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What's the difference I think cut it just looks more appetizing !

I have to agree with you Capt I don't like all that foreskin on a nice cock. I like to tongue around the head before I swallow the whole thing.

I like a nice cock too with out all the foreskin.
to take my time an make it special when
I suck someone off.

I totally agree. Got myself circumcised about six years ago. Best move i ever made. Looks better feels better. no more fish smell. no more irritations and i can last much longer. Been with a number of uncut guys. If they dont pull it back and clean it, it can be quite gross. I have noticed also that they tend to cum a bit faster. Would never want to go back to being uncut. No regrets here. Take it from someone who has been on both sides of the coin.
It all should depends if you like a bush or not me it doesnt mater

I've had both, but I prefer cut. The only thing about uncut is that the man needs to have very good higiene about himself because of the skin closing over the head.
Def, cut. sucking that head and popping in and out of my mouth....

Cut for me!

I absolutely prefer cut. I like the way my tongue runs up the underside of a stiff cock then moving my lips over the head and sucking my way all the way down. I just feel it easier to work with. from my experience the cut cock seams to be a bit more sensitive to my tongue
now that just my personal preference

I think it would be very disappointing if the other person is uncut. Your all hot and ready then the cloths come off then there it is. The mood is gone that's why I'm being patience to find that fine looking cock to service

The un cut cock gives you more to play with, slipping your tongue between fore skin and cock head getting all the pre cum then pulling it dack to reveal a slick smooth head coverd in pre cum,yum its the best.

I myself like cut.

Its all about what we want to experience to me. I don't mind pulling the skin down to give a good bj. But when it cums to entering my ass, it needs to be cut. Being uncut can cause bleeding and I can not accept that! And I would hope that uncut men can wash it by now! So yes I would feel better on the cut side.

While I have and don't mind having sexual fun with a friend who is uncut. I prefer going down on and having sex with a friend who is not only cut, but also keeps his pubic and ass crack area shaved smooth and clean..

I agree I'm more of a top I like shaved it seems like there is more to enjoy

I agree i am totally shaved. Like it much better more inclined to lick if shaved and especially if its cut. Getting cut as an adult gives me a unique perspective. Having been on both sides of the coin

I have had experience with both and I prefer cut and shaved. I like the look and smell and feel of a cut cock. And trimming or shaving makes it that much better. No stray hairs to disrupt the sex.
I have always preferred cut, but recently had a great experience with uncut. Its just a matter of preference. Definately enjoy a smooth cock and body too.
100% cut....
When I was younger, I only liked Men who were Circumcised. It no longer means anything to me. Cleanliness is what's really important.
I guess as we age, those things just aren't as important as we thought but then again, maybe I am so starved for the touch and taste of a Man, that my priorities have changed (I hope not).

Cut, no question!

Washing the uncut cock is similar to brushing your teeth. Do it once or twice a day for proper hygiene. That takes care of the smell concerns and any irritations.

The foreskin exudes its own lubrication from its inner layer and its structure facilitates intercourse for both parties. Additionally, it makes masturbation much easier.

The foreskin tends to keep the sensitivity of the glans, while being cut deadens it. A man has to learn to pace himself to avoid premature ejaculation. It's part of maturing.

See .

So far it's 50-50 what's going to win?

i got cut seven years ago. the only thing that circumcision does is reduce the hypersensitiviy. My glans has plenty of sensitivity, just not the hyper stuff; i enjoy oral sex much better now since if the guy or gal is a bit more vigorous it doesnt hurt at all. The only real change in technique is in masturbation. since uncut guys use the foreskin as a wrapper. cut guys have to use a bit different technique more attention to the head and the inner foreskin thats left which is fine by me. I have also found that uncut guys by a wide majority cum much faster. I will take both but prefer cut by a wide margin. I will not touch an uncut cock where the guy cant retract his foreskin. Helmets rule.

