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I am a castrated Eunuch, I was castrated Oct.29th, 2011 at 0800 by Dr. Mark Arnkoff, as my young wife 's young lover insisted I be castrated as he no longer wanted to share her sexual with me. I agreed to be there Eunuch They have taught me to be a good Eunuch, I have learned to enjoy the taste of his semen and can now swallow without choking and gaging on his huge penis, he taught me to breath as he begins to ejaculate in my mouth then swallow as he finishes in my throat. I was castrated and my nipples and fernuim ringed to imped my having sex as a man would. I'm now just a sexual servant here to please both men and women.
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Hi, I'm Vicki, a dumb, submissive sissy faggot whore from Germany. I crave for big cocks and humiliation. I love being a brainless bimbo cumdump, abused and pissed on by everyone. I dream to be pimped out as a cheap tranny streethooker for all the perverted freaks and do whatever they want. Would also love to have my tiny, limp dicklet castrated by a cruel master or mistress. Please help to public expose and humiliate queer, beta sissygurls with pathetic small boiclitties like me.
I an a castrated Eunuch, my young wife and her lover insisted I be castrated if we were to share our bed and old family farm home, I agreed to be castrated, I was castrated as they watched on Oct. 29th. 2011 at 0800 I became a servant Eunuch. I now enjoy my new life as A sexual Eunuch servant and would like to expand my experience to serve others. I have only been with them and do enjoy the taste of his semen
I am an outdoors person I love the outdoors I have a tiny penis but I can please you in any way you want to be please I like to show my tiny penis off
I love sucking a Small Penis!! So much like a clit I’m getting hard and horny just looking at all these Amazing tiny Cocks!! I want your balls and penis in my mouth as you cum!! Can’t get enough of a smaller Penis to worship!! My Wife has a penis size clit, love it mmmmmm
I have been smooth since I was castrated 10-29-11 now I only need to wax every 2 to 3 mo. as my groin hair has stopped growing after being castrated.
I had 1 guy say that the only reason he didn't like sex during my monthly was b/c when he looked down and seen red on his dick, it made him think of being castrated and that was enough to make him go personally like sex during that time, it seems to alleviate the cramps. But i have given a guy redwings not knowing that my period was coming and i was horrified!! Like others have said the answer is towels, towels and more towels!:-D
The Mrs would love to see a big thick limp cock out of a penis pump
Just last night I drove 37 miles to a buddy's tiny hunting cabin to suck his awesome 9" cock dry. He took off his shoes and pants to kick back in the chair for an excellent 30 minute blow job. His "limp" cock seemed not so limp at first and as big as my 6" cock before I even started, wow! At one point when I deep throated him his cock hit a button in my throat that caused a precum ejaculation of my own, ditto WOW! We both got what we wanted, for him a bj and me a big load of cum to slurp and swallow.😋I hope to go back this evening or tomorrow for another fine load of cum from that perfect cock.
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I was chemically castrated with female hormones. My dick and balls are tiny now!
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A tiny beautiful penis in panties is so sexy, what ddo you tthink?
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My penis is so tiny it would make normal size dicks look huge next to one another in a video
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Skinny submissive guys with small cocks really turn me on. Love to play with them, tease them, lick them, bringing them just to the point of orgasm and then stopping. Watch them get soft then start all over again several times. Goes back to junior high 3 of us used to make this one cute guy with really tiny uncut dick suck is all off, then we'd make him play with his little dick. I couldn't resist resist teasing and torturing his little penis with him. Making him hold back orgasm until I wanted him to cum. Then I'd rub his balls and tiny softy until it got hard and we'd make him suck us all off again. Gets hard just thinking about it. Actually i like all sizes but there's something about small cocks I can't deny. If there are any tiny dicks near me, hit me up.
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You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!