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Wife Forces Husband to Masturbate in Front of Her Friends

6 4 250 good shape dark hair short beard, versitle to fun things would love to play with a husband in front of his wife, or wife in front of hubby, or all of us in front of Wal Mart (probably not on the first date)
Looking to play with Top Men or get pounded by husband in front of wife and wife and I both blow the husband.
My wife and I love sex. We enjoy others watching joining in and we also enjoy watching. My wife is bi but enjoys men(3 or more). We both like to masturbate if front of others and enjoy watching them do the same. My wife loves to expose herself in public. We just like to have fun without pain. We are not jealous of seeing each other with others actually it turns us on. We hope to hear from men, women and couples.
A married guy who gets zero sex for over 22 years. Loves to masturbate, wants to masturbate in front of people, prefer younger women.
Handsome Black Male Brown skined, Green eyes, shaved, HORNY Living in Las Vegas, I do not Drink, Smoke or do DRUGS of any kind. I Seeking a Female Masturbation Buddy here in Las Vegas, a Woman who wants a Man who want to give her Oral, a Woman who LOVEs to Watch a Man Masturbate as she watches him and Guides him through, a Woman who will join in and Masturbate with me. A woman who want to Masturbate on Cam as well as Face 2 Face I LOVE 2 Watch and Be Watched as I Masturbate I work as a Videographer (Adult and Family) Work out of my own Studio ALWAYS Looking for women to shoot who love to get in front of a Cammera and SHOW OFF what she HAS, I Love to Take my time giving ORAL sex to a woman, I LOVE getting in front of a Cammera and Jacking off for a woman who loves to watch, I LOVE to Masturbate FACE 2 FACE, I Love to eat Pussy while being Masturbated,
Wife with diapered husband curious...We are a fun couple that would like to make friends first and see if that leads to more. We are not experienced at this together and are wanting to take things slowly. We have a fetish for men in diapers or panties in front of the women though this is not set in stone. We would like to start with MM and FF at first and see how it goes.
Wife: Oh, come on.
Husband: Leave me alone!
Wife: It won't take long.
Husband: I won't be able to sleep afterwards.
Wife: I can't sleep without it.
Husband: Why do you think of things like this in the middle of the night?
Wife: Because I'm hot.
Husband: You get hot at the darnest times.
Wife: If you loved me I wouldn't have to beg you.
Husband: If you loved me you'd be more considerate.
Wife: You don't love me anymore.
Husband: Yes I do, but let's forget it for tonight.
Wife: (Sob-Sob)
Husband: Alright, I'll do it.
Wife: What's the matter? Need a flashlight?
Husband: I can't find it.
Wife: Oh, for heaven's sake, feel for it!
Husband: There! Are you satisfied?
Wife: Oh, yes, honey.
Husband: Is it up far enough?
Wife: Oh, yes that's fine.
Husband: Now go to bed and from now on when you want the window open, do it
I have been invited to my old friends for dinner... she is freak and so is husband.... I have sent her and she shows her husband, pics and videos of me in panties, fucking, masturbating......

they always want to be naked at home ..... they always say it... i am wearing panties.... I want signal to strip to them...... i want to masturbate for them.... I want to wear panties entire night, they be naked.....

she loved my panty thing... she loved when the ex-wife started verbally assualting me.... I would leave the panties on and take videos secretly and send to her.....

she is very fat... I want another fat chick..... the office one,.... said why you bring your kid...... now I get none... I gotta masturbate tonight... my husband is out..... i sent her a few videos and said.... cum hard....

she called me on facetime... she said... i am naked in my reclining chair.... cum with me..... I started stroking.... she told me about her 25year old daughter... she used to hear her masturbate all the time....

my husband would say who is hurt... I would say that is your duaghter orgasming and screaming... she is screamer.... he said but our son does not scream mom said he does not close the door....

my office friend said i bet that is why they invited you... she had been asking about a 2nd guy to join... now they invite you out of blue..... I did tell her we fucked finally and it was great.... she said her husband thinks you have nice cock....
The pink one is the bathing suit... I cannot wait to wear in front of others... The husband and wife up the street loved it... the husband would come home.. we would both be naked in her panties would go upstairs and deal with his wife.... then the rest of night could be who knows... her friends were more fun... they always stripped to panties.. I always fucked them.. guys are harder... if his wife liked I had a chance. an obvious gay man was there... I had him drunk naked in guest room by 10 pm we had no good lube.. we blew each other and went to sleep...... the next morning while peeing I found vaseline.. I went back and woke him up with handjob..... we kissed and went to kitchen.. I was in only panties. so was husband and wife.. I offered him another handjob.. he said no.. he husband said yes.. she said come on.. I said wait did you do anyting with him yet... she said no... I said come sit down.. I lubed it up and started ruibbing.. he said he did great job on mine..