Cut and shaved is the way to go

I agree the cleaner the better

My first cock I sucked was cut and I enjoyed it immensely but the one uncut cock I was privileged to suck was by far the best cant wait for the next one

Wanna thank everyone

I barely knew foreskin existed until I had a roommate in college that was uncut... and wasn't bashful about walking around nude. I got real curious and finally asked him about it... long story short he let me experiment with it. Now I'm fascinated with many dicks that have foreskin. I frequent webcam sites where everyone can see everyone, and love to watch guys use their foreskin. Unfortunately most of them aren't in the US. I'd love to find a guy that would let me see and play with his uncut cock occasionally. Ultimately,I would love to share pussy with a dude that's uncut.

Cut is the way to go

Im cut but would at least one time be with a man who is uncut. This is me

cut for me please....also shaved or close trim.

Teddy Bear?

Cut only

I love to suck a nice uncut cock. Pull back the forskin so it becomes much more sensitive and responsive to a nice warm mouth. I also enjoy docking and stroking the two cocks at the same time until they both cum then its down on my knees to clean it all up
UNCUT!!! I'm a newbie who has been doing real time bi oral for about a year. By chance, one of my first experiences was with an uncircumcised Indian guy. After that I became a "sucker" for foreskin . I like the look, feel, smell and taste of it. I especially like foreskin long enough to cover the head even when a guy is erect.

Prefer other big cut cocks.

I like both. I prefer to suck one that's cut and to wank an uncut one.
Personally I'm turned off by uncut cocks but seeing a cut one makes me hard and mouth water.

Sweet yes Cut s are more enjoyable to me and I do enjoy Sucking on them that are cut more so, I enjoy getting fucked to as well, but fucking is not the same as Sucking . .

Nothing like rolling a nice cut cock in your mouth
I am cut and like it more when I suck a cut cock. I also can be a lot of fun playing with a uncut if that don't have a big fat forskin

all look yummy

Nice cocks mmm
I have no preference both are suckable. With uncut I do like pulling back the foreskin kind of like opening a present

Like cut cocks

Cut cocks just look more appetizing

I love cut so do the guy that suck me but they both feel the same balls deeo in my ass
Early in my cocksucking days i was turned off by uncut cocks, fearing they would smell and taste bad. After sucking several uncut cocks where the man kept clean, I have no preference. It seems men with uncut cocks cum faster and seem to really appreciate my talent.

I love to nibble and suck on a nice foreskin. to dock my uncut cock with another uncut cock too. when he cums inside my foreskin.
I like both but definitely have a preference for uncut cocks. The foreskin is great to nibble and suck on and cock head is much more sensitive
I Do not just like uncut cocks, But have absalouteally always loved them most especially being able to get a toung in there and lick around to get that very delishous tasting pre cum and even cum, as well as getting docked with a to me very beautiful uncut cock and having it cum all over yours,For me anyway I takeing an uncut cock up the ass without the big beautiful foreskin being pulled back or even partly retracted, somethig which I descovered very long ago. There again I Am absalouteally not ever going to turn down A cut cock either,
If you want to understand my feelings and view on cut or uncut cocks,Then see what I Had,had to say about actually sucking my very frists s Ever,The one thing I had foregotten to metion was that most of the guys were a very beautiful mixture of both cut and uncut so I have absalouteally always loved both and continue to right up untill today,also the very special ladie in my life and i had decide not to have either one of our sons cut since there really is no need for it to be done, Now as for the smell of those very
beautiful even gourgous uncut cocks for me I have always loved the smell,taste, and flavor of an unwashed and uncleand uncut cock my mom's brother and dads very special boyfriend both had,had very big beautiful uncut cocks which absalouteally always tasted super delishous most especially if they did'nt wash and clean the insides of those very beautiful looking and even very much bettert tasting uncut cocks.

Uncut is so fun...docking is very pleasurable....

So am I the only female to post I here. come on ladies, let here your opinion cut-uncut-shaved-burley?
once again I like a clean cut and shaved cock to play with but I am not going to turn down an un-cut cock if we are sharing

Thanks everyone but a cut cock just feels so much better!!!

