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Guys Getting Sucked in Adult Theater

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I am a bi-curious white male. I've had several bi experiences (mostly being sucked at an adult theater) and would like to go a bit further.
we are a very freaky married hispanic couple that like to hit local adult video shop or adult theater
Bi male in Boulder. Like to suck cock and starting to like the idea of getting fucked. Like public sex in either theater or adult arcade. Would like to suck off collage guys and maybe explore K9.
My girlfriend caught me wearing her clothes and she followed me to an adult theater with a couple of her girlfriends. They watched me for most of the night. Took video of me walked up to me and 3 other guys as I was on my knees. They all bought strap ons in the shop that night and when I returned home they went to town on me. I now live with 4 of them and my ex.
Hi there, only done an adult theater once before and it was great..
later,adult theater gobbledygook
The most I've had in one day is 6 different cocks, dirtycockwhore. Your story is so hot. I started that day sucking off my neighbor, who is a regular for me. I went to a local adult theater and sucked three different cocks. Got a ride home from there from an uber and sucked the driver's cock. He asked if I had been at the adult theater and what I did there. I told him and he asked if I wanted to suck his and of course I said yes. That night I sucked off my roommate before going to bed for six in one day.
I have been a long time fan of going to Adult Theaters for naughty play. The excitement of sitting in a semi-dark theater with a perfect stranger whom I have never said a word to sucking my cock as others around us watch and jo is a huge thrill to me. I have had many such encounters. After meeting my wife I would tell her of my theater adventures. She thought they was really hot too. We tried to go as a couple a few times and only once was it very fun. That was in a theater in Las Vegas and she ended up nearly naked (sun dress completely unbuttoned and laying open, nothing else on but shoes). At one point she had 4 or 5 pairs of hands feeling her tits and pussy and legs as she sucked one cock and I sucked another... After playing for a long time I crawled between her legs and fucked her as a couple guys fingered my butt and tweaked my tits. She had a cock in her mouth as I filled her cunt with cum. Such fun.

Our other attempts to relive that exp have been ruined by way too aggressive and pushy guys. So now I go alone wishing I could sneak her in without anyone seeing her so she could see all of the fun I have. All of the theaters here in Sacramento are closed now, damn it. There is one 70 miles away and another 90 miles away so I don't get to them as often as i'd like.

How many of you go to adult theaters for fun, either men going alone or going as a couple? Any ladies ever attempt to go alone? Do you have a theater near you where at least some cock sucking can happen? Love to hear about all of your stories and hear where the good theaters are located.


I have posted a story of my first adult theater experience on the Nifty's Sex Story web page under gay/encounters titled Adult Theater Experience.
Hard to find gloy holes anymore specially where I live in South Jersey. We do have a lot of Adult bookstores with movie theaters though. The one in Gloucester NJ called the RedBarn Bookstore has a theater that seats roughly 20 to 25 people and little booths in a hallway in the theater plus another smaller theater room. Depends on time of day as far as how busy. Evenings it's usually packed week days not so much. 12.00 Amission to the theater and you can stay as long as you want. I have sucked lots of cock in there with the theater full of other guys watching me. Which is a turnon for me. So if your ever in that area stop on by and check it out!
10" and 13" BBC sucked them both off the same day in an adult movie theater! had maybe 4 guys watching me while I sucked them both off and swallowed their loads!
I went to an adult theater on Dallas Pike in WV. We got an ice storm while I was there. There were several guys stuck there. Most of them were playing with there cocks. I sat down by one guy and stroked his cock for a few. I saw some pre cum and asked him to stand up. He did and I sucked his cock while the others watched. It really turned me on. I sucked on his cock for about 2 minutes and he blew one huge load. It was really tasty! After that I sucked off 5 more guys. I had a great time and I know they did too.
Ive sucked off 8 guys at an Adult theater,and they all took turns fucking me after i sucked thier was amazing!I came twice while they fucked legs were twitching when i was intense!


Adult Bookstores/Theaters
Rt 40 in MD lots of bookstore's bush river adult books is by far the best of any lifestyle Three theater rooms multiple Booth's tranny's CDs gay and bi have sucked multiple strangers and been fucked with guys lined up in theater rooms
Adult Theaters
there's an adult theater in Biloxi where I am willing to meet people (with prior arrangement only mind you). It's been renovated since Katrina and has a better projector, Quite a sexy place. I have met and fucked a guys gf there as 5 guys looked on. That was totally hot...esp when she sucked my cock and let me cum on her tongue. OUCH!
Glory Holes Tennessee
Adult World is an adult store/arcade/theater about 30 minutes north of Knoxville, I-75 exit 141. Most of the arcade booths have glory holes. I sucked 2 cocks there yesterday!
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
We have a good size Adult BookStore/Theater in Mesa. Where I enjoy going and sitting in the back and helping guys climax. My most enjoyable was sucking on a hard shaft while 3 other guys waited to me to service them.
Adult Theaters
I went to an adult theater three days ago and had a guy fuck me while two other guys watched. It was awesome!
Sex In Adult Theaters
Hi, I was in Long Island last weekend and on the way home on Sunday I stopped by a couple of adult bookstores - Cherri and Show World. What GREAT places. Both have theater/lounges with couches and padded benches. Both places were slow, but I did make a couple of connections. Got naked and 69 with a guy ... a couple of other guys watched. Sucked him until he came in my mouth. Went to the other store, and sucked a guy in a semi private area ... I'm definitley going back and hoping it;s busier!!!! Wish my gf was still around, she would have loved the places!!! Anyone in NJ/metro NY want to join me on my next trip?


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