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Right now let's just say i had some fun with a cousin when i was 13!
Aww, come on. Some sort of details, please??
I've had 3 way oral with two cousins who were brothers and it was great. I've jerked off one of them while he was fucked by the other, he came a quart of jizz. I watched the two of them go at it while I jerked off.
I fucked a female cousing several times as a teenage, it a little ackward not but we still see each other a lot although not sexually
Back a number of years ago I had a cousin who I sucked off numerous times. He sucked me several times as well. It started by accident on a sleepover with my brother and cousins. They stayed at our house and one night I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back my one cousin was rubbing his crotch...the other two were asleep. I thought I must help him so I touched his cock. He was a bit startled but didn't object. I kept rubbing his dick though his pants until I thought I'ld be real brave and put my mouth over his bulging pants. I thought he'ld probably push me away or something but he didn't and I kept on undoing his pants and pulling out his very hard cock. I had sucked cock before but don't think he had been sucked before that. I sucked his cock in my mouth and went all the way down till my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I swallowed a couple times then went up and down on his cock until he shot his load in my eagerly awaiting mouth then swallowed it. One of the others started to move so we quickly went back to sleep. The next day I got him in the barn and got his cock out again and sucked it, licked it, sucked and licked his balls, and sucked his cock dry again. I asked him if he wanted to try sucking mine and he said he hadn't done that before but would try. He took my cock in his hand and started to lick it then took it in his mouth and sucked it down all the way. He sure sucked it like he had sucked cock before. He sucked my rock hard cock dry. He sucked me several more times over the next few years and I sucked him a lot more over the same period...a long time ago.:(
that is a really hot story man!! Tell me more
A few years back my brother stopped by and I was a little drunk and I asked him if he would let me suck his cock and to my amaze he ended up fuckig me in the ass on the couch until I felt his hot cum shooting all over my ass and back. It was great. I would do it again anytime.
when i was 14 me and my 13 yo cousin would suck each oth er all the time
My first bi experience was with my cousin and her brother when i was 15, she 15, him 17 - he sucked my cock, i sucked his cock and we both fucked her
These stories are great and I would love to do them all and to have more to write about!!!
Back when I was 14 and my brother was 13, we had a medium sized above ground pool, we were alone at home one day and he brushed up against my cock, soon we had our trunks off, and took turn swimming by and touching each other under the water. we ended up going inside, we kissed each other, the first time either of us had ever kissed anyone. at the same time fondled each other. then we lay on our sides and 69'd, first just touching each other, stroking and squeezing, scared to death, but was amazing! the we talked each other into sucking on them, his was more curved up then mine, but about the same size. we then rolled onto our backs and stroked each other while looking at some girly pics I had from our dads van magazines and catalogs, and such, we stroked each other until we came, we came about the same time. We played with each other several more times that summer and fall, but never sucked or did anything else. just kissed and got each other off. I think about getting him to visit without the family and getting him to go out drinking and then sucking him off good, Just have to find a way to get him alone 4 hours away. that was my first time
my first BI exp. was when i was about 16, my cousin was older, and was on leave from the navy, i was just finnished taking a bath, and just stepped out of the tub when he opened the door, he said that he just needed to pee and if it would be ok if he came in, i said yes no problem; as he started to pee i looked as his dick as i was drying myself off. it looked enormous to me i hade to take a second look when i did he noticed me looking and asked if i wanted to touch it, i said no shocked that he would ask me that, then he reached down and touched my dick, then before i knew it he was sucking, and licking it, it felt really good, then he stood up, grabed my hand, and gently put it on his dick. i grabed it and started feeling this giant cock and it made me feel something inside that i just can't explain, he gently pushed me down holding my sholders, and i started licking on it as he suppervised me on what to do, his cock was already dripping, and he took his finger and reached down and took a little cum on his finger and tasted it, then he told me to try, i did an it was really good, he made sure that both of us came. and that i guess is what got me to start thinking of sex with other guys, don't get me wrong i love women also but sex with guys seems like a special treat , been doing it ever since
the frst time iwas fucked in the ass i was 15 and was down at the beach in south fla with one of my older brothers in a big work van he used. we were drinking a little beer and smoking and started talking about sex. he asked me if i had ever fooled around with another guy, i told him no but i had thought about it. he talked me into taking my pants off and getting on my knees. he oiled his cock with some oil he had and eased his hard cock into my ass real it felt so good he fucked me until we both shot off knowing that i had my bros hard cock and hot cum inside me made me cum like never befor.
i have had fun with a girl cuz of mine. she used to come up for the summer and we would finger an suck each others young tits. one night we went down on each other and that was all it took! we did it that way all the time :P
I was 14 caught my cousin 15 and his sister 13 having sex in my grandpa's barn. I watched them for a long time and then let them know i was watching. I made them suck my cock and i fucked his sister as we both sucked his cock. We did this almost every weekend for two years. I have more to tell.
Hmm, hard to remember a lot.I was under 10 yrs old.but can remember vaguely about sucking my older brothers pencil and licking both my younger sisters pussies.I was very young and its hard to remember much,but I have finally realized that I was bi at an early age. I do remember that we were all very interested and the shame set in,and it didn't last long.Thats my only experience in incest and we haven't talked about it at all or have gone further since.I believe that its natural to be courious as little kids to wonder why we have genitals and what they are for and that its again, natural to explore early in life with familiar people.
My first sex with a guy was masturbating with him and then doing it to each other. I was 16 and he was 15, A year later we slept in a tent together and with condoms on we sucked cock buy ended up jerking each other off. Four years later I married his sister and we never ever talked about those many times of sexual play.He turned out to be a mach cop all his life, but I, as bisexual, never lost the dream of getting my mouth on his cock again.
Cousins & Brothers on Bisexual PlaygroundCousins & Brothers on Bisexual PlaygroundCousins & Brothers on Bisexual PlaygroundCousins & Brothers on Bisexual Playground

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