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Wife Sneaks in Guest Room

Wife Sneaks in Guest Room on Bisexual PlaygroundWife Sneaks in Guest Room on Bisexual Playground
looking to meet fun females to join our weekend fun and parties we travel often and like to ake friends with us ....I like women with large breasts who know how to have fun and wants to a long term friendship who can become emotionally involved.... we have a guest house with room available for travel guest so e-mail me today
Hi , Mariied with a strict wife I look after home while she works for a large company . Her sister now lives with us since her husband died. I sleep in spare room till wife tells me to sleep in her room for a night. Regards , Richard
Clean married couple. Looking to try something my wife would like to do in the bed room. We work out and my wife runs. We are looking for a women that takes care of her self. That will help my wife and I fulfill our fantasy
i', wife is not but likes to watch me go down on a guy or female,we only play together with others only,same bed room at the same time,we like to get to know you first by email than in person than the bed room.any thing else please don't be afaid to ask and yes we practice safe sex
6 ft 5 Aussie, in Charlottesville for a short time only. Wife will be in Australia - I will be in the US. Also will be in LA for a couple of days...I cannot drive however, have a hotel room and more than apply to meet somewhere and if we hit it off head back to the room...
Male here with a big Foot Fetish for younger guys in sneaks and white socks
The pink one is the bathing suit... I cannot wait to wear in front of others... The husband and wife up the street loved it... the husband would come home.. we would both be naked in her panties would go upstairs and deal with his wife.... then the rest of night could be who knows... her friends were more fun... they always stripped to panties.. I always fucked them.. guys are harder... if his wife liked I had a chance. an obvious gay man was there... I had him drunk naked in guest room by 10 pm we had no good lube.. we blew each other and went to sleep...... the next morning while peeing I found vaseline.. I went back and woke him up with handjob..... we kissed and went to kitchen.. I was in only panties. so was husband and wife.. I offered him another handjob.. he said no.. he husband said yes.. she said come on.. I said wait did you do anyting with him yet... she said no... I said come sit down.. I lubed it up and started ruibbing.. he said he did great job on mine..

I said everyone rubs his dick for him.. I do many myself.. I jerked him off. what a great guy
So when I was younger my mom took us to her gay friend’s house. She got drunk and decided we were spending the night. So I went to the guest room and my mom took the main room. Her friend was sleeping in the bed across from me. I acted like I was asleep but it was so hot watching him stroking his cock. I wanted to do more but was afraid because he was a man and I was only about 14. But it was such an arousal! I wanted so badly to touch it and maybe taste it. Guess that’s where my curiosity comes from
sneaks in
Jasmine & Karl,
All guest attending the BP Viva Las Vegas Party MUST be a registered guest through No one will be allowed to attend if not registered in advance with them. The resort will have a list of all registered guest also.
Please refer the the official party page listed on for information about the party, this is the only official information source.
I've only had a couple of MMF with my wife and a male guest. They were the most erotic moments of my life.
The VERY best is when I'm asleep and he sneaks down to eat me. As I wake I feel his hot mouth and my pussy is on fire. He can get me off over and over. I'm wet just thinking about it. I need licked and tongued....


One year me and my best friend spent the hole summer just fucking my wife the slut loved it. She go in living room ride his cock than cum fuck me than go back fuck him We have little get togethers and she walk around party or bomb fire with just a short time shirt and a thong. The slut always would sneak off and fuck some random guest. Or just swallow there loads
Male Orgy
The first time I went to an all-male sex party, there were over a hundred men there, all naked and most with stiff dicks. It felt a lttle awkward at first because i didn't know anyone there, but I was sitting in a room where a tv was showing some porn (all male, naturally), and there was a guy making the rounds of the room giving blow jobs He got to me, and when he finished, I grabbed his hand and got down on my knees and returned the favor. Then I followed his example and made the rounds of the room myself. By the time I left the party, I'd swallowed over two dozen loads. The parties continue monthly, but I seldom go because I don't have transportation. Anyone who wants to give me a ride can go as my guest.
Men Sucking Dick While Woman Watch
Right before Christmas I was at a party and met this other guy about my age. We had been drinking a lot and got to talking As it turns out the subject of being bicurious came into the conversation. We decided to get together as couples between Christmas and New Years at our condo in NC. After dinner we were sitting around and he and I decided to go into the down stairs room where we have a large screen TV and watch ESPN. As luck would have it the two ladies decided they would take our dog out for a walk and walk off the dinner. This was the opportunity we had been waitng for so he went down on me first and then me on him. When ours wives where returning my wife decided to show his wife the deck work we had just completed in the fall. As she was doing this she glanced in the french doors that separate the deck from the room we were in and saw me sucking my new friends cock. Apparently my wife was the only one who saw what was going on. I heard something by the door and looked up to see her peering in at us. I figured It was all over for she and I but I was wrong. I obviously stopped the activity and we both rushed up stairs. The rest of the nite about 45 minutes of it was strange to say the least. After the other couple went to their room my wife let me have it-called me a cock sucker and you name it. I thought she was going to leave right then and there. She didn't and the next day she said that she was really turned on by what she saw, but felt compelled to tell my new friends wife what she had seen. Well, the day after that we returned to our respective homes in VA. Don't know if my wife ever told the other guys wife or not but my wife told me that she wanted to see me do it again up close as it was a real turn on for her. I can not believe this came out of my wife as this is not her character. Subsequent to that night she has watched me two more times perform oral sex on another guy. Just the other day after we finished having sex with one another she told me she was interested in finding a bicurious female so she could see what she might have been missing. I know this sounds crazy but it happened. She is still looking.
Men That Want To Be Gang Banged
This is my fantasy. I want to be on my knees taking cock in my mouth, when someone sneaks behind me , grabs me and makes me take it
Getting Caught
Seems that one of the hottest times I had was several years ago, when I was in a LTR, and my partner came home during lunch unexpectedly and walked in on a hot guy sucking my dick. It was a scene, and my friend freaked and bolted faster than lightning, but I found a vicarious thrill in being caught. I secretly desired my partner to join us instead of stopping the action. Ever thought how fun it would be if your husband or wife came in unexpectedly and also got turned on by it? It could be an accidental discovery of MMF or MFF interest! Alternatively, being caught if in a public or semi public place would be fun, so long as it wasn't law enforcement. Yikes. But to have a hot guy walk in on two guys jacking off in the public restroom, or knowing that the people you are staying with on vacation (old college roommate, huh?) was trying to peek in the door of the guest room you were staying in, just to watch you and yours go at it, hoping he'd be invited. After all, he can vividly remember knowing that you were wacking off some nights in that bed, and he pretended to be asleep, but the hardon that he had wouldn't go away. The ideas go on and on. Write me with thoughts, or better yet, do a journal entry here. Hope you have fun... Laughing
Anal Dildos
With a dildo you can accomplish some of your fantasies. Deep penetration for example. Some women/men don’t want husbands wives with open minds, so do it on the sneaks or find some one like me, I’ll even strap one one and fuck you.


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