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Erotic Bi Pics

We are a discreet couple M&F looking for cute bifem w/ pics, to hang out with. We would like to have adventerous rendevous and erotic pleasures. We reside in the Orlando and Atlanta area so we welcome FL/GA ladies to inquire. *****NO LESBIANS--BI_CURIOUS--OR MEN!!!! **** Must have pics from this decade. (smile) We also have more pics.
35yo bisexual male Looking for a t girl for one on one action pic trades I want guy on guy pics shemale pics pussy pics and cock pics ask for my number
Hot, horny, and fun. Enjoy erotic chat, swapping pics and stories and we'll see from there.
Married in love with my wife looking for fun. NSA nothing serious...from erotic email, chat, pics maybe meet if it is right.
I am interested in mainly erotic chat, if we click and something happens great, I am into sharing pics and role play.
Fun kinky couple lookin for open minded women for erotic playtime not got pics
Hello there, I am going to be honest with you, I'm not a professional photographer but if you would like I would not mind taking some pics of you, maybe you can take some pics of me too, I am a 33 yr. old male. I had someone take pics of me a long time ago and it was very erotic, it got me very horny, maybe it will happen to you. When you fell horny you will be able to play with yourself while you watch them. Send me a message if you are interested. Bye for now, hope to hear from you soon.
Bi guy looking for some hot, erotic couple fun...I have lots of experience, I'm in great shape and have an open mind when it comes to erotic fun. I would love to hook up with a couple that I enjoy on a regular basis if possible. No emotional attachments just pure funnn. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the fantasy's of others in a funnn open encounter. I am a nice guy that loves erotic play. I am open to group play as well. I can entertain or travel within some limits. I have face pics available. If you think you have an interest be sure to e mail me. I'm not looking for Ken & Barbie but rather a funnn open attitude for erotic play...


Wow.... we need to take more pics to keep up! I wonder if any of you have pics of guys to help give us some inspiration. I desperately want to take more of Vince, but I would like some that are tasteful as well as erotic. Here is one I found.... Don't know if it really matches but I identify a lot with this pic. Hopefully you like it.
well said tom!! i too enjoy the beauty of the human body whether it be male or female. i love the g-rated pics as well as the nude pics. and when you get to know the person better it makes those pics even more erotic, sensual & special to you. i don't mind getting nude pics in my e-mails but when they are accompanied by crude comments it is a complete turn off. i actually had a gentleman apologize for sending me a pic of his Cock since that was the only pic he had posted. he didn't ask me if i thought his Cock was big enough or if i would like to suck it or if i would like to have it in my Pussy or any other crude comment like that. and to me that is a true gentleman!! i guess it's all up to the individual as to what kind of pics they like but don't be too hard on people for wanting to show off what they have. everyone is beautiful in their own way & at least they are confident enough to show everyone how proud they are of what they have. my hats off to anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to post nude pics!!
Love to see your sick pics. Maybe you can inspire me to do my own. Love sharing pics n videos along with erotic text.
OMG Dj!!! Where did you get that angel pic? I love it! Is it one of your own or did you find it somewhere? lol I also love all the other pics everyone has posted. I'm just kinda partial to angels I guess. lol Oh well. Anyway, we need to take some more photos before I can add more I think. Even with almost 300 erotic pics, not a lot of them are the type of thing to post here. *Sigh* Once again people, Bravo!!!!

Kisses and Hugs,


Erotic Photography
Oh erotic pics our almost everyones favorite things to look at we liek the cartoonish ones sometimes they can be more erotic than ones of real people. IconU4DragonnIconLRWolf
Erotic Photography
:)Laughing I like to watch and look at erotic pics especially of Cocks and Pussy. I have never been photographed myself naked or anything. Sexy nude pics are sexy to look at for sure.Kiss
Erotic Photography
I Love the sensuality and sex appeal of erotic pics Wink
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
this is something that really drives my crank... more pics please... like erotic stories of this....Flower
Erotic Fiction
:-D Billi I see we are on this one too. When I masturbate I don't use pics anymore I read and like you said it gets me hard in a minute. The best place on the web to get erotic fiction is the list is endless no kidding
EROTIC EROTIC EROTIC...esp for us full blown exhibitionist who can get a huge hard on in such a condition (with willing eyes mind you)


HI Bill and Pattie, thanks again for your kind welcome and making me feel at home here on this site. I think if I stay here long enough and make friends like both of you, I will live all my possible erotic fantasies and some I have yet to think of! Really makes life worth living and spreads happiness in the world! Thank you again, Ray