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Fucked Sissy Tumblr

Fucked Sissy Tumblr on Bisexual Playground
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5'9 sissy slut loves to dress up and be humileated will do anything im told want to be fucked in my sissy ass and suck cock.
I'm a sissy girly boi, I love dressing up like such a sissy in my girly underwear. I love being treated like a sissy n fucked like a sissy
Dominant wife with a sissy submissive husband who needs to be fucked in his little tight ass im 30 5ft11 and dd tits long legs and blonde he is 6ft 200 pds and is a total sub sissy
Im a horny femboi bitch. I wanna be your fuckhole. Im just here to get fucked hard in my sissy pussy ass. Im always hungry for cock. Please let me be ur sissy femboi slave i wanna please you. I want you to rape my asshole. Make me do wutever n anything u want. Make me a happy sissy little slut n fuck my tight ass. I want cum im a cum whore feed me.
We are married couple wife likes to make her sissy husband happy and the sissy loves cock and cum anyway he he e can have it. No anal penitratio for the sissy tho. That's what wifey does. So he loves being on his knees while he takes mess all over his and loves to watch wifey get fucked by real men and greedily slurps up the mess from wifeys pussy and is eager for the next mess. Wifey wants the real men that come to play to let her aim there cocks while they piss in sissy face and mouth.
Well darn it, my VERY FAVORITE pleace to CUM bi and edge in the nude has disappeared as of 17 Dec bi banning "adult content."

Tumblr was THE BEST PLACE I had ever been to for fantasy masturbation (my most favorite form of SEX bi the way).

Do any "Tumblr Refugees" have a new place to play that is "like what we had there?"

Mind you, I adore this web site butt the "really good members" are mostly too far away to actually meet and get naked with.

BUTT, hope springs eternal.
This is to you who may-be interested
to get to enjoy a night out here in Center City Philadelphia with me ?
Oh yes and you Can, just by asking me ?
I am a bisexual Sissy-boi- bottom..
I am an exhibitionist,
I do enjoy showing off for my Voyager 😉 Friend's...
I do enjoy sucking on your Cock's to swallow your Cum again and again 😜...
I really do enjoy getting Fucked when I can get to be Fucked...
Yes I am a Sissy-boi so I do enjoy wearing Sissy-boi outfits and so yes this makes me a real Sissy-boi dress me up.💖 Doll for your enjoyment and personal pleasure's...
I am very ok with getting caught in photos or in a video pleasing my friends ...
I am into pleasurable things and happy joy joy memories, No painful things! Ok ?
I'm a real Sissy-boi and not a real sissy slave boy 😏 ok ? ...
I'm always open for a conversation online or off So do feel free to say hello my new Friends and to get to see a lot more of my very Naked Body just follow my link to my personal Profile on Bisexaulplay ground and you can say hello to me there or here if your interested to join with me ?
Bye for now my new friends...

PS if your Hosting a get- together ?
don't forget to invite me sometime...
My Sissy cum Loving Tight Ass Hole'
Love's to get Fucked I am %100 all Bottom...

Yes Ladies I REALLY Do Enjoy Sucking on your Sweet Tasting Pussy's as I am getting my Sissy Tight Ass Hole Fucked By all that Maybe Interested in doing So, Male's Shemale's and Female's with a Strap-On..

I Just Really Do Love Being all Cummy Wet where and When I Can ...
Need a fat dick in my sissy ass please. I’ve never been fucked, and am firing for it. I need coxk let me have yours? I love wearing sexy lingerie and getting treated like. Little butt sissy
true story,
my one time gf from high school met up she wanted to dress me in bran and panties and made her the sissy she wanted she took my dildoes and fucked me in my sissy pussy hole i was so turned on but sadly she left but encougres me to wear lingerie and sissy stuff and sniff my poopers so i can me more submissive to women and trans and men and i really love it.
Looking for a Couple that will make me their submissive sissy gurl obeying their commands, will suck cocks, eat pussies, get fucked if interested contact your sissy slave


Piss Play
I love pissing in sissies mouth, she drinks every bit and sissy loves getting a nice golden shower as a reward for being a good lil' sissy. I want one of my lovers to use sissy in this manner and sissy fantasizes about it constantly she so wants to be a submissive sissy under a strong male who has just fucked her wife. Two females using sissy as a toilet for the day is another sissy dream she wishes would cum true any couples, or females want to make a sissies dream cum true???Kiss
Sissy Slut
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Chastity Devices
I have sissy Jess locked in a CB-2K all the time, her little faggot clitty isn't worth any pleasure Even at her own hand. I love teasing sissy Jess making her balls ache for release as they turn purple. I get my pleasure for a real man as my sissy faggot watches and waits in anticipation to lick my lovers sweet cum from my fresh fucked pussy and ass..... If sissy fag Jess was a real man I would fuck her instead of locking that pathetic tiny cock away in a sissy pink cage..... Jeanne Kiss
Getting Dominated
Straight submissive male dreams of master to make me a sissy doll and suck you off put me in stockings and pantries at the club pass me to others being gang fucked by 3-5 studs getting ass fucked til I cum asking strangers if I can suck them being a submissive sissy bitch t pantries and being passed around at gay clubs and sex parties to suck dick at adult clubs while being watched P
Anal Orgasms
That's why I love being fucked in my sissy white ass. The harder I'm being fucked, the more cum seeps from my little white dick. The way it makes me feel is amazing. I want to be fucked hard 24/7. Lindawantabe
hi , Im recently divorced partially cuz my x couldn't take, my extreme anal fetish, been getting fucked by women with strap ons for years and locve it, my x thought this made me a sissy, but I think no sissy can take the size toys I can and want more, hope to meet woman who agrees with me.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!