So if anybody wants a nice 6.5 cut cock hmu
i already have one and i never leave home without it but there's always room for more

Lol me to!!
I was circumsized as an adult, I love my cut cock, but I am not predjudiced, I love uncut cocks also. My only requirement is that they be clean. I love to suck them, and suck the balls while I am at it.!
I much prefer cut men. It is even better if they are completely shaved. Bigger is better!

I love looking at a man's cock but it adds to my arousal when I slowly peel back his foreskin and see his glans..

It's like some like it and some dont
I haven't sucked a cock yet, looking forward to sucking cocks. In a way the pics of some uncut turn me on. I mean I woould to play with and suck an uncut cock just to see if there is more to it than a cut cock. Of course I need to suck a cut cock too.

My cock is cut. I like my cock

Uncut can be a lot of fun to play with.
Yes, cut for me. Just personal preference.

Yes I am cut and love cut better love the way it looks and feels but will not turn a uncut away I will wrap my lips around all cocks

Ty luv cut
cut and shaved,looks best to me,aslo large cockhead

That's the way I like it cut and shaved

I prefer cut. I make very few exceptions for uncut guys, such as the one I dated a long time ago. He was Asian, originally from Taiwan. He kept himself exceptionally clean so it was a real pleasure sucking him. When he got hard his foreskin retracted enough to make it look like he was cut. I'm not very willing to suck an uncut penis unless I know it's very clean. Guys with a phimosis, definitely not.

Haven't had the pleasure of playing with an uncut yet, but I would welcome the opportunity.
cut shaved,does it for me

Thanks only cut
My first same sex partner was uncut and I worshiped his wonderful cock. I think a preference depends on your base experience.

Cut only! There is something about uncut cocks that just doesn't look right or normal to me.

I'm uncut and the feeling is wow amazing
Uncut for me, the way they were intended to be. Hey,that rhymes. Lol. Nothing like pulling that foreskin back and exposing that beautiful smooth head.

This is not a debate of "cut" or "uncut"....It's "normal" or "mutilated".

I'm cut. Didn't have a choice. Doctor decided he needed to make a yacht payment and convince my parents that it was "for hygiene". My dad allowed it to happen even though he was uncut.

Imagine the outrage there would be if we cut off babies ear lobes, or little toes...they don't REALLY need them. Might as well cut them off. Everyone okay with that? Of course you're why are you okay with removing foreskin that serves a very important purpose?

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Uncut Penises
uncut cock what can i say i love cock but uncut is the best i love to pull on the forskin stick my dick head in to his skin noting better in the world maybe two uncut dicks later
I was cut when a baby, so I haven't got a foreskin, but I have sucked many uncut men and have been fucked by is always enoyable. I enjoy all cocks but uncut are a special treat;)
Cock Docking
love to try docking my uncut cock with another uncut cockHug
I'm uncut, and would not want it any other way. When I was young growing up I felt very different. I was the only one of my friends that was uncut. I didn't know it at the time but if someone had just told me it would be so marvelous when I got older it might have helped. It is great now to have my head covered and I am so thankful it looks good as well
I'm uncut and i love uncut cock. I love to suck it and play with the foreskin in my mouth. I really don't get the docking thing other than it is playing... no turn on to me....
Uncut Penises
I always can of leery of uncut cocks until I was of a web site and hook up with a bi man also he had a 7in cock when he show it to me I said oh know don't like uncut he said why did you have one before I said know he said while you do like cock right I said yes while just touch it he reply so I did it felt smooth in my hand like it had lube on it so I started jacking it I would cover the head and back down again then I saw pre cum leaking so I bent down to taste it and he said there you go not bad right I said and lick a little pre cum off it them said what the hell I took his cock all way in it felt different for sure I would my lips and move the foreskin up and down his cock them when he grab the back my neck I knew he was going off so I swallow his load right down with know problem that was my first uncut but not my last and I must say it really felt good when he fuck me you could just feel the fore skin sliding up down his cock t felt awesome.Kiss:-P

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