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Femboy Prostate Orgasm

Femboy Prostate Orgasm on Bisexual PlaygroundFemboy Prostate Orgasm on Bisexual Playground
58 live Alone Wanting Too Try Something Different After getting My First prostate orgasm
6' ish, around 220-230, 7" or so cut cock looking for hands free prostate orgasm.
Been bi since teens so know how to handle a cock or two (or more!). I get seriously turned on making people orgasm, M or F (pref both!) Addicted to oral, love sucking & plating. I can deepthroat up to 7". I'm also a total exhibitionist ;-) love being naked, being watched, fucked for wife's / partner's pleasure and servicing groups. Cards on the table: I had a prostate op recently and although I still get hard, produce lots of pre and orgasm like crazy - it's dry. I don't 'cum' any more (apparently it goes backwards, so the Doc says!) Might be an advantage if you don't like cum?
i am a very submiisive crossdresser who is into cuckolding, orgasm denial and prostate milking. I mam married and wife is now allowing me to look for someone to take me over the edge.
Hi I'm a kinky femboy who is willing to try anything. Still looking for someone to help me have my first anal orgasm on a video call. Only down if ur extremely freaky
Just looking for a stiff thick cock to ride and to suck dry I want to find a dependable dick to shoot it’s load in my ass after I have handsfree prostate orgasm from reverse cowgirl on it dick dripping cum everywhere
I’m lucky to have a male lover that enjoys edging me for hours and massage my prostate with his finger, tongue and cock. The wonderful thing about the prostate orgasm (at least for me) is that it produces a LARGE amount of cum but doesn’t “finish” me. I’m able to have multiple prostate orgasms and then usually finish with a very large mind blowing full fledged cock orgasm. After each prostate orgasm, my lover will feed me my own sperm - I know that isn’t for everyone, but when I’m worked up and horny, I crave my own cum. After gobbling a few loads, my lover will suck my cock while fingering my ass that I climax so large that I’m always afraid the neighbors will call the cops due to all of my loud screaming. The next orgasm I want to achieve is the nipple orgasm… and someday I want to have a combined nipple and prostate orgasm. I also want to have these orgasms while a woman is sitting on my face, squirting her own pussy juice into my mouth or making me tongue fuck her asshole.
Just to get this out of the way - To clean out beforehand, use a Bathroom Handheld Shower Hose with Enema Showerhead. It's Stainless Steel, but rub a little soap, or even shampoo on tip, and it slides in and really cleans you out.
Now having the nasty part out of the way, I don't know why Bi-men fear anal, but the first time I did it to completion (and it was this year), I made sure to pick a guy who understood he would stop if I didn't like, and to go gentle, etc. I tried when I was young, but never could relax enough to complete it. Entry went surprisingly easy, just a drop of KY, and once he was in there was no pain at all - which surprised me, but also made me ecstatic. Eventually, I was yelling things like Harder! Deeper! etc. because it was rubbing my prostate just right. When I finally had a prostate orgasm, my mind was blown and I became addicted. (It was also the next day, that I ordered my shower cleaner Express on Amazon). Though still hard to find a 'date' half the time, it is one thing I look forward to. Sadly, the relationship with that guy had to end when he moved.
I think if men experience a prostate orgasm, even if just by toy or the right use of someone's finger, it would change the game and many would be glad to embrace anal or anal play. I now say, 'That if a man hasn't had a prostate orgasm, even if he is 100% straight (get your wife to do it), he has only experienced 50% of his sexual potential." Plus, an orgasm while getting your prostate 'milked' will have you shooting across the room.
I have an njoy pure wand that I use to milk my prostate. It makes me leak so much precum. I can get close to having a prostate orgasm, but I haven't gotten all the way yet.
I’ve never had a hands-free prostate orgasm, but I’ve had a few jackoff sessions with prostate massage that felt like an out-of-body experience.

T. (cis-male-bisexual/biromantic he/him/his)
Coastal Alabama, USA - Looking for FWB
Hands free orgasm while getting pounded is one of THE most incredible things ever. I kind of associate it with the orgasm women feel with "normal" sex (whatever that is, snicker). This topic actually passed through here a few months ago and had quite a response. I have actually found it's easier with either a larger (longer) partner or toy, and I'm sure it has everything to do with hitting the prostate. Try something with a little more reach to it and you'll know when you get there. There are toys out there just for this, and don't get scared by the big, huge Dildos, they can come later (no pun intended). The ones you will be after are not much fatter than a plastic coat hanger with a vibrating bulb on the end. A good anal douching first will also help. If trying with a partner, just as with the ladies, try a few different positions to get just the right angle. Trust me, a little exploration is WELL worth it. There's just nothing like a good prostate orgasm!! Good luck to you!!:):)
For those seeking your first prostate orgasm, I stress that you use your own fingers, insert one or two about an inch or so in, then UP! Massage gently and when you find 'it' you'll know it. Just keep going and 'the feeling' will creep up, yet keep going and you will have an amazing climax. You can also do the same with a smaller, blunt vibrator and massage with it, same outcome! (Or, go deeper, and upwards, and the massaging action will def get you off). Prostate orgasms are often illusive, but keep at it and you'll win, then never go back. I use a Hi-Smith dildo machine on myself solely to achieve such an orgasm, and I always cream a quart (and most often it is without getting the least bit hard)! Sooo, do NOT be thinking your cock needs to get hard, as it certainly does not!


Prostate Massage
I have a curved cock that makes it easier to hit the sweet spot to give an intense prostate orgasm. And so really like being fucked on my back with my feet in the air. When I get a prostate massage like that, my cock is usually bouncing around and I just jizz like crazy all over my flat belly! Mmmm, it feels so good!
Anal Orgasms
Leighannwithcock you are SO right. A good prostate orgasm is so intense it makes you want to get fucked again and again. I still love to make love to women, but I've done that so many times that it is not as new or as intense of an orgasm as getting a hot cock sliding in and out of my ass until I jizz like crazy!
Prostate Massage
I was playing with a guy I met for mutual bj and in the course of our play, he asked me if I would like a prostate massage. I told him yes and he proceeded to show mw such enjoyment as I had never felt. After he had massaged me for a while (maybe 30 minutes) I asked him to fuck me (I had never had a dick in my ass before) He got some lube and got me ready for insertion and all at once I felt his thick dick penetrate me and with a push, he was deep in me. It felt so damn good and his thick seven inches filled me up as he stroked in and out. I had wanted to be fucked for a long time but was afraid it would hurt, but after the prolonged Prostate massage, all I felt was great. as he fucked me he masturbated me and I had a powerful orgasm from that. After I came, he continued to fuck me for twenty minutes more, untill he finally got his orgasm and spurted his semen into me. I went home happy and with a sore and sticky ass, but determined to have this experience over and over again...:-D
Ball Sucking
exciting the balls is paramont for a great orgasm. Prostate milking is the ultimate!
I Love the feeling of a Dildo massaging my prostate with low deep pulses and then high speed vibrations. Or having those sensations applied to just underneath the helmet of my shaft. It's almost euphoric to watch somebody orgasm when using a vibrator on them. Kiss
1 Man On 1 Man
Older man looking for young boy who wishes to role play an pretend I'm there underage femboy daughter


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!