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Wife Puts Husband in Bra Panties and Garter Belt

since i was young i have always love pleasing women and meni also like wearing a tedy sexy panties fish net stockings with a garter belt
Mature manly part-time crossdresser that enjoys dressing up wearing makeup panties bra stockings garter belt and heels.
i am great at pleasing people ilove trying new stuff i also love wearing fishnet stockings with garter belt sexy panties with tedy
68 keep in shape... shaved body... 6.5'' uncut long forskin... cross dress in silky panties, hose, garter belt, bra and wig...I am into most kinky sex
Ilove pleasing women and men orally andin any other way that makes them cum over and over I also like 2 wear a tedy sexy bra and panties with a garter belt and fish net stockings lets cum together
I'm a lawyer, love being in panties, girdles, garter belts. My wife likes that I wear her panties to bed every night and often when we go out on weekends. Still, she doesn't know I'm bi-curious, and would love to be another who also wears panties, etc.
I love wearing a garter belt, stockings and panties.
I love a top that loves panties, hose garter belt, its just hot
I prefer stockings and garter belt with my panties and slip
If a man is using me I want him naked, if it's another sissy I would like them in at least stockings but would prefer a garter belt also. I would be wearing a garter belt and stockings.
I love wearing panties and bras and lingerie and garter belt
Ok I’ll start. I was approached by this man to screw he and his wife and go down on him and he would go down on me. His wife however wanted a cross dresser which I have been known to do, so we set up an evening on the weekend assuming this would be an all nighter. My cock got so hard just thinking about it my satin panties got flooded from pre cum somI took them off and licked them clean. So the evening arrived and I shaved real good did my makeup and hair then satin string panties, matching garter belt pair of very nice seamed stockings, a matching full satin slip. I put on a zip up dress and a belt. I unzipped almost to my navel and from the bottom to mid thigh to show my slip and stockings. I was greeted at the door by his wife dressed all in satin right down to her skirt and blouse. The minute I walked in she started making out with me and grabbing my cock through my slip and panties, her husband was already jerking off. I just went with the flow and started feeling her out only to find she was wearing a strap on. We started undressing each other and she told me to leave the lingerie on and get down and suck her pussy. Not one to argue I got down there to the sweetest wettest shaved pussy I had ever seen. I got busy with my tongue and fingers and surprise she squirted all over my face. All she could say was cock now, so I plugged in with one push, no need to worry she had plenty of lube. All of a sudden the husband is licking me as I fuck her. It was a little difficult with the strap on so she said it was time for her to drive. So I got on hands and knees, her husband underneath me and her taking aim. We got into a rhythm where she was pounding my ass and suddenly the harness had a dildo for her pussy and she came, and squirted all over and that made me come right into the husbands mouth. We took a time out for some air and a drink or two to refresh. Played a little slap and tickle while we were reloading. Hope you enjoy, hope some has sex to it or just plain masturbate to it.


ever since my ex wife beat me up and dressed me up in her lace panties and garter belt and lace bra in front of all our friends and instead of being embarrest I woke up from being knocked out by my wife with a hard on and couldnt beleive how horney I felt dressed in her panties and things and couldnt stop my tiny 3 inch cock from getting hard now I love wearing womens underwear
Females Who Use Strap-ons on Males
the night my ex wife beat me up and dressed me up in her panties and bra in front of every body at our house party to show every body my three inch cock so they could make fun of it she turned me over and put a dildo up my as to show that I would get a hard on and come off proving that I liked being beat up and wearingt womens panties and garter belt and that i loved being fucked up the ass with a dildo well I came off and she proved her point and that I was a sissy and also would like a cock up my ass and she was right now I love both up my ass
Males In Panties
I wear satin panties every day. sometimes I wear a garter belt and stockings as well.
Hi, This is a dream. That, I had a long time ago. I dreamed that, I was mans wife. Not just a wife, but a Cocksucking and Fucked Swinging Housewife. I would Suck his other male friends cocks at his discreation. There was a night, we went out to a friends private club. All male-couples, except one little differeance, the wifes at this meeting, wore high-heels, black nylon stockings, with black garter belt. Each wife was taken by the hand by two husbands, each wife bend over, cock in the rear, the other in the mouth.
Lap Dances
your wife is out shopping for a few hours. I come over in a jacket and tie. you put on slow music. I push you down onto your couch. I slowly grind in front of you as I take my tie then shirt off. now I sit on your lap facing away and ggrrind my ass into your cock. you pull up on my garter belt thatsstcking up over the topof my pants. I turn and undo mypants then get onmy knees in front of you and suck your cock throughh your pants. with my ass in the air, my pants slide of my hips exposing my white garter belt andstockings and blue thong. I am now sittingon your lap facing you. my knees arre at your hips as I grind your cock intto my ass. after I work up a lather, I slide your shirt up and suck your nipples. my tongue traces a line downyour belly to your pants which I slowly undo. I release your cock and lick the shaft upand down. I suck your balls then trace my tongue on the head. this eventually ends with you straddling my head ass you fuck my mouth. I tell you to fuck my face like your wife's pussy. you explode down my throat.
Garter Belts
I simply feel so feminine when I am wearing a Garter Belt.


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