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Sissy Hormones Breast Sex Change Feminization Stories

Sissy Hormones Breast Sex Change Feminization Stories on Bisexual PlaygroundSissy Hormones Breast Sex Change Feminization Stories on Bisexual Playground
looking for Dom for forced feminization to turn in into a t/s cum slut very willing to all the way including hormones and feminization surgerys and also want to be castrated to become a t/s eu-nuch to make me a limp dicked little cum slut sissy. also looking to be trained to be a human toilet slave. also interested in big male dogs and small horse's for me to service with me asshole and mouth
Mtf trans. 30 years plus.. was raped by two guys in the military . Started cross dressing after that. Then hormones then feminization, then implants ,then sex change, sex with men ever since
6'1 on female hormones small breast, hazel eyes, open minded.Single submissive, sissy
Hi New transexual woman on full regimen of hormones. You will never now the feeling of womanhood till you take female hormones and change from male to female Best change of my life. Looking for mature genetic or transexual female for descrete relationshipand to show me how fun womenhood can be.
I am a trans gendered girl in Houston, TX. I am 24 years old and I had been on hormones for 6 months. i am looking for someone to support my transition, will you be the one? I am new to the area and would like to meet that special dominant woman that would facilitate my feminization and be her sissy, or that special guy to treat me like a lady in public or like a dirty slut in bed. Are you another TV/TS/CD/TG? I want to be your friend! We could do each other's make up :-D Want to join my fantasy?
I've been taking hormones for a little while, I have a handful of breast tissue and feminized features. I hate how tall I and chubby I am, hormones have/haven't helped with that. I'm too nervous to go out in public dressed up and desperately hope for a man who can provide the will for me to finally be myself.
I’d like to be hogtied ggged and used until I pass out all filmed and if anyone has a owning a trans slave in exchange for forced feminization please do kidnap me afterwards and feed me hormones collar me cage me and I’m toursssas well
Looking for a Dom pimp to train and use as his whore can dress sissy clothing and put on hormones you can train the way you like sissy don’t have any privacy it is to serve
I Took breast enhancement pills for 5 weeks they did nothing. I think you need female growth hormones inorder to do it right.
Hello all. I am a very real Non-Operative( never going to have the surgery ) Transsexual here in Missouri( recent transplant from Texas )looking for my other half. I am a very passionate and loving person who is more than her vessel. I am not looking for men, sorry just my preference. I lost my girlfriend of 5 years to an auto accident this last March. I have mourned her, now it is time to move on. She is the one who started me on my path to feminization. Hormones, hair removal, shopping and changing me little bi little into the femme plaything of her dreams. I am happy where I am, however I would like to get back on my hormones again after I have met the girl who wants me to be just as feminine as possible. I was on them for over 2 years so I have naturally grown D cup breasts as I write this. However most of the women in my family are much larger, so I know I have a way to go to be complete. As far as my boy parts go, they are nice and in working order. Almost 7 inches, thick, fully functional.

So if you are interested in me, please send me an email with a recent pic attached. I can share my picture code with you and maybe we will find what each other is truly seeking. MWAH!
Occasional sissy slut for the past 7 for hormones? Thanks!
Does anyone like sissy boys?
Any stories of how you found them and how sissy were they...


I am looking for a woman who is searching for a man who has begun the process of feminization through hormones. I have been on them for over 2 years, having developed ample breasts. I am ultimately looking for my soul-mate who wants to help in my ultimate feminization. I hope you find me..reach out...take a chance on this loving soul.Flower
Men With Breasts Wanting To Be A Woman
I want To be on breast hormones and have them grow to feminize me
Crossdresser Male To Female
hi im looking for a female to dress up with and have fun plus to fully change me into a female willing to do whatever it takes hormones etc. been asking for this for to long im ready love to be femm and all dolled up
Black Men For White
and my useless cock locked away for good or removed and force hormones to devlope breast and fuck 24/7
Forced Feminization
My sissy faggot has submitted to Forced Feminization by yours truly. I love having him in panties 24/7 and in a bra and other sexy outfits under sissies street clothes. I have even taken sissy faggot out dressed in womens clothes for a good earned dose of exposure and humiliation.You know I love living with a submissive feminized sissy faggot, I get real men to fuck me and a girlfriend all the time to gush to, in more ways then one when sissy id going down on me cleaning u my lovers cum as I tell her how much I love the big cocks of real men and how much her pathetic little faggot cock disgusts me, it is absolutely great way to be in love with your hubby. Please stop and see sissy faggots pics in the gallery. Kiss Miss Jeanne
Forced Sissy Cuckold
I’m a Feminine sissy COCKOLD who is in need of a Dominant Couple to force Feminization and dildo play teach me to suck cock better


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.