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Sharing My Blindfolded Bent over Wife Without Her Knowing Stories

Sharing My Blindfolded Bent over Wife Without Her Knowing Stories on Bisexual PlaygroundSharing My Blindfolded Bent over Wife Without Her Knowing Stories on Bisexual Playground
I love sharing my wife. I cum really good knowing guys are looking at her and stroking their cock
We r an open couple and we r honest and outgoing and like to have fun...we both 40 yrs old and enjoy sharing each other and sharing our sexual thoughts and fantasies... We r into porn movie,reading sex stories,and pics/ if u like talking dirty and interested in joining us...let's talk and if u want to know more just ask us..
We are an open couple, dedicated to each orther for over 14 years. Always open in our relationship, knowing that honesty is the best policy. Enjoy sharing and caring for the needs of other guys-knowing that our relationship is purely to achieve a physical need of enjoyments and satisfaction
Like sharing my stories and listening yours...
Just viewing who is here sharing stories and fantasies
I have always been straight sex without sharing but since I am single again, I want to experiment with a few things. I have never been blindfolded, had a threesome, or had a lesbian affair. I am seriously interested in a lot of new things and want to check it out but I am kinda shy right now!!!
Wife wants tied up and blindfolded and fucked by two guys and the blindfold will keep it suspenseful not knowing who is fucking her
Can anyone get me off? Like stories pics videos of 3somes gang bangs cuckolding wife sharing gloryholes adult bookstore……. Also like personal pics stories
Mmm I’d be a slut on stage not knowing who one the bid being blindfolded led away
Here’s mine ,
To be kidnaped blindfolded and taken to a logging camp miles up into the Maine woods and kept there in one of the small sheds and used for any and all’s pleasures anytime they want,
Then after six months Blindfolded again and returned back to the same spot that I was abducted from dumped there naked not really knowing were I had been or really for how long ?
Then while trying to walk to find help picked up by a couple that take me to their house to try to help me but then decide to tie me up in their basement for their own private toy !
Well as you can see i’ve given this a lot of thought! Lol
This has been my fantasy for as long as I remember
Time now is running out for me as I get older but the thought of being someone’s private toy still is there !
Hello my BP friends my time here is ova in 6 days and i must say i enjoyed sharing my stories with you and most of all my private conversation with some of you and boy am i gonna miss talking dirty & sharing my incest stories about how was hooked on sex at a very young age with family members.You guys rock and i wish all the best to all,woow my pussy is soaked just thinking about the 1st time i felt a dick on my pussy damn i was a nasty fresh little girl:):):) I LOVE YOU ALL,GOD BLESS AND TAKE CARE U FREAKS MUCH LOVE ALWAYS ASSUP:):):)
A man and his wife were gardening one day. The man looks at his wife bent over and says " damn, hun, your ass is as wide as a grill." The wife ignores him and continues to work on her garden. The husband grabs a tape measured and measures the width of the grill and then, while wife is bent over working, measures her ass. He says " wow! It is as wide as the grill." She, again, ignores him. Later that night, while in bed, the husband starts feeling frisky, the wife says " if you think I'm gonna fire up the grill for one little wiener you are sadly mistaken! " .


I like the expression, and men who enjoy sharing their wife. I've met some couples like this, and there is several levels of play. I'd love to hear other stories. Thanks.
Cum Sharing
We love cum sharing, especially with another couple. I love it when my pal fills my bride with his hot cum and I lick it out and share it with his wife. At the end of sucking my wife's pussy I'm hard as a rock so my pal's wife and I have hot sex, culminating in me filling her with many loads of my hot cum and him sucking her pussy dry and sharing it with my wife. As you may imagine, we go on for many hours like this.
Incest Roleplay
Looking for sharing experiences and stories uk based
One of my hottest nights was spent being blindfolded, bound and ball-gagged and left to be used by whoever wandered into the room. So many wonderful sensations and never knowing who was usng me. I wish I could re-live it. :-D
Kinky Sex
the thought of being tied up and the other person in complete control would be amazing. or being tied up and blindfolded not knowing what to expect
I have almost no experience with BDSM, but it looks like fun. We took turns being tied up. It was nice to just lay there having things done to me. It was nicer having her helpless and blindfolded, not knowing what I was going to do next. Something of a power rush. It had a good effect. I'd like to experiment with pain, just around the edges, see what that's about.


So far, I'd have to say this site is the complete answer to what my wife and I are looking for, an easy to use, discreet, and yet comprehensive way to meet someone new.