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Sissy Hubby Gets Belly Button Piercing

Sissy Hubby Gets Belly Button Piercing on Bisexual Playground
I LOVE SEX! I WANT IT SO BAD. I am a girl, about 5'7" good shape, 4 tattoos, a nose piercing, blonde hair, and a belly button piercing
We are a young couple who are new to trying this type of sexual adventure. We are both in very good shape and take great care of ourselves. We are up for new ideas and suggestions at anytime and as long as our boundaries aren't broken then it's really about the good times. We're very respectful of others boundaries as well and we have got to feel comfortable with a couple for us to even consider taking it further. Male: I'm 6'3, 230 lbs and very athletically built. I'm tan all year around and have no piercing's or tattoo's. Female: I'm 5'0 and 98 lbs. I'm fun sized with a hot bod to match. No tattoo's and just the simple ear belly button piercing's We're looking for: MFM/ FMF/ FMFM/ AND JUST FF if the situation dictates it
We are a devoted fun loving couple who are looking for other like minded couples. Just the right woman is possible too... ;) We would love to get to know you both in the social scene and otherwise. Most of the time we are ok with you coming over to our place or us going directly to yours. We've had several great experiences and are definetely looking for MORE! And... yes, we often 'play' on our first date... lol We aren't Ken and Barbie - and we don't expect you to be either... but we would like you to be at least HWP. M (described by K) is 50... has gorgeous eyes and a very boyish face... in good shape. K (described by M) is 42, has a beautiful and very SEXY body and loves to wear low riders and boots. (She's from Texas). Amazingly after two children, she still has a flat belly! She also has 2 tats and a belly button piercing - ;) We honestly both love having sex... together and with others. If you like what you see, shoot us a message and tell us what you are looking for. You never know... you just might get it. *big smile*
I'm 125 lbs, 5'4", long brown highlighted hair and a great tan;) I am 37 years great shape...and have a curvy figure (36-27-36), a belly button ring, a tattoo and a tongue piercing;) I've also been bisexual since I was 18:) I prefer men...but am single for the first time in 4 I am truly hoping for the "best" of both worlds.
I am a hot sexy artist with a great body. Pierced nipple, belly bottom and nose, chinese tattoos down my back nice small round butt. I like sexy hot slim fit women who like stocking and lingerie, and role play fun. I love piercing especially girl nipples and yoni. I am also into toys and anal play, Very bi curious, and would like to dress up as a girl for the right couple or guy. I love to dress up in my stockings, heels and mini skirt and watch guys stare at me. i would love someone to play with my nipple my belly button ring, while being trained.
I am 20/year old bi sexual female. 5 7 115lbs. Blonde hair, brown eyes. Belly button piercing, and ear piercings. My boyfriend is 23. 6 2 about 145lbs shaved head, nice slim body. Has a few small tattoos. I can supply pictures of both of us. :) We are currently seeking a cute bi sexual female between the ages 18 and 25 to have a threesome with. We live in the Camden County NJ area (USA) This is a sexual fantasy we are trying to fullfill.
I am debating piercing my clit. It's something i have wanted for awhile but the pain factor makes me a little queasy. i have several tattoos and a belly button piercing but i am not really sure. How bad is the pain? is it true that you lose feeling of your clit after you get it pierced. if anyone has any idea please let me know.
As a fellow Piercee... I have my ear lobes pierced 3 times my ear cartlidge twice, my eyebrow i have had done a total of 3 times (2 of them rejecting) my nose, my tounge, and a labret. I had my belly button done but it rejected too. Piercing can be a wonderful thing but you have to want it! It is a part of my life couldnot imagine not having them. There are several great websites you can find that has information about piercings. If you want to email us we can give them to you.
Wish you luck, and if you do get them pierced.. I wanna see! haha! Love Piercing Pics!

I have mine done and it felt about like having my ears done. The belly button hurt worse and my nose piercing made me cry! I love my clit ring and I have never lost sensation....if anything it made it more exciting!
Sooo, here's a question I have had for a while. I have had a few fun experiences on the receiving end of a GH.....while getting a very nice BJ, the guy giving starts to finger my belly button in and out.....I'm guessing it might be an offer for fucking, but certain....and then if it it an offer to fuck them or to be fucked? Or am I reading too much into just getting a nice BJ and having my belly button played with?
I can't understand why you dont have playmates, belly button to asshole, lined up to help you learn...if I were not as far away as I am, I most certainly would be there with my hand, my tongue, my cock, ready for what ever you wanted...and that goes for your hubby too...:)
Are there any chubby belly bi guys with a deep Belly button please message me back


69 With A Strap On
do me do me do me please .two can chew as you ride my ass. in so deep you hit my button ,squirting my cum in his mouth the wife begins to shout [ suck it suck it ! ] your ass is next my dear hubby ,now role over as you wipe your chin.hubby moans as the strap- on finds his button .pumping him slow his cock does grow as i suck his load she screams again she is cumming:-P
Body Art
i have three tattoos& 1 belly ring is the sexiest thing i've ever doneKiss
Moderate Tattoo/Peircing
Well I guess i'll be the first to post!! I have an upper back piece that i sweet. I definetly want more but not sure where and what. My ears are pierced 3 on right and 2 on left. nose and belly button is pierced. My hubby has his left bicept tatted and i got to pick it out and he wants a full back piece, and he has no piercings.
Pretty Pussy
I would love to put my tongue on the inside of them lips and tickle your belly button on the inside
Sex With Food
carrots nice, cucumbers nice, banana not so much. cantalope nice ;) and there's always making a friend into a buffet :-P whip cream, honey, strawberries and cherries, belly button shots, and the list goes on. :-D
Pierced Cock
Having a pierced cock has been a lot of fun over these years. One thing you are not told is the more you use it, the looser the hole gets, which means you have to get larger gauge rings. I got Prince Albert piercing in 1983 and now I have a 0 gauge ring. My girlfriends have all loved the piercing and said its not the same without it. Guess they should of stayed with me then.


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!