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Im Riding Dads Dick Stories

Im Riding Dads Dick Stories on Bisexual PlaygroundIm Riding Dads Dick Stories on Bisexual Playground
hi 2 all im 29yrs and like sex with man the most but i also like 2 be in3some with man and woman prefer them older 40+ pls do contact me for more info tanx prefer dads and silver dads smart and suit and tie
Im a 23yo male looking for a man thats could be my father in bed. I wanna hear my dads saying. Come on suck dads cocks. Suck ur dad my son. Wow i dream with this everyday.
In some ways I feel very perverted. I like men who are in their 50's and 60's and so on. I lost my cherry that way. And reliving that moment with all it's rough dominating style excites me. I like men who are "open minded" I like to talk to men who are open to sexual desires. Not just agressive daddies but men who can take another mans cock in his mouth and enjoy it. Or to watch a dominate dads make boys into girls or girls into daddys child. I like creative writing. My boyfriend gets hot when I tell him stories of sex. And he likes it when I tell him about the men who have fucked me. I think he's bisexual but he wont admit it. But when I share with him what men want to do with me or show him their cocks then he gets turned on. So I think he wants to but he's afraid of it. Which leads me here. He's not open enough to talk about all aspects of sex. So I need a pen pal. Someone older and experienced. Someone kinky and agressive. Someone who can write me stories that make me so wet that I drip down the chair.
I'm a 49 and I am very submissive. I grew up in incestuous home at age 12 I started sleeping in bed between mom and stepdad. Him 10" uncut,his big cock is why mom left dads Tony dick ass. I am a size queen like mom.
I am a 40'somthing guy that enjoys men and women. I also love riding motorcycles, watching my kids play sports, camping, fly fishing, computers, and erotic stories.
Just want to play with a couple first suck a dick while his girl is riding my dick and so on
My ex wife caught my cousin riding my dick on my kids bunk bed. Instead of stopping us she went to find a condom so I wouldn't get her pregnant. The next day they took turns sucking and riding my dick
When I was about 7 I was caught by the baby sitter jackin off he said you wanna have some more fun I said yes he pulled his dick out and my mouth fell in love with it.i sucked it so good he gagged me with his load and he told me to swallow which I did.i did that for years until I was caught suckin his dick by his said so you like to have fun huh.i said yes again he whipped his dick out and man to my surprise it was 10 inches and the head was nervously I started suckin on the head cause it was so big then I loved swirling my tongue on it and I sucked it so good he gagged me exploding out of my mouth I was chocking on told me to swallow I did the best I could.
I suck him off for a couple of yrs before we moved away.
One day a stranger asked me I wanted some candy I said yes he said come over here,we climbed into the back of a camper and he pulled my dick out and started suckin it it felt so good,then he flipped me over and slide his big dick in my ass it hurt like hell but he kept fuckin me till he came he never did give me any candy.
One night my mom whom by the way was beautiful came home one night after work
And I was awoken by a strange feeling.i opened my eyes to my disbelief my mom had my dick out and was riding on top of me while my sister was less then 4 feet away.
It only happened one time.
Then one time my dad was sitting on top of me with my dick in his ass and was riding it while jacking off. When he got ready to cum he jumped off my dick and shoved his swollen dick in my mouth and I couldn't help but suck it,he chocked me with such a big load and told me to swallow it which I only happened one time.
Then later on in life l learned how to self suck,
.ah man I was good at it cause I know how I liked my cock sucked.
These are all true stories honestly.😋😋😋
Mmm i miss my step dads big dick 😍
And thats what makes Dads like you the real winners!!!! Single dads who do what they should always get my respect. Any fool can make a baby but takes a special guy to be a dad. :)
Happy Fathers Day all you Dads out there we wish you a happy day. Today is the day to pay truibut to all the dads for with out them we all wouldn't be here.

Hugs and Kisses
Sam and Stevee
My fantasy is having hott woman riding my dick while I'm sucking a hot guys dick


Fucking Wife While Husband Fucks Me
Is it possible to ride a dick that's Riding a dick ... Sounds great ! ;):-P
We LOVE to read about first time same sex stories with LOTS of details so we can imagine being there or having it happen to us. We both like male male stories and girl girl stories so feel free to send us your TRUE story... Flower
Bisexual Anal
would love for a sexy ass to be riding my dick really slowly ijs
Anyone wanting true stories of incest, and young girls, two different stories let me know, and be prepared to cum
Story Writing
Are there any storytellers here? Let's talk about what kinds of stories you like, what you've written - stories, poetry, etc. - and what you'd love to see online! Tell me a story... :)
I could never do that ... but boy do i like reading the stories about it. Especially the brother and sister stories. The entire family doing it is just so hot!


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.