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Picture Image of Insert Panis and Licking Vagina

Picture Image of Insert Panis and Licking Vagina on Bisexual PlaygroundPicture Image of Insert Panis and Licking Vagina on Bisexual Playground
Middle age bi-sexual man who enjoys both men and women. I love a vagina and penis, I believe they are the two most beautiful parts of the human body. I enjoy mmf and fmf threesomes and have been involved with both.I especially enjoy being with a couple that's very much in love.I have provided oral to both a man and women switching back and forth from the penis to the vagina while the couple kissed and cuddled. While I am licking the vagina I was rubbing and massaging the penis, then while I suck the penis, I rub the vagina. I do this to completion of both. Then the couple with both oral myself to completion.
I'm looking for a bisexual ebony lady. I enjoy licking the vagina and you may squirt on me. Licking you softly while I jerk off is very enjoyable. Im covid free and have no std
I’m a great at licking pussy. Any women can love the way I lick their vagina
Looking for bi couple for NSA sex. Very oral, interested in eating anal creampie or licking cum off breasts, face or vagina.
50yo bisexual male. i have a powerful recurring fantasy image of the image, i'm a pet dog.i desire to be a dog for a single woman or a couple 24/7.
Did you know that while viewing someone's profile summary you can click on the smaller thumbnail pictures to display them in the box above? You can also click the larger image in the box above to open that picture in a new window, twice the size of the original!
just a small crit whit reviewing member pics.

When you view a members pic, underneath is a rating with 1-10
This is a great idea, but has a major flaw. It makes it seem like a photo album,

What happens is you think, okay let me look at the next picture, so you click "2" but then you inadvertantly rated a picture at "2" which isnt what you want.

I suggest a dropdown widget to make rating an image a bit more strait forward. eliminate the need for having the 1-10 and keep the hover picture method going.

also, a mobile version of the site would be sweet or mobile app.

Just my two cents...
I agree with you, Although I enjoy seeing them, I don't think an image of a guys cock should be the 1st image you see, or the profile image for that matter.(size doesn't matter.) I would think you would want to see the individual first and get to know them through their profile description somewhat...and as you check out their profile, then you get to see the surprise inside...just my 2 cents.

Um, I'm with Suzie! However I'm confused. Your only 44 and your a Male. Married and enjoy pussy licking. I just don't see anywhere that says you have breasts and vagina. Why do you call yourself prehistoric? smh
blondenymph...when I see this picture I wish that I was kissing and licking and eating you ever so lightly to give you inspiration. Of course I would enjoy seeing your friend get wet and juicy while she played with herself to help you along! You two look yummmmmmmy! I love licking and kissing BBW slits. I like to hear from BBWs too.
I enjoy having a dominant female encourage me to suck cock or bend over for another man. I love licking another mans cum from a mistresses vagina.
we'll try to make this as simple as possible so you can get to the fun ;) first off squirting is not nor will ever be urine. not everyone can squirt but do not be discouraged because most can using a few simple rules.
1. make sure you are very well lubricated. being extremely wet is a must. if needed use some of your favorite lube.
2. after a decent amout of foreplay have your partner insert the index and middle fingers inside your vagina and locate the g spot. (this is easiest when you lay on your back. the g spot is right inside the vagina at the top vaginal wall and will fell like a rough sponge.
3. your partner will then make a come here motion with their fingers at a slow and steady rate and will very gradually increase speed based on your preference.
4. continue this process untill you feel the g spot enlarge and almost push your partners fingers out of your vagina. do not get discouraged it will take some time. will feel like you need to pee right before you squirt. THIS IS OKAY AND IS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN! remember it is not urine and the sensation that you need to use the bathroom is part of the process so there is no need to worry.

other than that make sure to relax. be persistent. drink lots of water a few days before attempting. and don't give up if it doesn't happen quickly or on your first attempt. this is only one method and you can always look online for more help. gl and take pictures once you start getting results :)


Pussy Licking
nothing could be finer than to be licking a vagina in the morning (noon, evening and night also)|8B
Women Licking Women
I MISS PUSSY SOOO MUCH, I HATE BEING SINGLE. (I don't miss cock so much) I am so fucking horny right now, I want to bury my head between her legs and suck her clit hard until she cums then enter her vagina penetrating her deep with my tongue whilst massaging her clit then swap over to licking & sucking her clit while my fingers enter her vagina slow & deep keep on swapping between my tongue & my hand until she's cum so much she can't cum anymore, and I get to taste her sweet juices all night long... Kiss:-P
I posted the wrong picture by mistake. The first picture is of Koji who was Nippon's mate. The second picture is of Nippon...
Arm Pits
i think some women's arm pits look like pussies. but i wouldn't be into licking them, just like looking at it and image what those women's pussies might look like.
This is a fav topic of mine. I still have my foreskin and have fun with it often. I like to lube my fingertip and insert it inside and run it around and around. I have a small flashlight that i turn on and insert it to observe the colors of my 'skin while it's backlit. I also like to insert large grapes inside then let them slip slowly out after which i consume the fruit. Many times, in the shower, i will pinch the foreskin closed and release urine into it and it blows up like a balloon. When i release it, the piss comes exploding out. Then i will do it repeatedly. I read once where a guy pinched closed his foreskin and jacked off somehow and cummed into his foreskin, then released it slowly. Just use your imagination to come up with your own ideas,...then let us know about it. Happy jacking!
Couples Searching For Bi Males
Bi/M/M looking for sexual oral, licking, vagina enjoyment. Nicely endowed and thick.....pleasure to all parties!!!!!


Dear BillnPattie: I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail message. Sometimes, I like to take my time and think about what I want to say prior to saying it so that I exhibit a modicum of intelligence. :O) Thank you for allowing me to become a member of your bisexual playground personal website. Upon initial impressions, and in comparison to other personal websites that I have visited, I really like the layout of the site that you both created to facilitate contact with one another. Once I can afford to become a paid member, even it is for a brief period of time, I will definitely initiate the process. In the interim, I appreciate your allowing me to enjoy this site, and all it has to offer, for free, I believe, for 30 days. In addition, once I find a picture of myself that I like, I will also include it in my profile. Thank you for your welcoming and acceptance of me as a human being. I hope both you have a great day. Take care, patrick :o)