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Feeldoe Anal

Feeldoe Anal on Bisexual PlaygroundFeeldoe Anal on Bisexual Playground
We are interested in talking to people who have used the Feeldoe
Profesional Gentleman curoius in feeldoe type pegging. and or possible M, F, T
straight male,interested in feeldoe, and swallowing woman's cum
Single white male, bi curious, no experience but love to have my ass played with, looking for a girl who'd like to be behind the wheel with either a feeldoe or normal strapon
We've been married for several years. I've always been bi-sexual & had a girlfriend when we met. My favorite situation is myself, my husband & another guy. This scenario really turns him on. I love to wear a feeldoe and fuck him senseless. He would love this with another man in his mouth. I love dick & enjoy being fucked by two men at the same time.
I'm bisexual with a love for women and enjoyment of c*ck. With men I'm almost entirely a bottom but with women I'm open to relationships and playing all roles (my dream someday is to be on the receiving end of a Feeldoe). I am happy with plain vanilla sex but curious and open- minded to try a lot... a lot... more with ladies, couples, men, or other genders. We could exchange ideas sometime, if not more.
I would recomend a feeldoe slim. It's not that big and is strapless and has a small vibrator. Just remember to put some lube on the vibrator before putting it in the dildo. Just do a search for feeldoe on google. Should cost about 80 dollars. Sherry loves ours. Well so do I.

Rachel n Sherry
I love it when MG takes the toys to my ass. Recently we got a feeldoe strapless that has an end designed for each of us. The first time she tried to use it on me she came like gangbusters and had trouble doing me. I love taking it from her. Just one inportant piece of advice GOOD LUBE! Enjoy your toys and do try a strap-on or strapless like the feeldoe or nexus for some great fun.
We have tried three different types
Feeldoe, a Vac-U-Loc harness and a simple crotchless modle
Shelley didn't like the Vac-U-Loc because the hard base pinched in some rather sensitive spots. The Feeldoe was better, but lacked control and tended to pull out of both at times. Her favorite (so far) is the crothless. The long waist strap is comfortable and the jell base of the dong has no sharp edges to poke and prod her.
fASSinating question! ..... fortunately, I think there's a "Litmus Test!"

Invest in a very small (1/2' to 5/8") butt plug, set of beads or (My very FAVORITE ass toy is my Aneros with BEADS a very VERY CLOSE 2nd).

Insert a modestly sized ass toy that you can "sit on" (I start with my "flanged beads" toy) to relax yourself and then insert your Aneros and you can literally "FUCK YOURSELF" bi simply squeezing your butt cheeks.


Does "prostrate massage" (ala Aneros) make YOUR COCK not ONLY BUTT AUGMENT EJACULATION?

Per this test (frequently performed), I am PRETTY CERTAIN that "anal sex" WOOD BE MARVELOUS either bi toys or bi a REAL COCK.

The "IN & OUT" motion of BEADS is NG!

I used to "dream about" a bi couple's wife "fucking me" with a strap on as I sucked her hubby's pussy wetted cock! I even looked into buying a "FeelDoe" toy created bi two lesbians! One end was COCK and the other end was a PUSSY HOOK so that lesbians could FUCK EACH OTHER!

Despite my personal pleas to the designers and Feeldoe company to make a smaller "Small" they wood not. Their small was 1 1/8" diameter and that was simply too much for me to handle.

No doubt one's ASS HOLE can be "conditioned" to accept such diameter B U T T "anal sex" is suppose to BE FUN and despite my frequent "play" with it bi myself, MY ASS is much happier with modestly sized toys.

ONE OF THESE DAYS.....I just might decide to beCUM "versatile" so that I can trade anal sex (condom clad) with another man like me (smooth nudist, rimm loving, frottage cock to cock play lubed, ok let's fuck each other! "going steady" date)
We have the feeldoe, it's nice.once in place, if the woman keeps her legs together, it works well, also good for sitting on with the woman on her back. A harness could facilitate a bit more action too. It is a nice fit and does feel nice, but we have a couple other strapons with bitter "cock"s too. The feeldoe is nice in that it is a great spur of the moment toy :-)

Now for a curiousity question kws992 ... your profile says you're a single bi guy???????
I know Vince loves it when I take his ass with my feeldoe. Man, can he ride that thing forever! lol One of the things that I love about the feeldoe is that the way it is designed, if he sucks on it while I am wearing it, the inside part rocks against my G-spot! Mmmm.... great fun for both of us! Plus, it has a little bullet vibrator in the the end that send vibrations to both of us! Omg! What a ride!

Peace Love Hugs and Kisses

Ali aka Saylenia

"If I wasn't for the gutter, my mind would be homeless."
"If you want to win the lottery, buy a ticket."


Strap-on In Ass
I need to get a picture of the "Feeldoe" I saw recommended bi another member. I bought one so a woman could fuck my ass with it as I suck her hubby's cock. I SOOOOOO want a woman to fuck me in the ass with a strap-on or Feeldoe. The Feeldoe plugs into her pussy and so she gets a sinsation as well!!
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
such an exquisite sensation' want to try a feeldoe:)
btw, anyone in here ever use the nexus or feeldoe? any comments? *S* i've used both--or rather had both used on me . . .
You just gotta love a woman that knows how to use a strap on. We have a feeldoe slim. Will post a pic the next time it comes out of the toy box. Randy
Anal Sex
We have enjoyed anal sex for close to 20 years. Danny has always had a fetish for anal, and slowly introduced Carol to it. We practise anal sex on a very regular basis, and have introduced many men (and some women) to their first anal sex experience. A little twist on anal sex that all couples should try.....take a good vibrator and put it in the guys ass, turn it up ALL the way! The guy lies on his back, and lets the woman get on top. The vibration travels right through the guy, into his penis, it's amazing! ...for both partners. Danny & Carol
Anal Cream Pies
my wife doesnt like receiving the only time i get to eat anal pies is out of mens asses or when we're with a couple where the lady likes anal. and i love to be filled with cum and have it tongued and sucked from my hole


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!