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Lbs Sucking Covck

Lbs Sucking Covck on Bisexual PlaygroundLbs Sucking Covck on Bisexual Playground
Straight guy with a fetish for sucking cock! If I'm not working I'm sucking early mornings and evenings till late!!! Love sucking
I am a male interested only in sucking hairy dicks/balls and eating your cum. I am discrete, clean and easy to get along with and love sucking off straight and married men, and groups of guys. I enjoy sucking bushy men, 20-48yrs and prefer big, creamy cum-loads.
I am very fun loving. Love to be with another man. Like cuddling, lots of foreplay...kissing...sucking tits..sucking balls...sucking cock, am very oral, love to bottom for the right guy
I am always a very horny open minded man that will happily fuck anyone with my rock hard dick Regularly and I also live sucking dick and sucking on pussies and sucking on beautiful babes big tits.
I'm a married bisexual cocksucker. I've only been sucking for 6 years, but have become proficient at deep throat, ball sucking and shaving, and I adore sucking down cum. Prefer to find a regular nearby who needs a regular draining. I'm 5'7 175. No facial hair.
i love sucking cock and sucking balls never eating ass but close. if i get hot enough i might lick inside hole i want safe sex but i dont like sucking cock with a rubber . i like the taste of cock.
I just need a day where nice nude man's all around me as I am waking up in the morning big big group's all waiting on me to wake up and get started sucking all of there dick's nun-stop cock sucking only me sucking cum all you want I am still going to keep sucking this is the only thing I want is dicks cum and dicks 🍌
blacks whites if you're horny and if you need a blowjob from a horny cock sucking lover here please let me suck you off 😍😍😍😍😍😍😛 😛😛😛🍌🍌🍌🥒 🥒🥒🍆🍆🍆
My x-wife got me sucking cock. Before I married this lady I told her I like to suck cock as well as pussy, she said it was ok as long as she could watch....well she only watched for about 5 minutes and then she was down sucking with me. We have been sucking cock together for 10 years now. Do I think it is beoming more accepted? Yes, It seems there are more men sucking cock with there wifes permission. The only thing I wish is more men would be honest on their swingers profile.
i enjoy sucking cocks, so i would have no problems with sucking him or him sucking me at your command or control
Yes when I was about 12 my English teacher had me come to his house where he started playing with my cock then sucking it after that he had me suck his it made me excited then me and my half brother started sucking each other off I didn't like the taste of cum then but now I love sucking cock and the taste of cum I've found that most guys are better at sucking cock than girls
It's just like sucking on a man's balls OneInLove... who wants to get little hairs in their teeth when you're sucking the cum out of someone or otherwise servicing their genitals? I don't mind a trimmed bush on women, but keep it tight, like I do... I don't want to risk you not enjoying sucking me off because I'm too hairy... Personally I see some guys who have forests down there & I go holy shit I would never suck that dudes dick unless he shaved... lol
Obviously if her legs are spread and I'm about to eat, I'm not gonna stop myself from sucking her juiciness because of some hair, but I'd rather have a trimmed bush than a labyrinth!
5/8/9/10/16 ages for the following....sucking cock, sucking pussy,sucking lots of cock, being fucked by men, having my first fuck with a woman.....all very nice...btw, still love doing all that at my age, just dont get many volunteers any more....they must think old is cold....:(


Restroom Encounters
This is our male speaking. Once I was at a bath house when I was single. I had one guy sucking my cock, another sucking my balls, another rimming my ass, and another, oddly enough, sucking on my arm. I was in heaven!
Giving Men Blow Jobs
I love sucking a mans cock until he fills my mouth with his cum. I also like to receive. A man sucking me makes me cum so quickly compared to a woman sucking me. I also love to swallow.
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
I've done this a couple of times at some bi orgies I used to go to when I lived in MN. Very hot to be trading off between sucking dick while she's sucking his nuts and eating his balls while she's sucking his cock. Of course, if I'm fingering her pussy and/or he or she is fingering my ass, that's great too. Would love to do this some more. Any Hawai'i folks into it?
Men Sucking Men's Dicks
I first started sucking cocks when I was 12 and walking home from school oneday I saw some guys in the woods and they motioned for me to come over. They were jacking off and looking at suck mags. They showed me a guy sucking cocks and they said that is what I was suppose to do so I did and I have sucking cocks every since. My 2 sisters used to help me get dressed up to go to the adult bookstore when I was 13 and they used to think that I was a girl. I love it.I do not know how many cocks I have sucked but it has been a few.:-PKiss
All Male Threesomes
I would love to have a guy fucking my ass (bareback of course) and another with his cock in my mouth at the same time. Someone else, perhaps my girlfriend, would be sucking on my cock. What a wonderful feeling it will be when we all orgasm. I will feel hot cum shooting deep inside my ass; I will get a delicious mouthful of cum from the cock I am sucking on; and then I will shoot my load into the mouth that is sucking on me.
2 Guys One Woman
Ihave always enjoyed watching any woman I'm with fucking and sucking other men and joining me in sucking and fucking others aswell. Love 3somes with other couples aswell and eating pussy and sucking cock aswell as fucking and getting fuckedHug


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!