sub
Submissive Sissy (have clothes) Love to take it orally and, especially, "anally" ! VERY submissive to boot!!
Bisexual Fantasy
Are You Bisexual And Want To Fulfill Your Fantasy?.. I'm a gay white submissive bottom in Virginia..Attention to Bi Males!..If you seek a submissive, gay, white, full-service bottom to service you or any number of your friends, consider this white slut..I will take brutal assfuckings from cocks of any size and many enjoy to use me to see me be used for the very kinky, taboo sex few sluts will consider..Just tell this fag what is wanted..Waynesboro, Va area..


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!