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Straigh looking to play with wife and i
straigh male, Bi-curious wife looking for experience with another lady.
I shared my wife with another man for over 20 years. During most of that time, I was a submissive cleanup boy and helper during their sessions. I came to enjoy this role very much and learned to love sucking his cock and cleaning up the mess he left in my wife's cunt. Though we are still happily married my wife doesn't entertain him any longer and won't consider anyone new. I would like to meet a couple who would like my oral services or a man who would like his cock serviced on a regular basis. I also have videos of my wife sucking and fucking and me helping to share with you.
We're a hot couple.We prefer men for me and men for my wife. I enjoy sucking a real man's cock and when he's about to cum, mama wants him to fuck her so that I can see a real man's cock deep inside my wife's pussy so she can cum with him. I enjoy sucking his cum by sucking his cock and draining his balls completely. Wife insists that I suck his cock so that he can get hard again and then he will be able to fuck my wife again and last a long time. She allows me to suck his balls and suck his cock while she licks the inside of his asshole, because he is a real man. Sometimes she takes away his cock from me, so that she can swallow his cum and then gives me some of his cum by sucking his cum off of her tongue. She really loves a real man.
Am very bi curious and fantasize about many different possibilities. Am hoping to find a bisexual guy, white or blk, preferably 8" uncut who would not be shy sucking my cock in bed while the wife watches. I will reciprocate as well with the sucking. Wife may or may not want participate. She may just be a voyuer.
I had an experience with a man a couple of years ago and found that I really enjoy sucking. I think about sucking all the time. I'm married and my wife supports me in discovering my sexuality. I'm somewhat shy at first but once I get to know someone I'm very open and honest with them. I'm slim, athletic, and not bad looking (my wife says I'm more critical of myself than I should be).
hey we r new in this site, im a bisexual my bf is straigh, we would like to have a threesome with a girl or lady between 22 n 26, so if u wanna go for it n teach us how to be really naughty pls feel free to masg me :-P
Picture this... a man sucking my cock... I'm eating his wife's pussy... she's eating my wife's pussy... my wife is sucking his cock... now rotate... this could go on for hours... I want to fuck a man's asshole while my wife is sitting on his wife's face and sucking his cock.... we are in pensacola, fl if anyone is interested!!!! Thanks for looking!!!!
Its how I started sucking cock. The wife told me it was her fantasy to see me sucking or being sucked by a guy. After a search we found a guy and met him at a club. We went back to his house and the next thing I remember was being on my knees sucking his cock!! I was surprised how much I liked it. It was a complete turn on that the wife and I continue to enjoy!!
7 years ago we were invited to a pool cook out. There were three other couples there, we all was dressed very casual. As the evening progressed and the beer flowed we all were very mellow. Some one pushed a lady into the pool..... soon ev er in was in the pool nude. Wife and I were standing there watching how quickly every one became engaged is some type of sex. Men were sucking men and women were kissing. His wife was holding my wifes hand and he was very hard. He passed behind my wife letting his hard cock rub really good on her ass, my wife knees went slack ask his wife was kissing her and sucking wifes nipples and fingerings her. He was next to me and touched my very hard cock his hand felt so good. We got out of the pool and landed down. He was sucking my cock , I placed my hand on his cock and was thrilled how good it felt. Then I took his cock into my mouth it was wonderful. My first suck in a cock we came in each others mouth. The wives were eating each other, this was a first time wife had sex with a women. Then we fucked each others wife, I ate his cum from my wife and licked her pussy cumm off his cock. All this was our first time bi sex and now we love it
I was sleeping good an started dreaming I walked up to this truck my wife was in the passenger side all played over going to town sucking sum guys cock as I stood there watching her sucking dick I look up at this guy he was eating a McDonald's sausage biscuit in a instant I woke up mad at the wife no not because she was sucking on some guys cock I was mad I did get a sausage biscuit
I would love that too but my wife does not really like me sucking cock and certainly would not want to watch. My wife does not fully understand that there is nothing abnormal about men sucking cock.


Cum Sharing
We love cum sharing, especially with another couple. I love it when my pal fills my bride with his hot cum and I lick it out and share it with his wife. At the end of sucking my wife's pussy I'm hard as a rock so my pal's wife and I have hot sex, culminating in me filling her with many loads of my hot cum and him sucking her pussy dry and sharing it with my wife. As you may imagine, we go on for many hours like this.
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I was at a nudist resort with my wife and I met a guy and started talking with him. One thing led to another and we were in the woods for a walk and he grabbed my cock so I said what the heck and started sucking his cock. His wife went looking for him and caught me sucking his cock. She was surprised but said to go ahead and finish but I had to swallow which I did not mind. I had to beg her not to talk to my wife about it , to say the least it was a nerve racking rest of the weekend. I did suck him off quick a few times after that with and without his wife
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
Hi, Sucking a hard, hot cock while your wife strokes it and feeds it to you is the hottest thing I have ever experienced. The hottest time I can recall is sucking the cum out of a hot young stud just after my wife rode him to a screaming orgasm. ANY Takers. email us, U WILL BE HAPPY!
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
My first time with a guy was part of a threesome with his wife. I met this couple, thinking i was there to help him fuck his wife. He was licking her pussy and she was sucking my hard cock. My eyes were closed as her mouth felt great. Suddenly i realized that there was two mouths on my cock. I snapped my eyes open, just as he swallowed my cock. Although shocked at first the feeling of him sucking me while his wife was licking and sucking my halls was unbelievable. They took it in turns sucking and licking my hard cock, until i shot my load over both their faces. later she wanted to watch me fuck him. So i did, when i come i pulled out his tight ass and come in her mouth. ive sucked a few guys cocks since, but never had a 3way like that again. im looking for a couple to play with again. Anyone in NE England interested, drop me a message.
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Hug Hi Guy's! I really love the way you guy's are so honestly open to the feelings you have about sucking another guy's cock! Until I found this Forum...I thought I was the only Bisexual guy out there who loves sucking another guy's cock as much as I do and having him shoot thick hot loads of sperm in my mouth and down my throat! And all while my wife watches!!! My favorite fantasy is to get together with four guys and my wife, suck on the first one and then after he is rock hard, I guide him into my wife's shaved pussy and let him fuck her till he pumps his cum into her. Meanwhile, I suck the next guy hard and then guide him into my wife's just fucked pussy for a second load. Same with the third and fourth guys. Then to top of my fantasy, my wife makes me eat the men's cum from her cunt till she's clean and orgasm-ed! Wow...I have to go jack off now! Thanks men for being "You":-P James
1 Woman 2 Men
3on Months ago I invited my mate Adam over. My wife was dressed in Black Stockings, Black Suspenders, Black Lacy Knickers and Bra, Black Lacy see through mini dress, High Heels and Red Lipstick. He came over and we all watched Bi porn on the telly. My wife got up and said "Adam follow me" so he did. About 5 mins later I went to the bedroom and peaked around the corner. My wife was on all fours and Adam was pumping her sexy ass. I started wanking my juicy hard cock then my wife saw me and said "Oh baby come here" so I walked over. She started sucking my cock while Adam fucked her ass deep and hard. We stopped and Adam lay on our bed so I knelt down and started sucking his cock it tasted of my wife's ass. My wife sat on his face as I sucked his juicy cock then I pushed his legs up and slid my tongue in his arse.


So far, I'd have to say this site is the complete answer to what my wife and I are looking for, an easy to use, discreet, and yet comprehensive way to meet someone new.