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Nude Male Senior Citizens

Middle aged senior citizens still lookin for excitement
I'm real and just curious. I know what I don't want: No creepy people, no senior citizens, no obese, overweight or even plump people, no players, no uneducated ignorant people (Sorry, there alot out there...)
Grandpa looking for grandpas and or grandmas Love the senior citizens.......they just turn me on.....and when you find one with fire still burning, they will satisfy every itch.......oh my.....I love sex.....I am highly sex loving......and have no respector of persons......Love sex with other horny people.....who are kind, gentle, and interested in both our needs.... What else do you say? I am very open uncut, love cream pies left in the love how bodies respond to age......the sags, wrinkles, broken veins, bulgy tummies.........I am natural and hairy and look for the same.....Really looking for horny older folks. Love cyber, chat, emails, and meeting seniors who love senior lovers......all smile, Just love the old grandparents......
I'm a senior bi, who loves sex with other senior men. Don't get me wrong, wouldn't turn down a mature senior woman if she was interested. I'm 70, 6'4", 245 lbs, silver hair with mustache, and always engage in safe sex. My morals, being a senior adults, I just love being with men and women around my age, who are seeking the same things I am.
Easy going, open minded, well educated, 40s, married male with spouse's permission to play on occasion with selected males, CDs, TSs, and cpls where the male is bi or gay. Enjoys most scenes from mild to wild and very fond of senior citizens who love to play with younger lovers. All races and cultures are welcome here, you must be clean, open, honest and mentally available, quality is most important not quantity, so your endowment is not an issue. You must have a place to play. My spouse does not play but loves to hear about hot bisexual activities upon my return from a play session. Also enjoy cam to cam sessions with males and females.
I am a trangender man that loves sex or just being nude around other nude people. I am very friendly. Love to swim nude and attend nude parties. I love to work in the nude when posiable. I also enjoy nude beaches and nudest places. I am always nude inside of my house.
I have always had a fetish for mature people 55yrs + who enjoy sex. I have written to a few here but have not had much luck. I was wondering if any of you had any ideas of how I could find some sexy senior citizens who might enjoy some fun?
I had to perform twice with Nude Female and Nude Male performers here In Washington DC People wanted to come on stage with us! And at a Art Galley 5 in Richmound VA Male and Females perform with G strings and totally Nude! It is a Great idea Female and Male strippers in under one roof! Take care JoJo
I love being nude and I would love to have a nude job,poising nude,nude house cleaning,nude pool guy or nude handyman or putting on a nude show:-D
What happened to all the swingers from the 70's. I think they are still out there, still interested, but may have given up in the face of "youth".
I have read of the senior citizen sex revolution in the FL and AZ senior communities, but see no evidence of it here.
Perhaps I will go to my local senior center and put a 3 X 5 card posting on the bulletin board :-)
Aids warning....

Not that any of us need to worry about this ...But you should be aware of it.

Senior Citizens are the nations leading carriers of " Aids " !

Hearing Aids

Band Aids

Roll Aids

Walking Aids

Medical Aids

Goverment Aids

Most of all Monetary aid to their kids !

Not forgetting HIV ( Hair is vanishing )
Male looking for couples who enjoy a nude nude massage. Will do each separately or together Must be serious. I will cum to you


I`m a male nudist and go to local nude beach as often as possible. Looking for other males and females who enjoy being nude and would like to socalize in the nude. I `m in London Ontario and I can host a nude social if we have enough mixed group.
Nudist Sex
hi horny single senior in prescott valley arizona desires to meet others for nude sex .
Bisexual Seniors
Hug i am a senior looking for male companion ship Kiss
Being Naked
I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
Being Naked
I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
I just love it running around nude.Love leaving blinds and doors all wide open and being out on the patio nude taking nude drives and finding places to get out nude I love being seen nude and have the right people catching me naked Just love putting on free nudie shows


Great job on the web site. This is a service that I am sure many appreciate. As a safe gay male I hope to find some men interested in encounters and maybe a couple or two also. Been a while since I had sex with a woman but always enjoyed it. Have a good new year. Jake.