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Stories About Sex in a Buddy Booth

Stories About Sex in a Buddy Booth on Bisexual Playground
me and my wife are very each other very much! but we booth would like to a nother women in our life. so we booth can have lots of fun.
45 bi male, 8" cut, submissive, Thin submissive who would love to be dressed up as you wish. Long slender limbs perfect for bondage and crossdressing. 6'1", 170#, with fair skin. Looking for a trusted buddy who will push my limits of self discovery. Find my limits of pain and humiliation. Ideal buddy would meet me at an adult bookstore, and use me like a slut in a booth while others look on. Make me walk out of the store with his cum on my face. Any man in NOLA up to this challenge?
my wife and i are booth bisexual people. my wife and I have and understanding that we can not fully satisfie all desires that the other has. i we love each other very much so we allow one another the freedom to explore the other side of sexuality that we can not give one another... kinda hard to explain but we have found that it works real well in our lives. we booth desire that life is so much more enjoyable when you can be honest about who you are.
I'm a horny 71 year old guy looking for a j/o buddy and mutual touching, watching porn swapping sexual stories
Bi MWM Interested in chatting with other bi's ...Discretion, honesty and building trust. I am looking for a J/O buddy and for someone to swap and share stories and habbits.
I am a married pervert, into just about everything. Chronic masturbator, porn lover, nice guy deviat. Love to trade wife pics, and share filthy adventures, dirty stories, and I am looking for a Mass jerk off buddy.
I was always more of a buddy booth kind of guy but I’ve played in a theater once or twice
My ex wife and I used to go. Near Charlotte NC. Bed tyme stories in Ashville used to have them. We had some fun for sure. Very erotic walking
in the booth or cinema and watching her on her knees made me so hot! I had to try myself! Have fun!
Tell me you favorite adult book store encounter. Would love to hear some hot stories.I have sucked and been sucked in the booth with 2 othe guys at once. Hot loads.
I am planning a trip to hedonism 2 jamaica soon.

two of ,any fantasies while there is to eat out an african american hedonism employee... and jerk off a big BBC also....

The women that has agreed to go with me I have never met. she is friends with my best buddy wife... we having christmas party at my house she is coming... she asked if there is anyone that will be there to fuck .. I told my buddy... yes of course and I will pay for hedonism 2 if she goes...... she agreed.... and said we need to fuck a few times before we go so we look like we are a couple... I asked my buddy where you been hiding her... he siad she just moved back from florida last week... we planned on introducing you two... she agreed to go already.. he said my wife told stories and showed pictures... she wants to fuck...

never seen picture or spoke to her yet.... next tuesday... I fuck her.. so excited.
How about this one...
Whenever a buddy is feeling down, a man's job would be to invite his buddy over to drink beer & watch football, then have his wife take her clothes off in front of him & play with herself, & kiss him; and when his buddy gets a really big boner, the man's job would be to pull it out of his buddy's pants & suck on it, until his buddy squirts cum everywhere... while the wife watches & takes pictures & serves more beer...
I always eat my c** out of my wife's p****And while I'm doing it, I get on her clip and she would come hard. Had a little girlfriend on the side one night. Me and a buddy f***** her twice. I was a clean up man, what was it? Good love to tell you the stories.


I got my first facial in an ABS booth. I was bi curious cruising to try something. A young guy in the hallway gave me a look to invite me into a booth. I walked in the booth and immediately another young buddy of his came in too! I’m an older guy and they wanted to humilate me. They put me on my knees and both jacked off shooting cum on my face! Then they took all the paper towels out of the booth, laughed and left! I had to walk down the hallway with cum all over my face to get to the bathroom to clean up! Humiliating but erotic!
Glory Holes Arizona
The bookstore in tempe has two sets of three booths together. Center booths have the gloryholes on both walls. Also people standing around waiting to get invited into a buddy booth with more room.
We LOVE to read about first time same sex stories with LOTS of details so we can imagine being there or having it happen to us. We both like male male stories and girl girl stories so feel free to send us your TRUE story... Flower
Adult Bookstores/Theaters
I’ve had a lot of fun in bookstores. The only time I’ve ever had two cocks in front of me at the same time was in a buddy booth at Berlin News Agency in Berlin NJ.
Anyone wanting true stories of incest, and young girls, two different stories let me know, and be prepared to cum
Story Writing
Are there any storytellers here? Let's talk about what kinds of stories you like, what you've written - stories, poetry, etc. - and what you'd love to see online! Tell me a story... :)


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.