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Nude 2 Nude Massage Lima Ohio on Bisexual PlaygroundNude 2 Nude Massage Lima Ohio on Bisexual Playground
I am a trangender man that loves sex or just being nude around other nude people. I am very friendly. Love to swim nude and attend nude parties. I love to work in the nude when posiable. I also enjoy nude beaches and nudest places. I am always nude inside of my house.
Just an average bi married guy looking for a very discreet buddy for sex, sex and more sex...wife does not know... Not a lot of M2M experience, but the couple of experiences I have had were wonderful. I'm not overly endowed. Enjoy oral and would like to try anal with the right person. Actually, I enjoy just about anything that doesn't involve pain, blood, or scat. I would really like to meet other married guys, though married is not set in stone, who have the same restrictions and somehow become friends and then on to other things. I'm not a cross-dresser, but I enjoy wearing panties. I'm neither dom nor sub. Just enjoy NSA mutual pleasure. If you Email me, put BP in the subject line so I dont't delete it as trash mail. Still looking for my first anal experience. I like seeing all the pictures of nude men, cock and ass pictures as well as nude women. I like watch all kinds of porn with others while nude. Also enjoy WS activity. Not much into kissing. Some of the things I like include a nude massage, skinny dipping, nude hot tub, cuddle or hug. I am nude whenever I can be and enjoy being nude with others.
i like to see women nude & also like to show myself nudeif i got the opportunity i would spent as much time nude outdoors on a beach nude with lots of nude women hugging me!
Iam eazy going open minded bi male 56 and I love being nude as much as I can and Iam bit of a exhibitionst I love to run around the house nude in front of open doors and blinds and being out on the lanai nude I love being in nature nude much more I just love laying out nude at the beach with a hard on and just love it when some offers to oil me up too
Hi, I'm very openminded, fun, and easy going. I have a very athletic body...I play sports, but I don't act like a jock. I love nude beaches...nude resorts...anything nude. I'm looking for friends in the lifestyle.
I love being nude and I would love to have a nude job,poising nude,nude house cleaning,nude pool guy or nude handyman or putting on a nude show:-D
Love being naked as a kid would go off to the woods and walk around nude even in the winter would play in the snow nude then i got married had kids and that was put on the back burner now that they are gone I’m nude as much as possible just like being nude
Male looking for couples who enjoy a nude nude massage. Will do each separately or together Must be serious. I will cum to you
The weather getting warmer any one here near Athens ohio or close into nude hiking older bimale here looking for other to hike nude with male or female i know some safe places in woods. Maybe do some skinny dipping in creeks
I am for it and now going to a nudist park which also has full time residents. If it is warm enough most everyone will walk the park area and stop to chat with others who are also nude. I loved being nude for many years and my first wife and use to sun near KC International while the planes we landing/taking off as the fields near there allowed enough privacy. WE had friends we also got nude with but never traded partners, we all enjoyed being nude.
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Get at least two miles out and off come the clothes
My family sails nude
It’s no big deal but we have seen many others out sailing nude through the years


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I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
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I talk to you nude now.I'm sry about being so Tom!I'm just wishing that eve never ate that apple.There is nothing better in this life than to be nude.Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude + be happy about that.Makes me want streak.I'll do that
I`m a male nudist and go to local nude beach as often as possible. Looking for other males and females who enjoy being nude and would like to socalize in the nude. I `m in London Ontario and I can host a nude social if we have enough mixed group.
I just love it running around nude.Love leaving blinds and doors all wide open and being out on the patio nude taking nude drives and finding places to get out nude I love being seen nude and have the right people catching me naked Just love putting on free nudie shows
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I love nude beaches and having places can be nude in general. it is fun to be able to hang out aroun others that are nude as well. it is fun when it leads to sex, but does not always have to. sometimes it is nice to be able to just enjoy being around other nude people. love st martin and can't wait to go back and enjoy again. great place to enjoy nude and bi lifestyle.
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we love our nude beaches, nude resorts, family friendly nude resorts, and nude swingers clubs. Any one in southern California looking to get together with a bi couple?


I just totally stumbled onto this site and am trying it out. I had created a profile and then I read your profile and I realized I wanted to just put it all out there for everyone to read and see how the universe responds, so did a complete profile tonight... Anyhow, you guys seem totally cool and your profile rocks. I'm originally from Ohio so when I'm out that way we should say hey in person. Cool site and I'm still learning my way around. Thanks!