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Breast Suckiing Pictures

Breast Suckiing Pictures on Bisexual PlaygroundBreast Suckiing Pictures on Bisexual Playground
I am a very modest person that has always had this interest in a kinky, exciting sexual lifestyle. However, I have never acted on my fantasies. I on occassion do take pictures with my boyfriend and would love to post these pictures on line. That would be very exciting to me. No facial views, just penis, vagina, and breast shots only. The thought of posting these pictues makes me wet and excited to just think about it.
Hi everyone. I´m a 35 year old male from Canada who's is bisexual and loves all kind of healthy sex experiences. I always had some amazing time with some of you guys pictures. That´s why I wanted to share with you some of my most personal pictures. And sure, if anyone wants to send me your comments about my pictures, it would be a pleasure to answer ´em back. But I´ll answer only the ones with pictures also on it, ok? Cum shots, butt and dick pictures are more then welcome! BIG HUG!
i am 39 and very loving and caring.i have 4 grown childeren and 2 grandchilderen with 2 more on the way ....i am in a very loving and happy relationship with a male he knows i am bi-curious and that i want to have 3 sum with himand another female and he is fine with that.ohh also at age 30 i had breast cancer and lost my breast and if u can't be with me cuz of no breast that on you cuz i am alive and living a good life .and as my mate says.the breast are not the hottest part of my body so only e-mail if your ok with me not having breast and if your okay with having a 3 sum
Im 5*5 and weigh 145 very cute and i have 36d breast and am very attractive my friend is also were looking for a female to fufill his dream and can send pictures via cell
We're both average build (she has HUGE breast), attractive, witty and intelligent with a twisted sense of humor. If contacted via e-mail we have pictures; clothed.
we are fuck sluts! we would like to meet people that like fucking as a sport - without any strings attached. wam, bam, thank you mam, is what we like. meet and fuck and go our separate ways. Note: Your profile MUST have pictures posted here. We will not respond to mail from profiles that don't have pictures. We don't want pictures emailed to us. Please don't write saying you'll email pictures.
i would love to taste your breast all in my mouth I am a breast women too hit me back n let me know when we can have breast sex!!!ummmmm
I had originally taken the pictures of me when I lived at another location. I have posted my pictures here and on other sites. Well, the negatives are gone bcz I had a house fire and everything is gone. The pictures I had in other groups are gone bcz they have closed down. I want to use these pictures, but I can't bcz it says that no pictures can be copied. Any suggestions?
Looking for females of any age . Looking for breast play . Car breast play . Big breast fetish . Charlotte NC .
Her I go again. I am 77 years old. 5-9 tall. 165 lbs. I am queer and gay and bisexual. I wear woman’s clothes. And most of I wear panties and pantyhose everyday. And a nightgown at night. With nothing on but the nightgown I am trying to make my breast to be like woman’s breast. I am trying to work my way to feel like a trans. Can trans out there that could help me out. I want to feel like a trans. Is there anything over the counter that I could take. To help make my breast like a woman. I want to have nice big breast. Please let me hear from somebody. Want to be like trans.
I would love to breast feed you. Sucking on my breast so hard tasting my sweet milk. yummy!
Hi, I am from the Flint area. I prefer older couples and I am very bi. I would enjoy meeting you two. I also would like and am looking for a long term relationship. I am very easy going. I love sex and like to be with a couple. Your pictures turn me on. I love your breast very much and would like to hold them. Do hope to hear from you. Tom


Picture Trading
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Thus, we totally enjoy having pictures taken of us and friends we have allowed to join us. However, when it comes to making pictures available for others to see here on this site and trading pictures. We prefer to just share pictures with only us in them as some of our friends have asked that we be discrete... Kiss
A Cups
I had a water ski partner that was 5' tall petite, with firm a cups and she would go wild when you masaged her breast and nipples. But there is more to a woman than breast. show me one with common sense and a good personality and the breast size doesent matter.
A Cups
Gee I learn Something new everyday. always thought large breast(nipples )were more sensitive, guess I am wrong, However, my experience has been that the larger breast caused more arousal with me:-P. and I always found the nipples very sensitive, not so with small breast. Right now I will take either!!!!Hug Libido1929
Digital Photography
I need someone who is willing to take pictures of me in the buff or during a sexual activity! :) So that I may post better pictures on my profiles. :)
I dream about BBC all the time. As of today, I've never had one. All I know is I WANT ONE. I want pictures of me sucking BBC. Pictures of me being fucked by BBC. I'd love a video of me being gang banged by a group of Black Men. Is their a Dominate Blackman who can help me? Lindawantabe
I love playing with breast, sucking and bitting them massageing them . breast trun me on and make me wet!!!KissKiss


What they like best about the site:  the pictures in the beginning.