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District of Columbia Bisexuals

District of Columbia Bisexuals on Bisexual PlaygroundDistrict of Columbia Bisexuals on Bisexual Playground
Hey ladies.....I'm a single AA male, residing in the District of Columbia. I have no kids at the moment. My main reason for this profile is to meet other like minded single women/bi-sexual women. Kids aren't an issue if you have any. I enjoy MMA, Boxing and WWE . I attend church and would like to meet a woman that have a common interest.
I am 5'10 .Bi Male College student .I live in Columbia SC I am 240.I am working out to be 165 .I would like to find a older fit man who also lives in Columbia SC who can help me with my goal If you can help Kik me alex1997i I am starting to take my fitness journey for real I am 23 .I hope I can find an older fit mentor in Columbia sc I can't pay but I can chores or run errands if that helps
im single, first time in industry of bisexuals or should i say that i am bi curuios. i want to met n get in touch with the people who are been too long in this so called industry of bisexuals. i hope i could met many bisexuals out there this is kiko looking for some friends.. tenks pals...
Looking for a sex only, clean, district....
I'm originally from Columbia, SC and now I'm in Charleston, SC. I'm moving back to Columbia in a little while. I've had very few experiences, but I'm dieing to have more experiences. On top of that, I love meeting new people. I've never been shy, and I've always been out-going. I'm open-minded and chill. I've never really met a stranger, so it's easy for me to get along with people. If you want to know more, ask! I don't get offended easily, so don't worry about that. Though, I really appreciate people saying "hi" before they jump into any questions. One thing that's off-limits is anything anal. Not for me, at ALL! Again, any questions, just say "hello" to me, and then start asking questions.
I would describe myself as straight but I am somewhat bi-curious. I am very outgoing and am willing to try just about anything once (within reason). I'm new to the Capital District and thought this may be an interesting way to meet people. So...bring it on!
Hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but posting naked pictures of your ex or current partner without their consent is a crime. As of 2020, 41 states and the District of Columbia have specific laws outlawing distribution of sexual images without someone’s consent. Only Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Ohio, South Carolina and Wyoming have no law regarding what is known as “revenge porn.” In Arizona it will get you on the sex offender watch list.
Hi.We are looking to see if anyone is available this Sat, 14 Apr in the Columbia area. Looking for couples, bi men and bi females. Would love to get a group together. Looking to host a hotel in Northeast Columbia
I'm a little more than an hour from Columbia, but I did used to live there. I can't think of any places in Columbia to find cock. There aren't many anywhere in the greater Nashville area.
great idea bear... i too surf trying to find news about bisexuals and you can find gay or strait tidbits but none really says much about bisexuals.....i also agree that it shouldn't take much to add the addition... maybe if everyone was asked upon signing in for 24 hours or whatnot i would be willing to bet that ev everyone would agree....:)
Last I checked criminal checks (which all school districts do) are very different from asking questions about sexual orientation. What you do consentually in your private time has nothing to do with your job and therefore has no place in your survey.

If your district wants its staff to represent the community it teaches, beleive me, there can be a lot of discrimination, not just with sexual orientation, but color, marital status, etc. Be careful about this path.

Being gay or bi does not equate with being a child molestor or pedophile!

I would not only contact my union, but maybe contact a real group that may help with the discrimination (assuming that's what is happening). In Detroit, they had the Triangle Organization, not sure what groups they may have where you live.

What will happen to you if you don't answer the question or the entire survey? I get surveyed to death at work, and rarely answer any of them. I am assuming you work for a public school district, I imagine the NEA and/or the AFT have to have something in place about this.

On the lighter side, you could say "often" for sexual preference, since don't we all prefer to have it often? haha Not sure I like the word choice preference, vs orientation.

Good luck. Too bad your school district isn't focused on what's really important: passing NCLB (just kidding)
Here is one man's point of view since I am into bisexual females: You can meet feminine bi women at an upper grade lounge or club that caters to bisexuals....or you can go to a local adult bookstore and ask for a listing of clubs that cater to bisexuals. I know this works as I am currently dating two bi women and got this info from them. Good luck ladies!Flower


Ditto that Dot! I still have interesting dreams, after living 8hrs away, near there, i loved every trip i drove to A-dam, the Canal district, shopping, the food and museums, and most of all the awsum Beautiful (but goofy!) things to see!
Transsexuals That Want To Be Fucked
Any one in Columbia
Glory Holes
Looking for gloryholes near Columbia SC. Please help!
Glory Holes
are there any glory holes in columbia sc?
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Looking for gloryholes around Columbia South Carolina please if you know help me out!
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I think your site is perfect the way it is. I have been on many sites looking for other bisexuals like myself, and I have not had to much luck. I was in a lesbian chat room in yahoo chat and I asked what other sites are available for bisexuals like myself and some kind soul told me about this one. I am so happy I found it because I have already found another bisexual in my area. I find that bisexuals are not really welcome in the straight community and they are not really welcome in the gay community either. So with you and Bill having this site, it really helps people like myself. I have to thank you for providing this for myself and any other bisexual out there seeking a mate. Thanks.