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Chicago Escort Tongue Piercing

Chicago Escort Tongue Piercing on Bisexual PlaygroundChicago Escort Tongue Piercing on Bisexual Playground
i am very sexy and i have a banging body. i am short with short hair. i have a tongue piercing and a lip piercing.
We are a couple with open minds. Danielle is 24 with a tongue piercing and a vertical clitoris hood piercing, very slim, black hair and loves to fuck me and love woman. I am 35 average bulid, ok I am bald lol. I love fucking Danielle and I love licking pussy more.
My name is Danielle Bishop, im 5ft 4in, brown hair with blonde highlights, i have 5 piercing, which includes top left ear, both ears at the bottom, tongue, and lip. My partners name is Calvin Bennett Jr. hes 5ft 6in brownish blonde hair, hazel eyes, and has 2 piercing left ear and eyebrow. want to kno more just ask..
Well I'm about 5'5 thick in the thighs light brown eyes and I am a black girl so don't get it twisted I said thick not fat nice brown complexion tongue piercing three tattoos eyebrow piercing I mean I am not a conceded person I am just confident and I know that I am not a ugly female and if you can't deal with someone who is confident don't bother hitting me up and those who think they can handle me holla back
Sexy bbw in all the right places tattoos and tongue piercing
Hi! Tan body, piercing blue eyes, an insatiable tongue and a THICK 7.3.
:-PWell everyone she is right about the nipple piercing thing.I pierced my own nipples and did pretty much the same thing as she did but it's different for a guy though.I also did both of my ears and just got my tongue pierced about a month and a half ago and it's pretty much healed up as far as I can tell.I guess on the pain part it is just your threshold for pain and how bad you want the piercing done.It took me a few years up to get my tongue done but you can ask Rosemary(my better half) about how great it is.You just have to remember that there is always that chance for infection and to always take care of the piercings and let them heal up before doing anything with them.Hope that this helped out on your question.And if you need anymore advice feel free to ask.Jason
I figured the ice for the tongue ... he's been eating crushed ice like he's dying lol ... Why non carbonated? I know they say not to when you have dental work done or a tooth pulled etc. But didn't think about with a tongue piercing.
delilah the only thing i have heard about an escort was when that member was in chat the other day telling people he was a male escort. i have heard no rumors about you or anyone else on this site being an escort. btw....can i get in on your action? i Love cheesecakes lol!!
Hugs & Kisses Flower
Thanks for all the advice! My piercing is fine now .... a little tender to the touch on the left side, but other than that seems fine. His tongue is still swelled a little. I heard to use sea salt diluted in water as a rinse. He's trying that versus the diluted listerine. After seeing how his tongue swelled I'm not sure I will do that one. I like to talk to much Laughing

btw wtg Nic on your repiercing!!!
Dear BP Friends,

My female FWB (who I think is the prettiest and sexiest woman in the world!) is considering piercing her nipples and/or clit. She and I would love to hear your honest thoughts regarding the pros and cons.

While any and all information will be greatly appreciated, we're interested in these specific questions:

1. Have you ever regretted piercing either area. If so, why?
2. Have you ever experienced decreased sensitivity after having it done (and it has healed)?
3. Do you think that a straight barbell...or a curved barbell...would be better in the clit, and why?
4. Has anyone ever had such a piercing performed by a doctor instead of the local tattoo/piercing shop?
5. Anything else at all that you would like to share with us that would be helpful in making the decision to do this or not.

Thank you in advance...we know that the BP community is made up of wonderful, caring people, and your input is greatly appreciated.
Welcome to the best of two worlds ;)
There is nothing wrong with going for an escort as long as you play it safe (escort or not). I'm happy for you and hope you have more to cum HugKiss many licks does it take to get to the center of the......


Pierced Cock
Having a pierced cock has been a lot of fun over these years. One thing you are not told is the more you use it, the looser the hole gets, which means you have to get larger gauge rings. I got Prince Albert piercing in 1983 and now I have a 0 gauge ring. My girlfriends have all loved the piercing and said its not the same without it. Guess they should of stayed with me then.
Pierced Pussy
A hood piercing is so much fun. It is a quick pinch biting your tongue is worse. I am constantly wet. Changing the size of the bead causes new sensations. Having someone that knows how to play with a pierced pussy makes for a very fulling time for everyone.
African-American Women
Love African American women 💘to adore you with my tongue in The Madison Wi area willing to travel to Chicago Rockford and Milwaukee
M-M-F Threesome
Chicago area here..Have always been with men all my life, and have not explored my desire to be with another woman and a bi man at the same time.. I do want to do it now.. anyone want to play in Chicago?
Along with the piercing, the Fleshlight makes for an explosive orgasm!
Body Art
i have three tattoos& 1 belly ring is the sexiest thing i've ever doneKiss


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!