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Gloryholes in Massachusetts

I am 6'1" white male that loves gloryholes. would love to find a wife that I could bring to the gloryholes and adult theaters. I have a 7.5" shaved cock and always horny.
I'm in Massachusetts,
25 m and 24 f massachusetts
single male from central massachusetts.
I am a single man from Massachusetts just checking my options.
Hi.... Looking for couples , singles and whatever.......Massachusetts threesome.....Will travel to join you in your fun...
Anyone know of any gloryholes in Massachusetts.. The Mrs is very curious.
Not sure how much this will apply but family law is a state by state (and I assume province by province issue) but in Massachusetts Gay/Lesbian couples can marry and adopt each other's children.

They can also adopt other children (and it is illegal for adoption agencies to discriminate against Gay/Lesbian couples) Which is why Catholic Charities no longer does adoptions in Massachusetts.

Doesn't answer your question, so let me continue, even in Massachusetts there is absolutely no provision in law for more than 2 parents. And given that one of the arguments against gay marriage was that if you let gays/lesbians marry then the next thing you know 3 or more people will want to get married it is unlikely that that will change anytime soon.

One other thing in most states, the husband of the woman at the time of a child's birth is considered the legal father, and even if DNA shows that is not the true biology, he is still legally the father.

There may be things you can do using contract law and such but you would need to work with an attorney familiar with family law
Im glad you bruoght that up. We talk about things like that all the time. Everything is gear to men,.. strip clubs, adult bookstores, adult theaters( those that are left are mostly gay), massage parlors, even gloryholes. All of these places circle around male satisfaction as the end result. Yes this is Mike writing this but Elly feels the same. just last night we search for a lesbian bar to go to, only a couple in the area, that post. Even with gloryholes there is one here in the area that I heard on particular nights a femae likes to go in and suck cock but again the guy gets most of the satisfaction. I have heard some tims she fucks too, again mostly male. We do go out to swing parties, but we like those completely random partners hat would get from gloryholes of such. Bottom line is we would like for her to have a place to go for that random sex that guys get.
I'm very interested in corresponding with any women specifically bisexual or not, who are just as into giving oral sex to men and eating come, as I am. I'm 100% man, but found out very early in life that I enjoy the taste of sperm as well as its texture. I would be interested in seeing how many women out there actually either have, or have fantasized about taking multiple loads in their mouth, or just simply drinking it. That has been a fantasy of mine. Gloryholes are fun too, but have never met a woman that wanted to do it. I'm very curious... Any women that are out there than on a regular basis glow to the gloryholes just for the sheer pleasure for themselves of sucking cock and eating cum? Anywhere?
Massachusetts here
Hey what part of Massachusetts are you from?


Glory Holes
Anyone know of any gloryholes in Massachusetts.. The Mrs is very curious.
Glory Holes Montana
Gloryholes exist in Montana and there are several cities that have some of the best gloryholes I have ever been too. Come on Montana lets show the fun of playing at Gloryholes.....
M-F-M Threesome
I'd love to try an MMF...esp.interested in DP!I'm in Massachusetts
Women Who Like Bi Men
Bi guy in Massachusetts looking for bi accepting female for fun and honesty
Always horny bottom guy seeking Topmen in Massachusetts.
Glory Holes
Hey anyone know of glory holes in Massachusetts or Rhode Island?


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!