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long story short, me and a sisters guy friend are involved and now she wants to watch cool or not?? she hooked us up

I say let her watch I wish I had somebody to watch me
yea but its my sister? is that ok??

The fact that you are asking indicates the idea bothers you.
Not knowing the dynamic between you and your sister I don't have a good answer. Myself I would find it extremely uncomfortable to be involved sexually with anybody in front of a family member. A total stranger absolutely no problem. Was your sister hooking up with him before you? Does she want to join or watch and jill off or just be there?
just be there i guess no really bother to me just looking for opinions
btw we are pretty close and tight weve always been open and adviceful to each other

The question is how is your relationship with your sister. If you are into threesomes and don't mind having your sister watch you and her boyfriend suck each others cock, I would say go ahead and do it if you don't mind her being there.
it wont bother me theres no question on that just tryung to be decent if that makes sense

let her watch only if she is naked also

Since she set you two up and since it is her request then yes let her watch.
Got a pix of her?

It's up to you. If all of you are cool with it, then go for it. Just make sure ahead of time it won't change anything between you and your sister.


let her watch

Let her watch

Why are other peoples' opinions required for you to make a decision about your own sex life? You're all adults, do whatever you want.

I say let her watch, if she is of age

Let her watch until she gets horny enough to join you two.

Let her watch, she at least shared that she wants to watch

Don't do it. Something you can never undo. Not worth short term, possible, return. Instead, help her find a couple for her to enjoy.

I live here in E. Tenn. and if I lived closer, I'd ask permission to join in and make it of guys and 1 gal. What a party that would be!

I would say if she wants to watch she has to understand seeing her male friend with anyone else is not something she can un-see. It is different hearing about something and actually seeing it. That being said if all three of you are comfortable with it why not let her watch?

I see it as you are both old enough to know what you want and are comfortable with. If you both do decide to let her watch, it will be a good experience for both of you.
Yes, we dicided to do it. no touching between us though!!

Good need the details

Understandable about the no touching between the two of you. Something to keep in mind though is, with touching could change the passion and pleasures everyone feels.

Did she get to watch yet

There is something really kinky about her request. It really depends on her level of maturity. If she ever got angry with you, would she use this against you in some way. Its kind of a turn on, but something to be really careful about. I could change your relationship with her forever.

Hell.......It's just sex between two guy's.......let her watch. I love being watched.....major turn on for me.
I would let her watch an join in if she wanted love to eat pussy

After reading all the posts with my .2 cents, it seems to be a risk, "cameraguy1940" has a point of both fronts; 1. your sister's level of maturity and 2. the acts can be something she uses against you if you piss her off some how. You could also be feeding into a unhealthy fantasy she has about sex. We all know how fake porn is, but it will get us hard as nails, stoking our cocks alone or with a friend(s). You may be opening a door for her into sexual addiction, she, trying to fulfill a fantasy she will never be able to satisfy or control. How old is she? Is she a virgin; or just real curious about Bi sexuality? Anyway, I am not trying to down the mood, I agree being watched is a turn on for sure, but by whom seems to have created a safe conscience.

I agree, let her watch. But what happens if she does get aroused and wants to participate, did any think of that part? Mich be amazing or truely horrible . . .

Yes let her watch

So hard for me to be open minded about this, and believe me I'm about as open minded as they come BUT I never understand people that think any type of family sexual things are ok. With saying that like someone else pointed out there's no going back from this and hopefully your family functions don't become awkward.
Can I assume you and sis did some sex early on therefore, the only thing new is her watching you with someone else?

I say go ahead & let her watch. As long as I've wanted my sister to see me naked & ne around me sexually, I think it's awesome!

I say let her watch and take video. Give her commentary on the action!

I would positively luv it. She would not have suggested it if she didn't luv the idea. Betting it makes her hot.

Besides, my sister's got me hooked on the joys of drddessing up

Well what happened, did you let her watch?

If she's an adult and wants to watch, and you like the idea too...then go for it.
I say yes. Im getting horney just thinking of it

All your cock pictures are making me drool, yummy!
let her watch
I'm totally down for that. She cam watch them is love to fuck her good n hard after she helps suck on my cock
You know what just fuck your sister

Let her with herself if she likes.

Whatever nice to her and "understand"

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