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Wearing Panties Smoking Meth

I enjoy blowing big clouds stuffing my hole with huge toys wearing multiple pairs of sexy panties locking my cock in chastity and or cock bondage then using a high power vibrator to make my self cum in my panties as I’m watching sissy hypnosis joi cei porn over and over once my panties are soaked with my cum I then take them off and stuff them in my mouth sniffing poppers , coke , and or smoking meth
I like wearing panties and being exposed wearing panties i enjoy dropping my pants and being pantsed wearing panties
I am a bisexual mile crossdresser. I enjoy wearing old fashioned nylon lace grannie panties, bras, camisoles, womens Jean's. I sometimes enjoy wearing womens tight Jean's that show off my pantylines. From time to time I enjoy walking around outside in just my bra and panties in the very early morning hours like 2am/3am, it's very exciting! I'm always wearing at least bra, panties everyday. I have a 5.5 cut penis and I'm looking for the same in a male sex partner. When a man knows that I'm wearing lingerie I do enjoy stripping down to my bra and panties and please you and I do try to swallow as much of your cum that I can! I LOVE 69ing! Outdoor sex is great too! I'm disease free and expect the same. I'm also looking for someone I can please orally on a regular basis.
im 22 i enjoy being myself and nothing more im a down to earth guy and easy to get along with... i enjoy to work and earn what i have umm well heres something ppl may like or find interesting as well i enjoy wearing panties ive been wearing panties since i was 10... i love looking at them touching them and especially wearing them.. or maybe when im at a friends house i love the rush of going to there mothers room and seeing what kind of panties she wears and just being curious and if shes hott and Gorgeous i basically push myself to do so as well lol well yeah but over all im just a laid back guy
I'm 5"5' bulk hair brown eyes 185 my weight with many tattos and have a big fethis on satin panties, bras love wearing satin panties while having sex or or just stepping out not only do women I love seeming in satin panties I also getting horny seening a clean shaved man wearing panties haven't experience that yet want to because I'm getting tired of just looking at pictures of them
Smoking meth jacking off
The women want you men in panties so that they can control there boyfriend or husbands once they get you in panties they know that you cannot stop wearing panties i started wearing panties 1955 my sisters panties i have worn all types of panties styles color's lacey hensin was very popular years ago bails bought them out .bails 2633 are the same panties theses panties are wide in the croch very soft to the skin they wear wonderful don't ride up very comfortable they dont pinch or cut.some women smell there own panties wet panties don't smell only when they are dry.
I used to steal my stepsister’s panties, bra, socks, pantyhose, wearing them to sleep in after cumin on them!, sniffing her worn panties, sweaty socks. & shoes!
I was so hungry to suck her toes I’d wait till she was sleeping, head in her bedroom, uncovering her feet, & sucking on her toes, licking them, & her feet, while wearing her panties, & bra!, socks, & shoes!, I’d cum on her feet, & go back to bed!
Then I started eating her cum out of her panties, my stepmom caught me wearing her panties, bra, socks, shoes, , eating her panties out, & allowed me to finish, , while eating her pussy, & asshole!, after that every day I come home from school and she pulls her panties to her knees, so I can lick them clean, while stripping naked, to wear them!, with her socks, & bra
I love wearing womens panties, yoga pants, bras. I love wearing panties in front of other men and women. I loved stealing other wives panties on vacation and wearing them. When the wife (now ex) caught me and hated it after the phase she liked it was even more fun.. That pink pair looks amazing on you...
The most fun I had was on sundays we wpould both wear her panties and clean the house and tease each other... we would masterbate for each other.
I always wanted to do that with a guy and girl or husband and wife.. I want to wear panties, bra, sexy short skirt.. I want to be the perfect wife to both of you... I love sexy panties.. I just got new order from victorias secret. I bought two bathing suit bottoms, they are so fun for backyard pool parties. lets chat
My mom made me wear my sisters silky yellow panties when I was about 3 yes old. My little pecker jumped to life in those panties. She caught me wearing them a couple times afterwards and asked me why, I told her truthfly that I loved wearing them. Been wearing silky briefs since then, some were gifts from mom!
I've been wearing panties, pantyhose and slips for over about 40 years now. I started when I found my moms girdles and such in a dresser down it the basement. (Even got caught wearing a panty girdle.) Later began "borrowing my sister's panties and finally began to accumulate my own. It can be quite a turn on buying women's underwear in a store. Though I usually go to a place that is not real close to home.

I wear panties 24/7 and pantyhose during cooler months. Occasionally I have also worn slips when I've gone out. But I only wear them under my regular clothes. I also like to wear panties under and over the pantyhose. Sometimes more than one pair under and/or over. (I really love wearing panties.) Mostly, I stick to hi-cuts, full briefs and the so-called "boy-leg panties."


Drug Sex
Hi I love drugs and sex. Especially stimulant drugs like meth. All I ever want to do is smoke meth with people and get naked and ask for meth slammed in my dick, meth shoved down my penis hole, rubbed all over my dick and meth clouds embarrassing my cock and balls. *Sigh* I wish, so much awesome. Especially if they just tie me up and make me so high on meth and inject it into all my male parts. I'd be happy to let them make my cock a toy and cum factory. 🥰 Love
Drug Sex
Hello all you hard docks. I like to get.high on meth and fucked in the ass. I also like it when there's a meth shard in my whole and let it melt a little before you fuck me. Will be anal ladyboy for meth. Inbox me asap
Women In Panties
I have a huge panty fetish and have had it since i was young! I think a woman in satin or silk bikini panties is hotter than being naked! I have jerked off in every way possible to panties, sniffing used ones, cumming in and on them, wearing them during sex with males and females, eating pussy thru them, giving guys handjobs and sucking cock thru them etc. ive swapped girlfriends and wifes panties with other men, pictures and videos of women ive dated etc. i really enjoy cumming on them especially while women are wearing them! I also enjoy wearing panties when im at bookstores, theaters, or having bisex with men! Most guys take them off me right away because they arent into them and want my cock or nice tight ass right away! But once in a while i meet men that enjoy them or enjoy the way i get wile wearing them! Im submissive in them and like being raped or being told wat to do by aggressive guy or guys!
I love smoking meth, start crossdressing and sucking cock and getting fucked , preferably with more than one person and I love women too, let's all get naked
Males In Panties
My panty wearing started when I was 9 and I would steal my cousins dirty little girl panties, she was 8. I would take her little girl bras too. Then I decided to work my way up.your my beautiful aunts panties.... and there was the Holy grail of panties... they caught me and I was only allowed to wear panties while I was at their house from that point, then it turned into family fucking in panties... soooo open hot, makes me hard thinking about it
Men In Pantyhose
I live wearing panties and seeing men in panties would love to see men here in panties Ladies I want to be seen in panties Hug


You guys are doing an awesome job with this site. What a great concept! Hope to chat sometime!