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Love a big fat dildo in my Ass and Pussy and Sex with one is great if you have the right Sex partner:-PKissHug:-D
I have a Brad Stone dildo ... this thing is big ... have to work my into it ... but once I do ... man it's great!
I Love having a huge throbbing Cock in my ass or in the absence of a Cock having a huge Dildo worked in and out of my ass...
my ex fuck-buddy girlfriend and I once bought one of those 3" by 8" super dongs during one of our late night escapades..........I of course, won the bet! ;) (she made it in her ass once, and was like whoooa too much. I on the other hands went back for seconds and thirds...but boy was that one of my biggest stretchings ever!!!!:):) )
wow, those pic's are both scary and hot...i'd love to meet those people because they must really be total cock whores like me. I pride myself on being able to take some good sized cock in my ass but OMG i'm not anyway in the same league as these fine people.
American Bomb shell "ballistic" is a big one!!
I love to use dildos once in while. I don't want my ass to gap. I want to keep it tight for the next cock. If and when I get a 10 or 12 inch cock I want it to hurt. I want to feel every inch as it stretches my sissy white ass. I want to know that I was just really fucked by a real man. Lindawantabe
Big Dildos on Bisexual PlaygroundBig Dildos on Bisexual PlaygroundBig Dildos on Bisexual PlaygroundBig Dildos on Bisexual Playground

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