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I Sucked My Dads Dick and He Sucked Mine

I Sucked My Dads Dick and He Sucked Mine on Bisexual PlaygroundI Sucked My Dads Dick and He Sucked Mine on Bisexual Playground
Have never sucked a dick but have had mine sucked and I really want to try it out myself
i am married and this is something i will never talk about to her . in private i do like my cock sucked balls sucked and pulled on even my ass fingered while being sucked i have double vagina penetrated a few time's in as swinger some years ago and that felt really good to all three of us i like shooting my load on another dick as he cums on mine as well and having someone lick our cum off our cocks , one last thing i like to suck and lick balls while someone jacks off and cums hard , just my own thing
I'm an athletic 6'1'' 8 1/2 inch dick havin Guy who has had his dick sucked by a few guys I'm always horny idk y but I am an I just want to getting dick sucked an or shared dick pix with you but you can't be some ugly freak tho!
So finally trying this sort of thing out. Never sucked dick before but i want to really bad, i want someone to cum on my face and mouth and i want to suck dick all day! But would also like to be sucked and fucked. My ass is virgin
Looking to suck dick or get mine sucked
I really want to suck a dick maybe have mine sucked by a guy down for fucking too
Well at 15 which is when I not only sucked my first dick but also sucked off 3 other dicks as well, I know I was pretty wasted when I sucked my first dicks I been partying pretty good and I guess the time was right and one of the guys decided to put his dick in my mouth and I do remember how exciting that was and so when the first guy was done another put his dick in my mouth and I sucked him off and then the first guy called two other guys to come over and I sucked them off to, and I liked it so well I am still sucking cocks when I can at 66 I never seem to grow tired of a dick growing hard in my mouth.
Any one near Savannah
Never sucked a dick but really wanna
If gotten mine sucked from guys and that's it
I was by the male babysitter and he made us play this game and ended up sucking his dick. I think thats why I like getting mine sucked so much. Tha next time it was by a female sitter and she sucked me.
I sucked dicks when I was 12 yo but i had not had mine sucked until I was 15. i was home alone with my youngest sister and i went upstairs and her bedroom door was ajar and from inside there was the pungent aroma of sex. I pushed the door open and my 11 y sis was naked and masturbating I went in and he did not try to cover her nakedness. We had played "doctor" before so I didn't think much about it but she said she wanted me to lick her pussy. I thought a moment and told her I would if she would suck my dick and she said ok. I went down on her licking her labia and clitoris until she began to twitch and moan as she had her orgasm. I said now it's your turn so she took my dick in her mouth and as she sucked it I told her what to do and how and she sucked me for around ten or more minutes. When I felt about ready to cum I told her so and i said that when I did she should take it all and she did when i started to ejaculate in her mouth. when i was done ejaculating I said I wanted to kiss her with her mouth full of my cum and I gave her a deep French kiss, tasting my semen and then i said I had sucked some boys dicks and that I always swallow the cum and i told her she should swallow mine and she did I told her thanks and asked her how it was and she said it was ok. I told her that if she ever wanted me to eat her out again I would as long as she would suck me so we agreed and I started to get regular BJs until I went away to the Navy when I was 17 yo she turned into a good cocksucker and she wrote to me and she told me that she sucked several boys in our neighborhood
I am a bisexual and have had 2 experiences fro this site 1 good 1 bad.i have had my dick sucked and sucked dick have been fingered and have been rimmed and have rimmed.i just chalked up the bad experience to he didn't want to even talk he was on me so fast i couldn't breath.he sucked my cock i sucked him he fingered me an came on my chest.the good experience was a lot of fun we spent time getting to know each other and when we got together there was no jumping on me immediately.we sucked each other i rimmed his ass we fingered each other and came repeatedly.the next month his wife joined i was never so turned on ,her presence was so sexual and she loved watching us suck each other off it was a great time they have since moved and hopefully i can find another man or couple
Do you want your dick sucked by a guy. If you do I live in Mansfield and I’m clean and not a drug user I’m a bottom boy and I’m good at sucking dick and swallowing cum. If you want your dick sucked by me and you can travel to me here’s my number and if I don’t respond right away that doesn’t mean I’m not in to you I just don’t check my messages all the time.


Men Sucking Men's Dicks
I have never sucked another mans' dick, and have only had mine sucked by a guy once many years ago. I think I would enjoy trying it again. I wish I had sucked him to when we were teenagers so that I had that experience to recall. Would love to hear more about what it is like to suck and be sucked by another guy.
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I met with a couple that had this fantasy also. The wife and I sucked his dick while he sucked mine. She came around and began sucking his balls while I sucked his dick. It was great swallowing down his come while she massaged and licked his balls. A little of his cum slipped out of my mouth and back onto his dick. She licked it up and then began kising me. After I came in his mouth, he quickly turned around and swapped some of it with me.
10 Inch Cock
I have sucked 10 inch dick and licked their balls all the time I was sucking dick till He squirted His cream all in the inside of my mouth n throat I loved it He was a black shemale close friendof mine I’ve sucked him many times still can anytime
Cousins & Brothers
Back a number of years ago I had a cousin who I sucked off numerous times. He sucked me several times as well. It started by accident on a sleepover with my brother and cousins. They stayed at our house and one night I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back my one cousin was rubbing his crotch...the other two were asleep. I thought I must help him so I touched his cock. He was a bit startled but didn't object. I kept rubbing his dick though his pants until I thought I'ld be real brave and put my mouth over his bulging pants. I thought he'ld probably push me away or something but he didn't and I kept on undoing his pants and pulling out his very hard cock. I had sucked cock before but don't think he had been sucked before that. I sucked his cock in my mouth and went all the way down till my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I swallowed a couple times then went up and down on his cock until he shot his load in my eagerly awaiting mouth then swallowed it. One of the others started to move so we quickly went back to sleep. The next day I got him in the barn and got his cock out again and sucked it, licked it, sucked and licked his balls, and sucked his cock dry again. I asked him if he wanted to try sucking mine and he said he hadn't done that before but would try. He took my cock in his hand and started to lick it then took it in his mouth and sucked it down all the way. He sure sucked it like he had sucked cock before. He sucked my rock hard cock dry. He sucked me several more times over the next few years and I sucked him a lot more over the same period...a long time ago.:(
3 Cocks 1 Mouth
I'd dream of a man sucking me and I want to suck another man's dick while I'm getting sucked and I'd like to jack another mans dick while we all are at it never sucked a dick or butt fucking anyone I'd live to try sucking a small dick 4inch or 5 inches dick
Sex At Book Stores
Anyone know if there are any book stores in Houston that still have glory holes? I loved them. That was a good way to be able to suck dick. even straight guys would put their dick in a hole and get sucked. I once stayed in one booth all day and sucked dick and let every guy cum on my face and didn't wipe it off until my show at home after I jacked off in front of a mirror.


I love yhe seeming openness toward varied interests including mine.