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How to Feel Like Somwone is Lickinf Your Vagina

How to Feel Like Somwone is Lickinf Your Vagina on Bisexual Playground
Middle age bi-sexual man who enjoys both men and women. I love a vagina and penis, I believe they are the two most beautiful parts of the human body. I enjoy mmf and fmf threesomes and have been involved with both.I especially enjoy being with a couple that's very much in love.I have provided oral to both a man and women switching back and forth from the penis to the vagina while the couple kissed and cuddled. While I am licking the vagina I was rubbing and massaging the penis, then while I suck the penis, I rub the vagina. I do this to completion of both. Then the couple with both oral myself to completion.
love to watch having sex with somwone else
Want to get to pleasing with a woman who I can make feel beautiful as I caress her vagina until she cums. She can control may moves.
Old sissie who got married to a woman, but still want to be someone's sub. Somwone to fuck me and make me suck them.
I work hard, have my own shit! I like to go have fun, and really want to find somwone Who can go out With us. I do not hv to be a threesome, h e underatads who I am and it doesn't bother my bf.
I'm really looking to explore how a woman's vagina works and becomes stimulated. I have only been with men up til now, and want to find a patient male/female couple who would be willing to let me watch their foreplay, teaching me how to start the arousal in the woman. I have never even touched a vagina, much less licked one, and REALLY want to learn how to give multiple and possibly squirting orgasms.
Yes, It means "Female to Male". In other words, someone born as a female (with a vagina and breasts), who then takes male hormones and binds their breasts in order to look, sound and feel masculine. They are then, in essence, a male with a vagina. I have had sex with one several times and loved it!
First off, NEVER TAKE A HOT WATER ENEMA EVER. That is a NO NO. Also, use a lot of lubricant. Do not throw the penis in the hole like a vagina. NOT a vagina!
we'll try to make this as simple as possible so you can get to the fun ;) first off squirting is not nor will ever be urine. not everyone can squirt but do not be discouraged because most can using a few simple rules.
1. make sure you are very well lubricated. being extremely wet is a must. if needed use some of your favorite lube.
2. after a decent amout of foreplay have your partner insert the index and middle fingers inside your vagina and locate the g spot. (this is easiest when you lay on your back. the g spot is right inside the vagina at the top vaginal wall and will fell like a rough sponge.
3. your partner will then make a come here motion with their fingers at a slow and steady rate and will very gradually increase speed based on your preference.
4. continue this process untill you feel the g spot enlarge and almost push your partners fingers out of your vagina. do not get discouraged it will take some time. will feel like you need to pee right before you squirt. THIS IS OKAY AND IS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN! remember it is not urine and the sensation that you need to use the bathroom is part of the process so there is no need to worry.

other than that make sure to relax. be persistent. drink lots of water a few days before attempting. and don't give up if it doesn't happen quickly or on your first attempt. this is only one method and you can always look online for more help. gl and take pictures once you start getting results :)
hey everyone i am new to this whole thing and i would love it if somwone were to teach me a thing or 2:-P. I do have a guy in my life and as long as he can either watch or participate he is fine with it.

i want to get to know the person see if we have the same intrests and if u like to party thats awsome as well.

i want a women that can show me some tricks of the trade to give me the best night of my life
I haven't had had much anal sex experiance, other than with toys by myself, and once my partener used his finger. I enjoy it more than regular sex and I was curiouse why so I checked out several sites about it. They say that there are more nerve endings or something, so that you have more feeling than in a vagina, because the vagina only has feeling for the first few inches.
Going back to ionasawmill in February. Urine being acidic is a good thing for the vagina. Not bad. That's why vinegar douches are used to prevent yeast infections. Also, urea in the urine is very soothing and softening to the skin. Creams for skin irritations have urea. The problem comes after the "fun" if the vagina is not rinsed out with water within a reasonable time. Normal bacteria in the vagina break down the urea into ammonia. Ammonia is alkali and irritating. That's why a baby diaper or catbox smell like ammonia. Or if you leave a depends on all day on purpose. lol


Rape Role Play
I am a ftm and have rape fantasies. I still have a vagina and would love to feel a cock or couple of hard cocks releasing hot cum in my wet pussy.
Double Penetration
TRIPLE PENETRATION. 3 cocks in a girl's vagina. I've seen this on PornoTube. I have never attempted this ... has anyone else? I've only done 2 cocks in the vagina, in the ass or one in each.
Hairy Pussy
you cannot love a vagina unless you love hair, you can't pick the parts you like... Eve Ensler, the vagina monologues:-P
Mommy/Boy Role Play
Me and my mom role-played a few times it was the first time I ever ate a female's vagina had a female suck my dick 8 a female's ass hole and drank a female's piss straight from her vagina. But never any vaginal sex that I'll admit to with her
Women That Want To Be Eaten
I absolutley love eating pussy making passionate love to a wet vagina is out of this world. thats all I need to feel satisfied
We love fucking bareback!! We love the feel of a bare naked penis and vagina caressing each other as it slides in and out! We also love the feel of a bare naked penis and a rectum caressing each other while it slides in and out. She loves to feel his hot semen shooting up against her cervix as they have simultaneous orgasms. Then she loves to feel more semen filling her as more men fuck her. He loves to feel that hot cum shooting deep inside his ass. Then he loves to feel more cum shooting inside him as more men fuck him bareback. We want guys to come and give us your semen.


Hey BillnPattie, I appreciate you for giving me a way to express the way I feel and for the opportunity to meet people that feel the same way I do about anything. Thank you!