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Old Men Getting Their Dicks Sucked

Old Men Getting Their Dicks Sucked on Bisexual PlaygroundOld Men Getting Their Dicks Sucked on Bisexual Playground
My name is George 37 years old live in Pittston Maine looking for any guys that want their dick sucked I love big dicks small dicks any size dicks I want to put any dicks in my ass I'm interested text me 207-344-7447
Healthy straight guy like cars, outdoors,. Im last basically straight and like sucking dick at our own one on one pnp. Orvi just suck you off is goodm. Me and my girl like having 3 or 4 ways and she likes it with men mostly, and likes to dominate giving the men orders, and me. She got me to suck a guys dick. He was a hot man so i did it for her and he sucked me. The best blowjob i ever had hebgave. He cummed in my mouth and i thought i would throw up. But the excitement he was feeling made me take it much easier. I loved it and him got together again alone I guess to see if it was hot that one time because my girl was there to excite us. Ateast we used that excuse anyway lol. I know i did because i actualy loved sucking that dick. It was just hot for me and I wanted it again. And now i want to suck dicks but remain my straight rep. I guess guys know where the tender spots are that make us cum huge. It works for me the few dicks i sucked or got mine sucked shot off bigger than expected. They straight man sucked siad same thing. I could tell too! Anyway i stay discreet. I like like sucking men the same as me a white guy also. you like you can wear a mask or i can wear mask. Im not ugly bit some guys just like the excitement of the mask. I do but will go either way. I want to suck straight and sexual dicks. I will do gay gay men i just not into getting a guy attached to me. I still love pussy to . I do like pnp parting with dicks also. But won't if you don't want to.
just a normal 68 year old male. 5'7" . Have only sucked a few dicks and liked it a lot. It started when I got a nude massage and I sucked the massus' dick and liked it a lot. My wife doesn't put out much any more and stopped letting me eat her a few years ago. I just want something to put my mouth on and around and something to lick . I like licking pussy too...
SWM looking for people who like getting their dicks sucked.
A dude looking for dudes that want thier dicks sucked
Yeah i love to eat pussy to and stud diykes to and married women to and regular find beautiful women to and cheating women and dl stud diykesand married women to and regular find beautiful women to yeah lesbains to and bi women suck dicks and swallow cum and eat booty to and raw dicks in my ass and threesum to and naked and watch all kinds of different porn on my fire stick and shemales dicks and transsexuals dicks and crossdessers dicks and hermaphrodites dicks text me if you want to cum over here and get your dicks swallow
Well at 15 which is when I not only sucked my first dick but also sucked off 3 other dicks as well, I know I was pretty wasted when I sucked my first dicks I been partying pretty good and I guess the time was right and one of the guys decided to put his dick in my mouth and I do remember how exciting that was and so when the first guy was done another put his dick in my mouth and I sucked him off and then the first guy called two other guys to come over and I sucked them off to, and I liked it so well I am still sucking cocks when I can at 66 I never seem to grow tired of a dick growing hard in my mouth.
I was 12 yo living in a small border town I was walking along the Rio Grande and came upon 3 older (14yo) boys from my school who were skinny dipping. I was looking at them, checking out their dicks when one of them says what are you looking at, fag? do you want to suck this he wagged his dick. To all of our surprise I said yes.I went up to him,I got on my knees and took him in my mouth. I had never done such a thing or even thought about it but when he asked i felt i did want to suck it. so i sucked him he got harder and i continue till he finally shot his load in my mouth I liked the taste and after savoring it, I swallowed and went to another boy and said next. I sucked him off and again I swallowed his cum then I sucked the third one swallowing his load, too. I they had all been calling me names and making fun of me but when they all had gotten their first ever blowjobs they were nicer and I said if you promise not to tell anyone I will suck your dicks any time you ask me to. Whenever any of them wanted to be sucked he would tell me to meet him at 'the place' (where we met) and I would go and suck him off. This went on for about a year and a half til my family moved away. I leaned how to give good head and I really really loved sucking dicks and I really really Loved swallowing the semen since then every dick I have sucked, I ate the cum :) so yummy been sucking since them and Loving it I am 73 now and still doing it
I was 11 me and 2 of my cousin they were 11 as well we were in a cornfield we showed each other are dicks we started a club were we sucked each off till we kummed did this till we were 13 and we sucked each other well we probably sucked each other off at least 20 times haven't sucked since then I'm looking thou
my first time I was 12 and I ran into 3 boys from my jr high school who were slinnydipping they were embarrased to be seen naked and they began to call me a queer for looking at them one wiggled his limp dick at tme and asked if I wanted to suck it and to all of our surpeise i said yes I do. I went to him and got on my knees, taking his dick in my mouth and sucked til he got hard in my mouth and sucked on til he shot his cum in my mouth. It tasted good to me and I swallowed it then went to the second then third boy sucking their dicks and swallowing their cumshots loving each load of spunk. after i had i was worried they would tell everyone that i was a cocksucker so i told them if they kept it our scret I would suck their dicks any time they wanted me to. I did as promised and they kept it on the down low. aaaaaaaai sucked them all multipple times and grew to really love sucking dicks annd eatint the fresh hot semen I also liked to masturbate onto a saucer andd lick my own cum from it. yum yum cum I still love it to this day.
I have never been molested probably because i was 12 yo when i sucked three older boys dicks I was walking along the Rio Grande when I saw them skinny dipping and I was looking at their dicks when one asked if I wanted to suck them with no hesitation I said yes I do and I proceeded to suck their dicks swallowing each of their loads of cum when they had em. I became their private cocksucker and i blew em all on demand one at a time or whatever... since then I have never refused to suck a mans dick when he asks if I will Even if the asking is not romantic of=r even polite. "get down and blow me, bitch" is a friendly request that deserves to be responded to in my special way Brojob
Went to a crusing spot today. Got my dick sucked while another guy ate my ass and sucked a couple dicks


Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
I have sucked plenty of men's dicks while my (female) roomate watched or took photos. I began sucking dicks while 'swinging' with couples and I enjoy having the man's wife or gf watch us suck each other;) It makes it more fun. I have been contacted by women who wanted to watch me with men and it is always a delight to do so ;)
Daddy Issue
I have daddy issues and grand daddy issues and have begedg both of them for years to at least let me suck their dicks and I found out being persistent helps because I've sucked both of their dicks and have had sex with my grandfather many times
White Men Love Black Cock
I miss being black man's girl in prison and being golden passed around by my daddy to his friends or men they were black they paid for me it was the most wonderful two years of my life I don't even know how many different black men ran their dicks through me I guarantee I sucked over 400 different black dicks
Bisexual Black Men
want to have black men in ( in Brevard co. fla. ) that want have the cum sucked out of their big black dicks. And also fill my ass with their black dicks.
Big Cocks
Looking for big dicks in Tulsa, Sapulpa, and nearby to give oral/anal to. I'm a total bottom and am almost convinced there are NO 'big' dicks in my area. I host only. Anything over 6 inches and THICK qualifies as 'BIG' (as far as I'm concerned) since everything I've seen so far isn't. I particularly love THICK CUT DICKS! I've yet to see a MONSTER, except in porn. LOL:-P
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
in San Francisco, Ca there is an adult theater called the tearoom in the tenderloin district. the rent lockers for ten dollars so you can get naked (returned when you turn in the key) i have spent hours ther sucking dicks and it was terrific fun they have a website so if you will be in the gay bay area it's a great place to find men who want their dick sucked and queer men who go there to suck dicks like me, I recommend it for guys who like sleazy porn theaters good gay porn running in the main auditorium and 2 smaller rooms with big vid screens |8B you can purchase poppers at the desk Laughing |8B


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!