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Man Wearing Sissy Panties with Sleeve Getting Jacked off by Wife

shy, but sweet sissy crossdresser...not much experience, but i luv wearing preetie girlie lingerie and panties and bra's and talking about it.I luv other sissy's and panty boi's in lipstick and panties.Would luv to kiss and make out and get excited together.
50yo bi-curious male. I love wearing my wife's sexy silky panties....I would love to find someone that loves to wear sexy silky panties and sucks a mean cock like mine. my wife think me wearing panties is too weird and has nothing to do with it!. only looking for a guy around my age and white sorry thats what I like I'm looking for a sexy silky panty cum slut that love to be dom... I never sucked another cock....
I like wearing panties and being exposed wearing panties i enjoy dropping my pants and being pantsed wearing panties
I am a bisexual mile crossdresser. I enjoy wearing old fashioned nylon lace grannie panties, bras, camisoles, womens Jean's. I sometimes enjoy wearing womens tight Jean's that show off my pantylines. From time to time I enjoy walking around outside in just my bra and panties in the very early morning hours like 2am/3am, it's very exciting! I'm always wearing at least bra, panties everyday. I have a 5.5 cut penis and I'm looking for the same in a male sex partner. When a man knows that I'm wearing lingerie I do enjoy stripping down to my bra and panties and please you and I do try to swallow as much of your cum that I can! I LOVE 69ing! Outdoor sex is great too! I'm disease free and expect the same. I'm also looking for someone I can please orally on a regular basis.
I am a little panty wearing sissy slut I love wearing sexy.panties and lingerie and love being used
I like to wear panties and suck men wearing panties. I have been with men b 4 I'm a top love putting my cock in a guys ass. My wife loves that about me and wants to join.
I enjoy wearing woman’s panties and also wearing pantyhose on and wear all most 24/7. I like feeling like a sissy. I am queer and gay and bisexual. I enjoy putting some makeup on and wearing white clothes. There’s nothing like feeling like a sissy. I wouldn’t mind having a woman dress me up. So I can feel like a woman. I was how many guys out there enjoyed female like a sissy. Would like to hear from some of you guys out there. How many of you feel like a sissy.
I love wearing womens panties, yoga pants, bras. I love wearing panties in front of other men and women. I loved stealing other wives panties on vacation and wearing them. When the wife (now ex) caught me and hated it after the phase she liked it was even more fun.. That pink pair looks amazing on you...
The most fun I had was on sundays we wpould both wear her panties and clean the house and tease each other... we would masterbate for each other.
I always wanted to do that with a guy and girl or husband and wife.. I want to wear panties, bra, sexy short skirt.. I want to be the perfect wife to both of you... I love sexy panties.. I just got new order from victorias secret. I bought two bathing suit bottoms, they are so fun for backyard pool parties. lets chat
I wear women's panties every day. After I get home from work I strip down to just the panties and watch the basketball game or news or whatever with my wife. I mainly wear Jockey cotton low cut bikini plain white panties, however I have many pairs including thongs and panty hose. My wife has never said a word about me wearing them. Sometimes when I'm dressed she will feel my crotch area and smile knowing I'm wearing panties. I walk right into Kohl's dept store and right over to the women's section and find the clearance bin for panties. I have paid as little as $1.10 for nice panties.
I too would love to find a like minded male in my age group and my area of Chicago, who enjoys wearing sexy lace panties and stroking ourselves together in panties, edging and teasing ourselves and each other. Maybe exploring stroking each other’s cocks and trying frottage with a fleshlight sleeve.
It really turns me on to watch solo males stroking themselves in panties or naked and being watched stroking myself.
Hi i have such a fetish for for panties i sometimes wear my wife's especially ones she's just worn I've also worn my wife's friend panties I got into wearing panties in my teens when I tried my sisters the picture is of me wearing my wife's friend panties and bra
Love my panties. Been wearing for over 40 yrs. Don't even own any man draws. Panties to the doctor even. They all know.
I like the frilly sissy panties. Just ordered 6 more pair.


Sexy Panties
This sissy has been wearing panties and other lingrie for years and still does i just love the feeling on my girlie clit and i always end up filling them yes the feeling is wonderful and i dream of a nice lady forcing me to wear hers and making this sissy fill them love large ladies panties slips and nighties I wear size 7 Vanity Fair panties they are the ultimate and even have some of my mothers god ret her soul those granny pinknylon panties just drive me crazy so if there is any large ladies out there that would love to put this sissy in their panties please give me a shout kisses to all the ladies and their granny pink panties
Males In Panties
I love having my submissive Sissy Jess in panties 24/7. I am married to my best girlfriend so it was the best thing i ever did in my marriage turning my former husband into a femme pantie wearing sissy. Kisses Jeanne
Women Watching Men Suck Dick
This SISSY SLUTS wife watched me SUCK COCK a many,many times,She also feed them to me and while this SISSY SUCKED ON THE COCK she JACKED them OFF onto MY FACE & IN MY MOUTH !!! THE GOOD TIMES
I have sissified my husband more then 2 years ago. I wouldn't have him anyother way then sissified in panties, shaved head to toes, wearing bras, and of course only female lotions, deodorants, and sweetest perfumes to reinforce that he is my sissy and here to serve me and my lovers of both sexes. Sissy is also kept in chastity 24/7 with out orgasm until sissy earns enough points to orgasm. Kisses Mistress Jeanne
Women In Panties
I have a huge panty fetish and have had it since i was young! I think a woman in satin or silk bikini panties is hotter than being naked! I have jerked off in every way possible to panties, sniffing used ones, cumming in and on them, wearing them during sex with males and females, eating pussy thru them, giving guys handjobs and sucking cock thru them etc. ive swapped girlfriends and wifes panties with other men, pictures and videos of women ive dated etc. i really enjoy cumming on them especially while women are wearing them! I also enjoy wearing panties when im at bookstores, theaters, or having bisex with men! Most guys take them off me right away because they arent into them and want my cock or nice tight ass right away! But once in a while i meet men that enjoy them or enjoy the way i get wile wearing them! Im submissive in them and like being raped or being told wat to do by aggressive guy or guys!
ever since my ex wife beat me up and dressed me up in her lace panties and garter belt and lace bra in front of all our friends and instead of being embarrest I woke up from being knocked out by my wife with a hard on and couldnt beleive how horney I felt dressed in her panties and things and couldnt stop my tiny 3 inch cock from getting hard now I love wearing womens underwear


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