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Mom Made Me Masterbate in Front of My Sister for Punishment

Mom Made Me Masterbate in Front of My Sister for Punishment on Bisexual PlaygroundMom Made Me Masterbate in Front of My Sister for Punishment on Bisexual Playground
Unshockable public bi sex with male friend and is two sisters had a 4sum with my male friend and is two sisters had a 4sum in a bus station while passers by watched as andy dared his older sister to wank me whilst his younger then his other sisters sucked my cock in the middle of the bus station then he his younger sister dared him to get my cock and wank and sucked me off and they played while watching then Tracy got andy to bend over made me fuck his bum while she stood in front of me and I licked her wet pussy and his over sister licked my bum like to meet up with people for outdoor naked and sex pics tobe taken by a professional photographers that I've used 1 is male and the other is a female photographer and we also do our own amiture pics and videos
Hard working famly man love my wife but I want to maybe watch or help a man masterbate and I for him would really like to try cfnm. I would love to suck a cock to compleshun eate freash fucked pussy masterbate in front of a larg group of people watch sex film it
I am a very masculine straight guy however my sister's best friend who I've been wanting to f*** forever turned out to be a transgender beautiful she blindfolded me so I wouldn't see her dick because she wanted to be on top well my sister got on top I barely know my sister. But her body type and her friends body type is the type that I like but she has a big ass cock well my sister and I started using meth and feta means and it allows you to do things you normally won't do. Like continue to be with your actual sister or you don't know and her best friend is one of the most beautiful woman turned out to be a man I've ever seen with huge tits I actually f*** her in the ass and my sister
I love to masterbate in front of women
hey i am a total exhibitionist and i love to masterbate in front of people
I'm 18 blonde hair super long blue eyes inexsperianced sweet submissive and always horny I like rolplay incest daddy daughter brother sister, sister sister it really turns me on.
I was 14. We had just moved to a new neighborhood, new school and the first person to befriend me (he was also 14) invited me over to watch sports. His mom and dad worked a lot so his older sister 16 often watched him. Over the months we became good friends and one day I was over their house and his sister came out of the bathroom after a shower nude. They asked me if I liked to be naked in front of people and I said I never really thought about it. He asked me if I would like to jerk off while his sister posed for us, I said yes. We started and his sister coached us into having sex with one another. I will never forget that first cock and the wonderful past of that first load. His sister would not fuck us but we licked, sucked and kissed everything she had.
Just watching you all masterbate would definitely be nice...would love to masterbate in front of you all as well. It is looking like Sundays are going to be best for me now. I would say we could do an all day Sunday party. I would definitely want to do it near a pay day and we all could bring drinks and games..hehehe. we can do whatever. Let's start trying to figure out when. So far, looks like it would be 3 of us and possibly more. Maybe eventually someone can entertain at home with a swimming pool or a hot tub. We can start figuring out when and then where. I probably won't be able to go until another couple of weeks. Any suggestions anyone..also, if any other females want to come, more the welcome.
I love seeing women in their panties. I love seeing panty lines. I love wearing womens panties.
I have on lu lu lemon thong now.
my ex wife, ex gf, ex wife sister, and current gf will all discuss panties, there choices going out.
my ex wife sister would ask if i see her panty lines....
she knew I wore her sisters and snapped it when I wore in front of her and let me snap hers....
the spring break in 2019 we went to temptation resort in cancun. we did the time share tour in matching thongs and tank tops.... we even toured the example units..... two gf walking around.... took off their jean shorts showing g strings..... her sister walked with the agent and said they handed me these and said lets have fun.... she then said I see your thong lines through white skirt and I am sure he sees very sexy.... I heard and said I walking back here for reason... I am so glad your sister made me masturbate this morning.... first I shaved my cock and balls and face in thong.... showered.... with her..... she said we doing kinky time share, you must masturbate to hopefully not get hard on tour..... I picked out pair she had on a few weeks earlier when I caught her in the thong with wand and lesbian porn... I wore those and I made her wear the pair i wore last weekend to jerk off.... I sat in a chair in bathroom while she got ready.... her sister walked in to get a pair of socks... I stopped and went for towel... she was only in thong.... the ex wife said you made him stop.... I reached back in panties and said sorry to horny and to much ass in here.... the ex wife says to her sister he likes your ass and panties... look he staring.... I came moments later....
I love panties
So we went for christmas and new years one year. Her sister shared a condo with her mom and step dad. I had condo with wife..... Her sister walks into our room the third or forth night..... she sits down with us on back porch.... she has on huge cotton panties.... I said wow what are those.... she also had on sports bra..... She said sometimes for comfy moments I wear them to relax around...... We are sitting in tangas...
she said I left here to go shower. I walk in our condo, there is mom on bed, spread eagle masterbating.... my wife laughed and said, I wakled out when I caught her a couple years back.... her sister says, well mom looked up and said sorry, I am real horny and your step dad forgot his viagra.... this is my only time i have he will be back soon...
She just started rubbing again.. The sister said I went to grab a change of clothes.... she started orgasming.....

