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Skinny Naked 70 Year Old Women Show Shaved Pussies

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Skinny Naked 70 Year Old Women Show Shaved Pussies on Bisexual PlaygroundSkinny Naked 70 Year Old Women Show Shaved Pussies on Bisexual Playground
I am single and constantly think of women's tits. I love men and I am straight but would love a threesome either mmf or mff. I have never been with a women just hung out at a nude beach with one. Fantasies are being surrounded by men as they all masturbate and cum all over my naked body. Being forced to stay naked all day and do whatever he says for him and his friends. Also hanging out with other women sucking on their tits and shaved pussies. I would love someone to just hang nude with as well. Open to ideas. Would love to picture swap and chat too.
we both like sex we have a lot in commen and we also keep the naked pictures to our selfs i do not show my wife and naked pics of women and she does not show any naked pics to me but we both love getting naked we dont send pics sry
5'8" @235 lbs, with 4"cut cock,very oral to CUT cocks & shaved pussys.Like to please a man while being watched or being sucked.Like eating shaved pussies. All men and women should be height and weight proportinate or as close to in shape as possible.Me, I'm dieting and working on it. (former smoker)
Hello I am 6 foot 1, brown hair and eyes. 8 inch dick and big balls. I have a good looking body and I Love to be naked and hard all the time. I would live completely naked if I could. I am a freak and would like someone to act out some sexual fantasies with me, including walking naked in public with me filming and a long naked walk in nature together. I want someone who will be naked for me 24 hours a day. I want to fuck and fill you up with my hot cum with hours of sex. Also to go in public with me all day in a slingshot bikini. I know how to pleasure a woman and treat her right. I'll fuck you like nobody ever has. I like big boobs and ass, hot white pale skin, I like older women too, thicker woman not too skinny. If you like what you see and have some ideas of stuff you want me to do naked let me know I'm interested.I am real and I I respect my partner I am clean and std free.
I'm a 43-year old WM, good looking, in pretty decent shape, 7" shaved cock, mostly bisexual. I am not very active sexually due to time constraints but when I am -- watch out. I am more bottom than top and love to suck and get fucked in the ass by hot men, TV/TS and women with strap ons. I absolutely love group sex, and I love sharing a cock with another woman. I also love getting sucked and sucking while fucking another - hot! Really like to suck shaved cocks, pussies and asses. I'm in pretty good shape, so look to play with others who also take care of their bodies.
very good looking, in good shape, shaved head, mustache/ goatee, shaved 7" cock, shaved low hanging balls and shaved asshole. love squirting pussies and cocks, on my face, on my twitching dick, on my tight butthole, as i spread my ass cheeks . . .
Definitely hairy. Most shaved pussies look like an 11 year old girl.
For me it is personal taste. I never really imagined being with a woman (Other than kissing and breast play) until the flicks started showing shaved pussies. Then they had my attention even more than before....I was attracted to womens' bodies but this sold me!! I probably could not be with a woman who was not shaved or totally trimmed. For me it's all visual and yes, I appreciate the cleanliness! I also prefer shaved legs and arm pits, again, a visual. By the way, laser hair removal is not all that expensive and it only takes maybe 4 visits in a year - sure beats the torture of waxing which I would never have done lol!
Hey, I'm a BBW with a slim husband. Okay, he was slim before I married him and cook for him too much. Anyway, he would rather have a BBW then a skinny woman. He says that the feeling inside the pussy is softer than it is in a skinny woman. Just my 2 cents....but live and let live...there's always going to be men/women out there who like us big girls!! Kiss Besides....not all skinny women have bigger Boobies!!! Laughing
Nothing like enjoying these beautiful women here and the sweet wet pussies they have to share with us me & the rest of us what you got!!!!
I love being shaved. And I prefer shaved cocks and pussies
Hello RJ...,

You seem like a nice guy so I want to help you. I am a 54 year "young" male living on the south shore of Nassau County (near Rockville Centre)...not far from you. I am involved in several activities that you may be interested in.

The first is a nudist organization that's been around on Long Island for more than 40 years. Every month throughout the year they host an indoor pool and hot tub party in...get this...Wantagh!!! There are about 75 to 100 people at each event. And they have other nude events such as nude beaches, resorts, cruises, etc.

The other group is The Naked Church which meets each month in NYC. That is a much smaller group, but more intimate. We get naked and celebrate the beauty of our bodies as they are (tall, short, skinny, fat, hairy or bald) through song, dance and meditation.

The third is a Bisexual Play Group (a real one) that has been on Long Island for many years, which meets once a month (or more) in a clean, safe, name-brand hotel off the LIE. These events are for meeting other Bisexual men, women and transgender people AND PLAYING with them!

Please reply if any of this interests you.



Women That Want To Be Eaten
Any women with nice clean,juicy pussies who need someone on the side 'cause hubby can't handle it or that have huge clits and/or pussy lips should definately call.Especially if your clit looks like a small penis and the lips are thick and fleshy! I also love squirters and women who still have hair on their pussies...the thicker the better OR completely shaved!!!
a redhead with a few (or a lot) freckles and trimmed but not completey shaved pubes never fails to set me off. I've also noticed, in my experience, that redheaded women with pale skin will often show a more noticeable "blush" around their pussies when they're turned on (redder around the lips, sometimes a little more noticeable swelling).
Hairy Pussy
Hairy pussies are so much sexier than shaved pussy! I love the feel of it on my face and againsy my balls! Hairy pussies are more sensitive,because they are not all exposed all the time!
Arm Pits
i think some women's arm pits look like pussies. but i wouldn't be into licking them, just like looking at it and image what those women's pussies might look like.
Skinny Women
I enjoy average to skinny women as my prefered partners. But when I see a skinny woman with small breast I get realy turned on.
I like both shaved and unshaved for different reasons... Love both shaved pussies and cocks, and love to suck them both... I shave all the way from my lower belly down between my legs to my inner ass cheeks for your licking pleasure in the Raleigh NC area...


Hello, how are the two u doing? Well I am doing good lots of studying and typing. I am in my last year of college. I am 28 year old male. I was married for 5 years but I lost her to cancer at the age of 24. I am bisexual and looking for a couple to become intimate with and long term friendship. I love your web site and I feel that u have done a wonderful in helping pursue their sexual interest. Also, I wanted to tell the two of that both of u are sexy and u make a good looking couple. Thank u for the welcoming letter.