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Men Sucking Men to Orgasm

Men Sucking Men to Orgasm on Bisexual Playground
Been having Desires of Sucking a guys Cock all the way through Orgasm. Sucking and swallowing all your Cum. Bend over in front of you and let you fuc** Me. Eating my GFs pussy after she's been fucked well and cum fflooded
Love to suck pussies and enjoy women and feel satisfied when they have orgasm with my hot sucking tongue.I am told I am really an expert in sucking pussies.
Been bi since teens so know how to handle a cock or two (or more!). I get seriously turned on making people orgasm, M or F (pref both!) Addicted to oral, love sucking & plating. I can deepthroat up to 7". I'm also a total exhibitionist ;-) love being naked, being watched, fucked for wife's / partner's pleasure and servicing groups. Cards on the table: I had a prostate op recently and although I still get hard, produce lots of pre and orgasm like crazy - it's dry. I don't 'cum' any more (apparently it goes backwards, so the Doc says!) Might be an advantage if you don't like cum?
Very horny love sucking dick and licking pussy and I can have an orgasm very easily.
Bi male love oral sex sucking licking rimming tonguing men or women to orgasm
Big guy but very easy going and fun to be around not looking for a quick wham bam thank you good by but having fun stroking sucking and not rushing for the orgasm I love to edge and make it last
Involve all 3 people in all activioties, even if it's just massaging one or both of the two that are fucking. Me, I would NEVER have my cock in my wife's mouth when she's getting fucked and about to orgasm, it would be the last time I ever seen my cock. So I enjoy massaging and hugging when one is having their orgasm so I can feel their body go hard. Also I like giving a prostrate finger massage to the guy who is inside my wife, especially when he's cumming and to feel his butt spasms. Depending on the position I enjoy sucking on my wife's nipples, it helps her have a better orgasm. Just be physically involved what ever the physical activity is going on.
I have always enjoyed both women and men's sucking some more that others in each gender but I have always thought that men were better because they knew each sensation the other man was feeling, maybe I am wrong maybe it is better for ME when I am sharing another man's orgasm. This was advice I gave to another man considering his first MM oral experience.
"Lilsoftee, take it from me I had always thought the most wonderful thing in the world was going down on a women bringing her to multiple orgasms then having her ride you to a simultaneous orgasm, you owe it to your self to experience a man's orgasm. Starting with pulling down his shorts to get your first close up sight of his penis and balls, the aroma of his masculine scent, taking his soft penis in your mouth feeling him become aroused as his penis starts to become firm and grows in your mouth turning harder and becoming fully erect, as you continue to suck feeling his body thrusting to your sucking and starting to prepare for his orgasm, then the building tension in his groins and balls, all the time knowing all these signs and feelings that you have gone through when your orgasm is becoming imminent, then that rush as he finally releases and the orgasm starts with his fluids gathered in his balls mixes and goes through his penis, then you feel and taste his warm semen and ejaculate flow from his penis into your mouth, flooding your mouth with a AWESOME warm sensation then you eagerly suck harder for each flow and renewal of that mini orgasm you feel as more of his essence flows down your throat, sucking the swollen sensitive head evoking a quivering in his penis and body until all those emotions and sensations ebb away, you know all the feelings that he has experienced that you evoked from him and you know all these fantastic new experiences that you have experienced giving him and you all this pleasure and you will finally realize just how Really wonderful it is to share a man's orgasm. You need to try it at least once. Enjoy George"

I was never asked to stop and only had positive encouragement, I sure Hope it wasn't All about ME Laughing
Both bu I do gt off on giving one to a happy ending, I get to share my partners orgasm and get to see their orgasm face, women have the better orgasm faces and guys have the best sounding off
That's why when I'm training my cocksucker I don't allow them to orgasm until they after they finish sucking my dick and swallowing their reward. They aren't allowed to touch themselves while they are sucking me either. Their pleasure should be having my dick in their mouth
I taste pre cum every time, I’ve heard about ruining orgasm to do cei. It worked for me once. About to orgasm and I stopped die some external issues. But I ejaculated in my hand. That was the one time I licked my all cum without wasting. But i orgasm and I’m out.
Hello Year4Me: Orgasm can be an emotional as well as physical release. My girlfriend in college would often cry after orgasm, especially if there was some time between our love making and things would build up. She didn't cry with every orgasm she might have while we made love. Normally we'd both have a few orgasms each time we did it - hey I was in my 20's.

Normally she would have one or two smaller, then with her first big orgasm either by oral or penis stimulation she would cry for a minute or two until she recovered.

At first I was concerned that I had hurt her or there was something wrong. She had not experienced it before but we both became used to and even welcomed it. Many years have passed since we broke up so I don't know if she still cries with orgasm. I have not encountered it since, though some times my wife will come close and her eyes will water but not full out crying.

Lest it seem like I am bragging, I don't believe it is because I give such fantastic orgasms, I think it has more to do with the level of intensity a woman experiences orgasm. I may be some part of that, but not the whole reason.

It seems like this is the first time for you to cry like that, it will be interesting to see if it continues, or happens if you were to give yourself a really strong orgasm either with a vibrator, toys or jusing using your fingers.

Lucky for you and gratifying for him that you have such an intense orgasmic experience. I'd say it is normal and good and something you should repeat as often as possible :-)

Take care...A


Nipple Sucking
I can orgasm from nipple sucking. I'd like to experience two people sucking on my nipples.
Oral Sex
I luv sucking cock & eating out nice pussy's. Luv to use my talented tongue on pussy's & make them have orgasm after orgasm until they make me stop from exhaustion(also luv it when the're squirters..yummy!!). Like a Slurppy..mmm "Huggs,Kises & Whatever Turns You All On", DickHug:-PKiss
69 With Another Man While Getting Fucked
I can relate to sucking my own dick 2 times after trying so hard by my self unable to sleep and start fantasy time with a man together to suck a nicedick and swallow a full orgasm for a man and being sucked and fucked and cum all at same time would be the best feeling orgasm de stiff neck next day can happen.. practice how good it feels to suck your self .like 69 feels great.. M M., man
All Male Threesomes
I would love to have a guy fucking my ass (bareback of course) and another with his cock in my mouth at the same time. Someone else, perhaps my girlfriend, would be sucking on my cock. What a wonderful feeling it will be when we all orgasm. I will feel hot cum shooting deep inside my ass; I will get a delicious mouthful of cum from the cock I am sucking on; and then I will shoot my load into the mouth that is sucking on me.
Lots Of Tongue
"Lots Of Tongue!" That's A Pretty Good Description Of US & The Way WE Like To Play! ~ One On One, Two On One, Three On One &/Or More. . .Ya Get The Drift Here...... ~ ~ ~ ~ OR How About A Pile Of Bodies (Male & Female) Groping, Kissing, Licking One Another From Head To Toe & Sucking & Fucking Any & Everyone In Reach Till WE Are All Is Overtaken With Passionate Mind Blowing Orgasm After Orgasm Till No One Has Enough Energy To Move....... Ya Know, Just Your Typical Saturday Evening. . . . . ;) Come Play With US:)
I LOVE it when my girlfriend sucks and is fucked by other men! Getting on my knees and licking her pussy and sucking his cock while he licks her nipples and then watching him fuck her silly, or being in another room listening to her moaning and screaming in orgasm after orgasm as he pounds into her... what a fucking turn on! She has one or two guys that I let her fuck on a regular basis, and I love it when she comes home and can't wait to eat her pussy and then fuck her as she tells me all about the details... yummm!


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!