I said you could have waited mom..... she just started moaning.... I laughed and said I would have loved to have been you....

mom then said I heard you masterbate last night so chill out.... its all natural.... In Europe last summer your sister did it drunk in the bed next to me....

I looked over and said wow really? She said yes two or three times....

The next day I went to meet the sister for lunch... the mom opened door , topless in panties.. big bikinis... the sister walked out and said really mom? he is not impressed.
Not knowing the dynamic between you and your sister I don't have a good answer. Myself I would find it extremely uncomfortable to be involved sexually with anybody in front of a family member. A total stranger absolutely no problem. Was your sister hooking up with him before you? Does she want to join or watch and jill off or just be there?
My first marriage my wife's sister was over so after work brought a guy home to meat her so later me and wife pulled couch out that made a bed my friend made move on her sister on the floor so me and wife got naked on the bed they were fucking on the floor turned me on so there done in about 15 minutes and I must of plowed my wife for hour I was so turned on somebody watching. Good time.


Small Dick Humiliation
as i was growing up i was dreessef in womems clothes by my sisters.. and they later on wudd have me model in front of ther bf ..and one of them so my tiny cock and laffex so hard it made me cry my sister fussed at him to apologose but o vidn stop cryn my sister got mad nlegt . allen said sorry and it not that small ..o saod shoe me urs like id know .he pulled hes cock out n 8" of meat he said wanna touch it i said i gues well i held it and i got a hard onhe said oh you like iy huh ...yea he movrd hes cock to myt lips i started suckn he grabed mine sucked on it od i was gaghn n suckn then changes he said im sorry but lau on ur back ..i did and he grabbed my legs started fuckn my assi scemed all night
Cousins & Brothers
I was 14 caught my cousin 15 and his sister 13 having sex in my grandpa's barn. I watched them for a long time and then let them know i was watching. I made them suck my cock and i fucked his sister as we both sucked his cock. We did this almost every weekend for two years. I have more to tell.
Sissy Panties
My dad has always made me wear panties. But I wore them before he even knew I was a fag and wore panties. He always had me wear special lingerie in front of his friends from the age of 12 and I loved it sucking their dicks right in front of him and then you finally him letting one of his friends stay the night with me when I was 14 and we made love over and over and over and I just begged my dad to make love to me to which he didn't for a long time
Alternative Music
Actually, this pic was taken when a friend and I were trying to move up front at a Hinder concert at the last Livestock in Tampa. We made out and the security guard let us move to the front.:-P
I have always loved showing my self ong as I can remember....when I was younger ....around 12, 13, 14.....I would let my aunts, older cousins, my mom, my friends older sister or friends mom see me naked....made it a point to be sure I was erect and no one would surprise there was plenty of time to get a good look......or a good scold......or a couple quick strokes while my cousin stared at my mom never objected to me walking around the house naked and several of her friends saw me frequently.......even used to take it out and let girls on the school bus see it..... as I got older I found I got more interested in being seen and spend alomost 100% of the time nude at home..........used to piss my wife off.....cause I was nude in front of her girlfriends, and the girl that lived across the street that came over to clean on saturdays, the pizza delivery girl, my son's girlfriends.......doesn't matter I'm naked......... love laying around the pool nude and watching the girls ol themselves up.....always gets me hot and I get to jack off in front of them.....which is REALLY A TURN ON................ .
Sex With Sister-in-law
I was able to spend the night with my wife and sister-inlaw one night after a night of drinking on the town and have to say that I truly enjoyed not only being able to have my sister-inlaw suck my cock and being able to fuck, but the fact that my wife was with us in bed the whole time made it even more special. Needless to say it was a very "Special Night" that I'll always remember....Kiss Hug Flower


Thank you BillnPattie. I'm really enjoying your site and have already made a contact. Best wishes to you!