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Bisexual Playround

Bisexual Playround on Bisexual PlaygroundBisexual Playround on Bisexual Playground
I'm just a basic 6ft 180 pound bisexual white guy that is still exploring my bisexual side I'm only looking for discrete NSA hookups at the moment just another bisexual or gay man so I can feed my bisexual urges for man on man sex
We like to share good sexual times with others. We're both fully Bisexual, believe in giving as well as receiving. Prefer to make love to a person, not just fuck them. Bisexual men, bisexual women and bisexual couples are what we are looking for. Check us out and please email us at here.
I am a bisexual and I'm engaged to a wonderful man. I am bisexual and I miss being with women, we are looking for a woman that can hang out and have a good time as well as take it to the next level to keep our sex life strong while still respecting the boundaries of our relationship. I also would love to just have a friend that gets being bisexual, I don't know any over bisexual girls.
Bisexual couple M 48 F 44 both bisexual looking for bisexual friends and playtime. Love to connect with other bisexual couples, love same bed mm ff sex. clean and disease free. Male really into oral on other men, would like to meet another truly bisexual couple, for frienship and sexual fun. Can travel for figh couple.
We are a married M-F bisexual couple, in a healthy relationship. We believe that getting together with other M-F bisexual couples who are open to all four playing together in various combinations would be a lot of fun. We have never been with a bisexual couple before. We have been with bisexual men a few times and she (prior to meeting he) has been with bisexual women in M-F couples. It's time for us to find like-minded bisexual couples, or some more bisexual men for us to play with. We are fit (but not athletes or body builders), clean and discrete. We both enjoy giving and receiving oral and we both enjoy anal (he both top and bottom). Getting to know and becoming comfortable with the other(s) is important to us, and if things click early things can move quickly. If you are interested send us a note.
sexy bisexual lady looking for flirty fun with other sexy bisexual ladies and/or lesbians. I am new to bisexual scene though and I am engaged to a straight man, but no1 not even my fiance knows that I am bisexual and I prefer to keep it that way.
ok...Here is my reply to most.....My profile says Bisexual and looking for females or couples ....Here is why..... I am truly a bisexual....I don't want to be with a man alone....9 out of 10 emails I get are from guys who claim they are bi, but I believe they are gay. Again, if I am going to have a bisexual experience I want it to be truly bisexual. I live in NY and I can have 25 gay experiences a night, that's not what I want....
PHILLY AREA. We are a Bi-curious male 38, 6/4 250lbs body builder type, female half is 34, very attractive professional 5/6 125 lbs blond bisexual. We are looking for Bisexual couples, Bisexual women and select Bisexual / Gay men to come and join us at some of the gay/bisexual dance clubs in Philly for a night of dancing, grinding, touching and whatever else. Please review our profile.

Hunter & Prey
I'm very much so looking for a bisexual couple in the Lincoln Park Michigan area who are interested in a bisexual man.
It's very rare where I live and it seems that there isn't anything as in what I'm looking for and it's very frustrating to say the least.
If I met a woman randomly , how do I know if she's into bisexual!
Couples-How do you pick up on a couple in which you have no idea what there all about?
I really don't think you'd just walk up and state-Hi I so and so and bisexual,how ya doing.....wondering what the results would be.
That is why I'm writing all this here. In the hope I can finally meet a Male/Female couple who wants bisexual.
Fingers crossed.
Just wondering what other peoples thoughts were on being bisexual. Are there different levels of bisexuality or is it all or nothing? We see many profiles that state someone is bisexual, but by how much? For us being bisexual is an all in thing. Whatever we would do to a same gender partner we would do with the opposite gender. This includes kissing, body contact, foreplay and of course sex. And can than be passion if you are bisexual and with the same gender? Or is it just another way to get off?
While I understand the desire to be with a bisexual woman where exactly are all the people who are looking for a versatile bisexual male? Is the desire just not there? Is there a stigma attached to being a bisexual male? Does a bisexual male not provide the sexual stimulation that is needed? Just looking for someone or a couple who are not into mind games and really want to have a stimulating experience with a bisexual male. I have a picture in my private profile to share with those that would like to know what I look like. And no, it isn't a picture of my cock.
Thanks for your reply. I think you're right. That's why sometimes I feel bad that I'm bisexual. It's like I've done something wrong.

I first have to learn not to be so concerned with labels, and what others think of the bisexual lifestyle.

I also have to learn that everyone is different, and not to beat myself up because I'm bisexual. It's not like I can choose my sexual preference.

I'd love my mental thought process to be "Hey, I'm bisexual. If you don't like it, then oh well.", but I'm not there...yet :)


Couples Searching For Bi Males
49 year old bisexual man . 6 ft 190 lbs Long Island . NY . Looking for bisexual couples or couples with bisexual men . Let me go down on the both of you ! And I love giving and receiving anal sex as well .
Bisexual Masters
not one entry for bisexual masters? curious. well i am a bisexual master and from the look of it the only one! which i can safely say elevates me to bisexual master of the universe!
Bisexual Couples
so sad. all bisexual couples not in AZ. LOVE Hot Bisexual couples...Ms here and missing bisexual my women and love my men, So horny watching my man taking it... Then my turn...OH only after my girlfriend and I have had our way with each other first!
Bisexual Nudist
This is Mike and Lisa we would love to find a bisexual Beach playground bisexual New Jersey
Men Looking For Couples
bisexual couple looking for a bisexual boytoy....we love to suck cock together Kiss
2 Girls 1 Guy
im looking for a bisexual female to date and have fun with .and bisexual couples also im in the Hanover/Gettysburg ,pa area


Thank you Bill & Pattie, the Bisexual Playground makes finding bisexual playmates easy.