I said everyone rubs his dick for him.. I do many myself.. I jerked him off. what a great guy
He looks like he is trainable, but he needs work on taking the whole cock. wife must masturbate while husband gets fucked than she must clean my cock with her mouth. Husband I have a butt plug you will wear when I am not there because I am out with your wife fuking
Okay I will tell on myself for the sake of intertainment..

When I was in my twenties I had a friend that owned a bar, His wife and my Wife at the time were best friends, so it wasn't unusual for her to be with us while he was working.

One night while have a few at my friends bar, my wife dared me to get naked and ride my Harley thru the bar... Well being the person I am I dared my friends wife to ride with me..

The plan was we ride in the back doors and out the front and zip back around to the back and get dressed.

Things don't always go as planned.. We go out back and get naked I fire up the bike and my wife opens the door, We ride in do couple of cookies on the dance floor and out the front.. INTO THE WAITING ARMS OF THE LOCAL POLICE.

my name is at the top of the 86 list to this day.. and the bar has changed hands several times...
this is my biggest fantasy I would like sucking on a dick In front of his wife or girlfriend and fucking each other in front Her and if the husband Or boyfriend want me to service his wife or girlfriend


Men Eating Their Own Cum
Whenever the urge strikes me I Love to masturbate and eat my cum. I also enjoy masturbating in front of my wife and friends and sharing my cum with them....Yummy!
Men Getting Fucked By Women
My number one fantasy is for my wife to bend me over and fuck me with a strapon. Then her boy toy gets in front and forces his cock into my mouth. If any couple out there would like to run a train on me, let me know!
Bisexual Slave
I want to be a couples' bi slave someday. Apparently it's not a big desire in Washington. But I would love to be ordered to do the dishes in my maids uniform and heels when the wife comes to me and tells me to start sucking her clit. Which I do until she comes then I go about my work. When I'm vacuuming the floors I suddenly feel a hand on my ass and turn around. The husband is sqeezing my ass and forcing my body around. When I'm facing him he forces me to my knees. Looking at the wife with begging eyes I hope she'll tell him to stop. But she's only smiling and her fingers are between her legs. He tells me to unbuckle his pants and take his cock out. I don't move fast enough and get pushed to the floor. I'm on my hands and knees and he forces my legs apart grabbing my cock and balls. Telling me that he'll cut them off if I don't move faster and do what he tells me! I just answer "Yes sir." To be finished later.....
Forced Cock Sucking By A Woman
I do enjoy sometimes when I am with a couple when the wife forces me ( although does not need to ) suck her husband off or push my head down on his cock while holding his cock and force feeds it to me especially while he is cumming. This can be very hot and erotic.
Jack N Jill
This is what I found on Urban Dictionary: Jack and Jill 1) A party for those about to be wed; sometimes called a stag & doe (its like a shower, except that only women are invited to a shower) 2) A gathering of males and females, who masturbate in front of each other for mutual stimulation and enjoyment. (looking is encouraged but touching is not) 3) When a man and a woman get together to masturbate in front of each other for mutual stimulation and enjoyment
My wife does me once in a while in front of her friends. Last time Gail did me her best friend she was excited. Love the feeling.KissHug


First of all, thank you both for allowing me the pleasure of entering, checking out, and trying your site. My wife and I have very different tastes when it comes to how we use our down time, but we both completely trust and encourage each other and our differences, so your site seems to be exactly what I have been looking for. I was introduced to it while visiting a friend in KY over the weekend. I look forward to introducing all of my friends to it along the way. As I realized that the information you were looking for in the profiles was going to take more than 3 minutes to fill out, my mood changed quickly from annoyance to being highly impressed as I realized you are looking to weed out the liars, fakers, and games-players that seem to be ruling over most of the meeting places on the Internet. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and success as your site grows and blossoms, as I'm certain it will. Secondly, being a bit of a sap and romantic at heart (even if a bit of a free-spirit and part time pervert), congratulations on your engagement! While many may find my interests in joining with others as a single bisexual male to clash completely with that of a totally satisfied and completely happily married man, I can tell you that my marriage was the part that made my life complete. I wish you as much happiness as you can find in each other as possible and hope for years of fun, excitement, and new discoveries together, both in and out of bed! P.S. By the way, 10 years ago when I first met my future wife, I wasn't even bi-curious. Funny how a solid, open and honest relationship can open doors that you never knew were there in the first place.