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Bisexual Playground Chat RoomBisexualPlayground has the most warm and welcoming chat rooms for bisexuals and bi-curious people on the internet.  You are bound to make friends, meet other people who share your interests.  Our rooms are fun and easy to use, with emoji support, the ability to share pictures, and instant message other chatters.

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Free Watch Me Masturbate Free Watch Me Masturbate Online Watch Me Masturbate Webcam on Bisexual PlaygroundFree Watch Me Masturbate Free Watch Me Masturbate Online Watch Me Masturbate Webcam on Bisexual Playground
74yo bi-curious male. Highly sexed, love to masturbate, masturbate others, view others masturbating, masturbate for others, both male and female. Would like to find a mature women who likes to masturbate and watch me masturbate until we both cum using webcam. Would also consider doing this with a man, preferrably mature but not necessarily
We are fun loving, energetic people who like to explore and experiement and have a mutual good time. Willing to do almost anything if teh chemistry is right. We like to watch and participate and be naked and have sex around others while they watch us. We also like to masturbate in front of ours as well and watch others masturbate.
So I’m 24 years old female and I love to watch people masturbate. If I watch porn it’s usually someone masturbating. I’m usually in to watching guys masturbate and moan it’s sexy.
Hi im open minded and fun i love to watch women masturbate i think it is so sexy and such a beautiful thing,I get more pleasure giving women orgasms than cuming myself.i can either masturbate whilst watching or just watch
Handsome Black Male Brown skined, Green eyes, shaved, HORNY Living in Las Vegas, I do not Drink, Smoke or do DRUGS of any kind. I Seeking a Female Masturbation Buddy here in Las Vegas, a Woman who wants a Man who want to give her Oral, a Woman who LOVEs to Watch a Man Masturbate as she watches him and Guides him through, a Woman who will join in and Masturbate with me. A woman who want to Masturbate on Cam as well as Face 2 Face I LOVE 2 Watch and Be Watched as I Masturbate I work as a Videographer (Adult and Family) Work out of my own Studio ALWAYS Looking for women to shoot who love to get in front of a Cammera and SHOW OFF what she HAS, I Love to Take my time giving ORAL sex to a woman, I LOVE getting in front of a Cammera and Jacking off for a woman who loves to watch, I LOVE to Masturbate FACE 2 FACE, I Love to eat Pussy while being Masturbated,
On line for 8 years I have been a male role playing as a lesbian. My real fantasy is to be a women who is lesbian. I masturbate during the role playing as well as masturbate watch only lesbian videos. My fantasy has become greater over the last year. That is I am finding she men exciting to look at and watch in short videos. I want to meet these women online and role play as if I am a she man lesbian. I am not sure how to pursue this fantasy so I am trying this group. Feel free to contact me if interested and help me in my search for sexual bliss.
Hi! I'm looking to webcam threesome with bi-couples who are looking for some safe fun. if you're new to bisex, then webcamming is an easy and safe way to introduce a woman into your sex life. I use lots of toys and masturbate for you while you two watch me and I watch you playing. I'll even perform for you just as a titillation act for the two of you to watch and get turned on by (though I do love reciprocation please :D)

inbox me if you're interested! If i don't reply right away, its the crazy holidays- i'll definitely get to you after new years :)
Do you like to watch someone else masturbate in front of you. And how many times do you masturbate a day how do you do it. Both male and female respond
My bf and I are looking for a couple people both guys and girls to get together to have a group masturbation session. Anyone livingg in or aroundd the NJ area who would like to maybe get together for something like this, feel free to get back to me through my profile. We have been wanting to do this for awhile and figure this is as good a time as any to have some fun withh this. We are only looking for maybe 8 people.
Now we are not looking for any weirdos or pyschos, just normall peoplee who love to masturbate and love to watch other people masturbate as well.
I would love to watch people have sex or masturbate via webcam. Let me know if you're interested.
Sounds wonderful to me as well, I love to masturbate, watch people masturbate, love being watched as well.. I live in San bernardino but I would be willing to travel for that... Let me know Jeff & Lisa
I would love to join in and masturbate for someone, it really turns me on having someone watch me and I love watching people masturbate..


Girl On Girl While Men Watch
I LOVE to Masturbate as I watch 2 women give each other PLEASURE I am asking for an invititation from 2 women to cum and watch them pleasure each other I will not cut in UNLESS ask I JUST LOVE TO MASTURBATE JUST want to be around someone watching them as I do insted of masturbating alone :(
I love to mastubate. I love to watch and be watched. It really turns me on. I probably masturbate once a day. i loke to imagine that I'm with another woman when I masturbate and that my man is on the side looking and mastubating along with us.:-P
I masturbate at least once a day, and have since I was young. I love masturbating with someone, and as a youth had a circle of friends that would join me. As an adult have found some as well. Enjoy all male jerk off, but jack and jill parties are great too. Also love to watch couples haveing sex while I masturbate.
Women Watching Men Masturbate
turn on for my lady. she loves to watch me masturbate. we are looking for a voyager to watch us
Women Watching Men Masturbate
I like watching men and women masturbate. I love being watched while I masturbate. Seeing someone masturbate and talk dirty and nasty is a total turn on.
Female Masturbation
My HS girlfriend and later on my ex wife (not the same person by the way) liked to tell me about their masturbation fantasies. We would watch each other masturbate to orgasm. My current wife is not the least bit interested in touching herself, watching me stroke myself or talking about masturbation. I would like to hear from women on this topic. Do women like to masturbate and if so, what is the trigger to get them started.


Bill and Pattie, it was nice talking to you yesterday, this is belinda and you helped us get online with the playground. If you remember right I was the skeptical one afraid to give my credit card info. Anyway it is nice to be online... Write us a note and let us know if you ever cum our way, free room and board in the hills of lyons valley and who knows what else??? Thanks again, belin & Chris