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True Sex Story of Real Mom Real Son and Real Sister Brother Wife and Real Brother Sisters Husban Sex Relationship

True Sex Story of Real Mom Real Son and Real Sister Brother Wife and Real Brother Sisters Husban Sex Relationship on Bisexual PlaygroundTrue Sex Story of Real Mom Real Son and Real Sister Brother Wife and Real Brother Sisters Husban Sex Relationship on Bisexual Playground
I describe myself as a open-minded, down 2 earth brother who's not afraid of trying new things once or maybe a couple times, it all depends on the situation. I feel whatever goes on between the people I kick it with is between us and the walls we r behind! If that's you then maybe we can be friends before we meet or whatever, its all good with me, as long as you keep it real, I'm always real and you should be 2!!!!i
Hi, i’m 21 and i love to roleplay. I love roles where i’m at risk of getting caught like dad/daughter while mom is shopping, brother/sister while mom and dad are at dinner, brother/sisters bestfriend when when they spend the night and everyone is asleep ect
hi.i am real bi female seeking 3some with real cpl real meet,pls just real couple contact me,u most be real no play game just real meet.pls just real cpl contact me
Very aggressive, very dominate, above-average professional brother... not looking for a relationship, just consistency... be real, be sexy, be normal... we'll click
We are a happy bicouple that loves sex, we are looking for REAL people we have found that their are alot of fake ass people here so if u plan on wasting our time plz move on, we want real meets real fun and REAL sex. We dont mind traveling for people who want a REAL meet we...
we are half brother and sister and we are looking for a good hearted person that will not judge us for what we are we just want to be happy with no judgement we are very nice and down to earth people and if you cant handle that we are half siblings than please move on we have different dad's but the same mother but we never consider ourselves as brother and sister we always had feelings for each other and now were actually giving us a shot to be together we dont like to be judge and we dont judge people we are also wanting to have a third person in our relationship to keep our half brother and sister thing a secret for the rest of our lives i am the sister making this profile i work with disabled people have been all throughout high school and my partner Conway has had many jobs he is a very good family and we dont mind if our third partner has a kid or not my partner and i had kids in our previous relationships in our past before we got together his daughter and his wife died of cancer and i lost my first child in a very abusive relationship with my ex bf and i have another one but i dont know where he took her so if our partner has any kids we dont mind either way
a threesome with a brother/sister or mother/son - real, not step.
I’m 39. Average guy here. Looking for a fantasy to become real. Looking for a younger sister/brother/both to play that role. In St Louis area. Hit me up. Must be legal age though.
I’m 39. Average guy here. Looking for a fantasy to become real. Looking for a younger sister/brother/both to play that role. In St Louis area. Hit me up. Must be legal age though.
So, here we are in our motorhome for the winter looking for some 3some or 4some fun. Why all the BS and games from everyone? We are real and want real people that want to have fun with us. So many fakes and flakes on here! We are in Silver Springs for 2 months, if you are real and wanting to get together, we are here waiting!! NO games!!!! I am bi, and the wife is very bi curious. Isn't this what this site is supposed to be about?? ANY sexy real people?
We would love to find a bi female to join us in our family. A real relationship with myself and my partner. I can you more when you email, this is for real not a just pipe dream, so if you would like the security of a real relationship where your respected, loved and accepted get in touch with us .We are sincere and we are diligently looking for a partner to join us in our life adventures. We are ready willing and able.
I've been in the life style for 30yrs. And what I have found is that about 20% of the people are real. 50% are game players, and 30% are trying to break into the lifestyle but are not sure yet just what they want. Real sex isn't done like in porn movies and real people don't look like porn acters. However; real people have great sex. And finding bi couples online is a hell of a lot better than before we had the internet. It's
well worth the time it take to find the real ones without getting upset.
Pat and QKissKissKiss


Incest Roleplay
love chatting about brother sister experiences or fantasies. not into roleplay although i wouldn`t say no to real life meeting to roleplay it lol. guys or girls please feel free to chat with me. it doesn`t necessarily have to be about brother sister experiences. i find incest fascinating. i`m not into underage though although all of my experiences with both my sisters took place mostly pre 16 with the exception of my oldest sister. had some close calls with her mostly in my early 20`s
Sex With Sister-in-law
My brother and his exwife were swingers. When I was about 18 we were all getting drunk and ended up in their bedroom. I didn't know at the time that they were swingers. It was me, my brother, his wife and my step sister. My brother is dominate so kind of told everyone what to do. I ate my step sister's pussy while he fucked his wife. My girl friend was passed out in the living room. After that I fucked her many time. My brother also is the one who taught me to suck dick when I was little so it was natural for me to start sucking his cock again. My sister in law loved to watch me sucking him. The rule was we couldn't have sex unless both were there. But my sister in law was hot and slutty so we started fucking all the time. I loved licking her pussy because when she came she was very loud. It was so hot. I miss it.
Bisexual Swing Clubs
Why is everyone interested in being bi and not experienced it yet?Does this cat got your tongue?Seems to me that most aren't real about anything involving sex.Just like to talk and put up scenerious. I am glad for meeting the folks that are real and enjoy that.Have fun and be real!
Alabama Swingers
Love to koin n be fucked like a real sissy boi in panties n pulln on my brother's bestfriend cock
2 Girls 1 Guy
hi real bi f here seeking 3some with real cpl real meet
Bang My Wife
I love showing off my hot wife. I would love to chat about uninhibited fantasies, kinks or role plays you would like to do with her. . I am 25 and she is 22. I was in a fraternity and she is still a sorority girl in college. Me and my girl have always been real open in our relationship and love showing off in front of others. From the moment I met her, she loved being a my slut to use as I want and wherever I want. She would blow me in front of my frat brothers and loved showing off for me by bringing one of her sorority sisters over and make me watch her have sex with her and then fuck me as her sister or sisters would continue to make sure all her holes were being used. However, lately, I would love to see her get fucked by someone else, while I watch or let the guy or his girl blow me as I watch or whatever role play, kink of fantasy most appeals to you.


What they like best about the site:  it is for real.