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Vermont Single Men

Vermont Single Men on Bisexual PlaygroundVermont Single Men on Bisexual Playground
Vermont Bull
stight couple looking for a 3 some,,,in vermont
Hi, im a bi male looking for all kinds of fun around New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.
Im a young college guy looking for someone to hang out with this summer in vermont.
36 yr old bisexual male in vermont 6ft 200 lbs br hair gr eyes
I am a young guy in williston vermont, totally new looking to try things. if you are new then thats a plus so let me know
Is noone (other than myself) actually interested in finding friends (with or without) benefits? There are 362 Vermont members on this site and yet noone wants to make friends? Is it me or is everyone else just doing everything through personal e-mails on BP? I am fairly new here (only a few months) but just take a look at our states posts and you will see a lack in enthusiastic interests in my opinion. Anyway, just thought I would ask "What is up with everyone in Vermont!". Have a great day!
Hug Kiss
Hey there DC'ers! I'll be in your area staying at the Courtyard Crystal City Marriott on Saturday 4/24 and Sunday 4/25. I'll be busy during the days but available at night.

I'd like to meet someone at a bar, have a drink or 2 and, if the chemistry is right, go back to my hotel room. I'll probably be at Secrets on Saturday night getting all worked up looking at those beautiful dancers. Would love to meet someone there.

I'd prefer to hook up with a single woman but am open to couples and single males too. Please check out my profile to get to know my preferences. Basically, I'm just looking to have some fun. It's been a long cold lonely winter up here in Vermont and I need to get out and have some fun.

I'll be checking my email periodically so send me a message if interested. Hope to see you soon.
I go through the same thing. In my profile, I have single men only. SINGLE MEN ONLY!!! Not Single men and maybe couples, or single men and perhaps cheating husbands....single men means....just that SINGLE!!!! Where is my trout?
Here is a definetion of the term single men: Men who are not attached in a relationship with commitment. For those who I had blocked recently this is the correct spelling"
S - I - N - G - L - E and then there is a space because it's a two word...D'OH... M - E - N
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I can't help you Peter, but I can empathize with you. Living in Vermont I can't seem to find any close bi fems to join me and my hubby for some fun. Larger cities and larger states seem to have more for the searching if you catch my drift. I read your profile and it looks great to me. I am not looking for a bi male, but if I were I would definately consider you. Don't get down, just keep searching, and hopefully you will find a single or a couple to please.
Hug and Kiss
Happiness is a choice and we choose to be happy with or without you! ;)
That's my motto and I am sticking to it! :)
your up in Vermont?
Hi ever come to vermont if so let me know


M-F-M Threesome
Looking for a Vermont couple for thisHug
Wish I could find some lactating here in Vermont also
Would like to find a Vermont group
Men Sucking Dick With Women Participating
looking for males in vermont to join gf and i . we love to share
Adult Breastfeeding
And women in vermont needs there breast sucked email me.?
Bisexual MMF
Wish I could find a couple to play with here in Vermont I’m sure would be lots of fun


Thanks guys for you nice message. Your site seems better then the ones I have tried. It is hard for a single guy to meet couples because they either want females or another couple. Well anyway thanks again for being nice and will be talking again soon. Jim