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Stories and Pictures of White Women and Fucked and Bred by Black Men

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Stories and Pictures of White Women and  Fucked and Bred by Black Men on Bisexual PlaygroundStories and Pictures of White Women and  Fucked and Bred by Black Men on Bisexual Playground
MWM into stories about black men and white women. especially if woman get preg. like some bi sex too suck as white men sucking black dick hard
I am an athletic white male who loves women..but have always loved sharing my women with black men. started listening to bbc sissy hypno as a dare and joke..Well now I want to be owned and bred by bbc.
White sissy, dedicated to serving women and black men. I love being fucked by multiple black men at the same time, while I'm tied up in a sling.
I have made love with men before I married my wife. She, my wife knows nothing about my experiences or my fantasies. I like to see pictures of naked men and women. I also like to read about true sexual stories of men on men and women on women and all of the above.
Friendly. single married cheating cuckold, women want some dick lemme know women wanna bang my ass with a strap on come on. Trans want some ass. You can cum to. I'll take all dick but Hung to the front please feel free to send me big dick pics I will go nuts for them and I will do everything I can to feel your big dick in me. If we try and don't succeed let's try again another day. Love to eat cum out of freshly fucked pussy. My fantasies are gangbangs glory holes. Dogging. Sex in public. Being a sex slave. I love being fucked by random dicks Back to back. I love being passed around. Having lots of pictures takin. I love for people to see me suck get fucked by especially huge cocks. Take pictures and video tape everything. Someone stretch me out and beat my ass up like it deserves
35 dwm here and I have realized that whites were wrong to enslave the Black race and want to do my part to provide reparations to the Black race. I believe that Black men should breed white women and make sissy faggot slaves out of us white males. I am here to serve and bring to attention the end of the white race! I am looking for a Dominant Black Men and Women to serve! Also white women who want to serve with me.
i havent been fucked by a guy since i was a teen when my black neighbor moved out. he had an 11 inch cock and i used to get fucked by it daily. ever since then i have been obsessed with huge black cocks. i miss having my white ass pounded by black cocks. if you are interested in making me a very happy little slut just message me for pictures. and if you have any other friends that would want to fuck me with you, the more the merrier. my ass was made for pleasuring black cocks.:-P
I have a couple of friends that were in jail. They told me stories about them turning out a mutual friend. They were black and he was white. They fucked him so much he came out. The first few times they had to be rough
These stories always got me horny. I let them do the same things to me.
Hello everyone! My name is Nikki and I'm a black female. My boyfriends name is Lee and he is a white male. He's bisexual and I am bi-curious. We do have a great sex life but are looking to add more spice to it by adding either a couple or a third to join us. We are into white males, black males, white trannys, black trannys, white women, and black women. If there are any questions or if anyone is interested, send us a message and we can go from there. Hug Kiss
I am just a newbie at this but, I have sucked a black cock and a white cock already (the only 2) and I was fucked by the white guy (only time). I do date a lot of black women but I think the male experiences had everything to do with timing, personalities being compatible and chemistry. That being said, I feel that, maybe there is a certain amount of Taboo but, if both of you like each other and are willing, race doesn't matter. So, enjoy yourselves. Naoll, if it means anything, the white cock was a little bigger, both were nice though. lol
Have you ever been bred, I have fucked more than I have gotten fucked but the two times I was bred, I loved The feeling of it being shot inside me and even better as it oozed out and stained my panties
I have been with two black women and dated a third. They were as different from each other as they were from the white women I have been with. The only difference was that when we were naked together, I enjoyed the contrast between their rich dark skin against my pale white. As far as black men goes, there are definitely some BBC and for me, they aren't as much fun to suck if they are too thick or long. But again, every man and his cock is different from every other. I cherish all the men and women who have gifted me with their bodies. All different. All beautiful


Black Bi-curious Males
Black Masters..Please Use This Small White Cock Faggot Loser.. Being a white slave to a Black Master is what i want to experience, as all whites and white couples should..To be Black owned as it should be..Personally i believe all white "males", married or not should be transformed into she male slaves for their Black Daddys, just like i hope to..And white women are the sluts of the Black Men..i'm in the Waynesboro Va area..
White Women For Black Men
Theres are no black women for white men section because most black women stay with the black men and most white women too. Even if they don't admit it. who can blame them. Look at thier asses, thier balls and those amazing cocks!!! Yes I desire they :-P
Interracial M4M
Any Dom black men want to talk? πŸ–€ I'd like to get to know you and see where it goes :) more then one black guy is welcome to hit me up ;) I'm a white girly sissy I'm attracted to black men only πŸ–€ πŸ₯° and Its not a fetish either lol I'm committed to and only to black men :) I really want to be double penetrated I'll do anything im forced to do and wear :) I'm a good white girly slave for black men and I'll take every bbc like a true slut I am. I know I don't look like I suck cock especially black cocks but oh boy your in for a treat black guys πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈ was told I suck bbc and get throat fucked like a real girl haha same black guy fucked my baby momma and he said I suck cocks a better then she ever thought about haha
White Men Love Black Cock
submissivebob, you are so right. I have come to realize that black men are to be worshiped. White women should have sex with any black man upon request. White men should submit completely to any blackman and be willing to clean his ass, lick his balls and suck his cock on demand. And the white mans ass is for his black master's taking. I have always considered my self stright until i started looking at BBC on the computer. When i see a BBC I am a sissy & turn to a total fag for black men.
Bisexual Interracial
I'm biracial and bisexual, (white, black, and native american) and my husband is white. I have been with white, black, asian, biracial, men and women. I'm open to exploring any and all races! I think exotic women are extremely sexy... but then again, I have a weakness for hot blondes too! ;)
I dream about BBC all the time. As of today, I've never had one. All I know is I WANT ONE. I want pictures of me sucking BBC. Pictures of me being fucked by BBC. I'd love a video of me being gang banged by a group of Black Men. Is their a Dominate Blackman who can help me? Lindawantabe


I'm going to post something in the place where I found success stories. We had a meeting last night, and I was quite satisfied. Wow! In less than 36 hours.